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this is truly the best song of one republic. when I first heard it I went crazy over it and I still am!
I loved this song when I first heard it in the disney movie the socerer's Apprentice. Been a fan on One Republic since.
Definitely the best. I swear I walked around my house singing this for a month! When I first heard it even though I didn't know who it was is still couldn't stop listening to it.
[Newest]What a great song
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"I'm holding on your rope
Got me ten feet off the ground
And I'm hearing what you say
But I just can't make a sound"

It's just pure genius.
stunning lyrics... someone's dying and the reason pleads him to forgive him, but he's already hanging on the rope, ten feet above the ground... makes me sad..
Why isn't this song at number 1? Mind blowing lyrics.. When ever I hear this song I get tears in my eyes cause of the awesome tune and everything.. Really heart touching..
[Newest]Love it! It is one of my favorites of them!
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3Counting Stars
Love the rhythm in this song, and The lyrics is just epic. Gotta love it! Counting stars will never be the same again.
Its an up-tempo song, with great lyrics and a catchy chorus.
With its poetic Verses and catchy chorus, this should be at least on the top 10. This for me stood out more than "If I lose myself".
[Newest]I would have voted for secrets if this song wasn't so dang catchy!
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4Good Life
an amazing, uplifting song, really makes you value the time you got and the life you're in :) Love Tedder's voice
I've always loved OneRepublic, but when I heard this song in the movie 'Easy A' I fell in love with it. By far my favorite.
Just a great song nice to listen to something not about relationships that is still uplifting. Love to play it on the piano as well
[Newest]I put this on my kids grad video!
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5All the Right Moves
This song lifts me up in I'm sad
Thumbs up to this song.
Wow! Liked it like the best, it's good rhythm and chorus makes it perfect!
Me of myself sometimes. I love this song! I play the cello and I listen to this song as much as I can. The cello solo is totally amazing. I wish I could sing with the emotion that OneReplic manages to put in this song. I love it.
[Newest]Should be #2 behind secrets

6Stop and Stare
This song is a bit old, but it has not lost its awesome lyrics and music with a great story. It is only lost in the crowd of auto-tuning. I say "Stop and Stare" is one of the best songs that One Republic has ever given, competing with the new One republic's new songs, and even surpassing it if it were to be released as if new.
Really good to sing along with! Very emotional lyrics I COULD LISTEN TO IT ANY TIME!
"This town is colder now, I think it's sick of us... " It's great, but I think the song is not too catchy as Secrets or All the Right Moves
[Newest]I don't know what's with this song, or most of one republic's songs in general, but it just soothes me and brings my mood you at the same time

7If I Lose Myself
The new single of OneRepublic. Its a new sound, but I like it very much. Should at least be top 5.
OneRepublic never dissapoints.
1r is my favorite band besides the Beatles
My top 5

5-stop and stare
4-good life
3-feel again
2-if I lose myself
1- counting stars

Well I had to fill in 2 so I put if I lose myself there but for 1 I would put both counting stars and if I lose myself
Can't stop listening to it
This is song is really new as of 2013. But it's going to go high on the list, I guarantee it. It's awesome!
[Newest]I love this song so much, it deserves higher than a seven. AWESOME beat, incredible lyrics and meaning, and perfect vocals from Ryan Tedder. The beat seriously makes me want to dance! The original is better than the remix in my opinion (probably because OneRepublic make perfect songs and don't need their songs remixed), but I still LOVE the remix. This should be number three, and Good Life should be number two.

8Say (All I Need)
This song gives me the chills.
The lyrics and music are amazing,
My Favourite OneRepublic song so far, it should be way higher up the list.
And now something from the Dreaming Out Loud album. The song is very subtle and worth listening and I like it very much.
I just simply love this song and the lyrics
[Newest]It always gives me goose bumps when I hear it, it's so beautiful. Ryan Tedder sounds so serene and truthful. I love all OneRepublic songs, but this one has to be my favorite.

9Feel Again
Love This song. Cathcy melody. And it makes me feel again!
I Get goosebumps every time the Chorus starts:
"But with you, I feel again... "
Are you serious? There is no question that this should be number one. How is this number twelve? That's rediulous. This is probably one of my favorite songs of all time. It's so inspiring. Have you seen its music video? Amazing... I LOVE THIS SONG so MUCH!
Cool song. Makes me feel again
[Newest]This should be number one

10All Fall Down
This is one of their best songs out there... The intro is just breath-taking... This one should definitely be there in the top 10... Just loved it!
Seriously can't believe this song isn't on the top ten! It is DEFINITELY underrated!
This is the one song I've heard that literally takes away my ability to think after a listen. What a piece; the acoustic progression, the cello, and the syncopated drums are awesome, but the backing vocal "ahh"s just pull it all together.
[Newest]I can't believe this song isn't the top five!

The Contenders

11Come Home
This song can give anyone shivers, in a beautiful way
This song is just the essence of beauty, and it sends shivers down my spine every time I hear it
Beautiful melody. I'm not sure this is there best song but it's definitely the most beautiful!
[Newest]This song is beautiful.

12Marchin' On
Yeah, another song from the Waking Up album. For me, it's just better. Okay, back to the song. It really builds the spirit within. In my opinion the original song is better than the Timbaland's remix, which is a very rare occasion.
Mood lifting and so east to relate to! Original is definitely better than the remix by Timbaland, powerful song and you can just never get tired of it!
I am completely obsessed with this song. The lyrics are so powerful and meaningful - an absolutely epic song!
[Newest]This song is amazing. I love it. The lyrics ROCK, and I love the "Oh-oh-oh-oh-oh-oh" in the background. That's my favorite part!

13I Lived
This song is the best from Native. The lyrics is a wish for somebody. I simply love the lyrics and the catchy melody. This song is a masterpiece. It has to be top 10 at least!
This song is just so interesting! It's very uplifting and happy. I can't believe that it's not even iN the top twenty.
Best Lyrics Ever! I get excited every time I listen to it. My favorite song from OneRepublic.
[Newest]This song is underrated it should be in the top ten!

Gotta love Mercy, should be at number one if you ask me. It's a shame it didn't chart well here... Or on the Hot 100
This song is so beautifully haunting I'm very surprised its not in the top 5, it's such a lovely song. You can't help but be captivated by Ryan teddars incredible voice
This song is amazing to me
[Newest]So good. Really one of their best.

15All We Are
I don't know why, but this song upsets me.
I can feel all the power of this amazing band in this song.
I think it's my favorite one.
This song puts an almost tranquil mood of peace and serenity onto me, something I can't get much of in my hectic life. This song truly puts me at ease. It is one of the best songs period that I have ever hear, I am not putting this post up to make it number1, rather; I am putting it up to move it up the list to something better than a 9.
Awesome song amazing it should be 1st! Best of one republic
[Newest]This song is so awesome and it has some of the greatest lyrics. The chorus is just so incredible.

16Love Runs Out
The lyrical genius on one hand and the classic melody played on that sexy piano on the other hand + powerful drums in the march tempo. Isn't this what music is supposed to be? Fun, catchy, entertaining, makes you want to move and it connects old and new genres of music.
Wow this song is awesome, the drums aah so powerful, this will become another great hit for OneRepublic.
HOW?! This is among their greatest. I didn't even think it was debatable that this is top ten material - forget that, why not top three or even top spot over all? Such a good song. As much as I loved Counting stars, this is what made me fall in love with OneRepublic.
[Newest]Way higher than this

17Something I Need
This is by far the best One Republic song out there. It is so catchy and I just overall love it so much, it's my favorite song. I'm really suprised it didn't get popular because its great.
I love this song! It's so uplifting and happy.
I love this song! So catchy!
[Newest]Are you kidding me?! 14?! This is my fave love song ever!

18All This Time
This song is just one of those that make me feel better when I listen to it, even if I'm not feeling down. It gives me a warm feeling, as its soft piano riff and deep lyrics give anyone a warm feeling
This song should be way up on the list but it hasn't received the recognition of some of their other songs. The lyrics are so deep and meaninful
The lyrics are deep and sensual. You actually feel like the person singing this song.
[Newest]This one should be TOP10. Sometimes less is more. I love the piano and percussion.

19Life In Color
Awesome song! Makes me feel good inside. It is definitely one of my favorites.
This is an AMAZING song and my new favorite!
It was very hard for me to pick out one favorite OneRepublic song, but if forced to choose, I'd rather listen to this infectiously upbeat offering than any other. "Life in Color" by a nose!
[Newest]This song makes me feel happy! The intro is just so breathtaking, and the chorus is perfect! HOW WAS THIS NOT A HIT SONG?!

20Everybody Loves Me
Another great song from this band. In this record, we can clearly see that the whole song sounds a little bit relaxed, laid back. That's why I love it. The composition of the chorus is just brilliant.
Such a self-centered song but it's very very catchy! And it's just such a cool song. I'm sure if they made a music video for this song it would end up #1.
Simply put their best song. The song talks about how it is to be self absorbed or actually close to perfect. It's telling you that being so different from others is a lonely life and we shouldn't be going after perfection or narcissism. Fun, catchy, not popular enough!
[Newest]Wow! This song is amazing. This is overall my favorite song b 1R. Catchy lyrics and tune.

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