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1Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

This is how open world games are supposed to be you create your own character you aren't given one you choose your class what you you level up and so so so much to do. - makyho

Not only is this the best open world game it is easily the best game ever made.

There's always something to do in this game

Definitely the best - XtremeNerdz12

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2Red Dead Redemption

I am really upset to see this as number one. this game is fun this game is great but best open world definitely not yeah there is a lot of fun stuff to do but for the most part is just big wide open deserts with nothing in them. and I am really upset that ocarina of time is not in the top ten - makyho

This game has so much things you can do. I feel that you could never get bored with it. I find myself returning to it more often than any other game on this list.

Very fun only played it once though - winfreyb

I think it's the worst! I think its terrible! By the way this is only " my " opinion!

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3Grand Theft Auto V

It Is one of the greatest games ever Grand Theft Auto five is amazing Games ever The graphics are great it's a kill you get the shoot people and it's just a great game overall

It should be number 1. It is THE BENCHMARK for all open world games that have released or are yet to. Be it the graphics or the gameplay this game excels everywhere.

Best open world game ever. And one of the best games ever.

Bigger map is fun to play

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4Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas

What?!?! Grand Theft Auto 5 is above this? Console peasants... - doodie

Grand Theft Auto San Andreas is best video game of all time!

Best open world game of all time

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5Just Cause 2

Pure chaos, explosion, grappling hook and infinite parachute. It's Michael bay dream come true!

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6Assassins Creed IV: Black Flag

This game completely revolutionized the AC series by adding the possibility of traveling all around the map (ground and sea) and use your own damn ship in order to conqueer the English templars forts, discover new lands, unlock side missions, harponing, make submarine requests, destroy and own enemy ships and it's cargo as well and explore the whole Caribbean sea and islands, just loved the 3 main places: Nassau, Kingston and La Habana, of course the combat engine is still brutal and marvelous, I would have really liked to count with more weapons in this one but swords and axes, like the past games: hammers, bow and arrow or knives but still, this game deserves at least top 3, AC franchise will always be the best and this game, the greatest of it. - MadisonLeeJong995

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7Fallout 3V2 Comments
8The Witcher 3: Wild HuntV1 Comment
9Saints Row: The Third

Definitely the best open world game ever, it actually feels like an open world game, the gameplay and combat are fantastic, missions are fun, creative, and stand out from other games such as the second mission of the game, just amazing and customization is key in that game, the fun is just endless in SR3.

I personally believe that the saints row series is better than Grand Theft Auto and sr ranks 1st on my favorite game of all time

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10Far Cry 3

This game should of been higher for its great campaign

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11Batman: Arkham City

Arkham city is so fun to explore with subways, buildings, and the streets ruled by the most dangerous inmates and super villains. The story is great containing almost every single batman villain you know. And the dlc packs are also really good, having different story's and playable characters. A truly must own.

This is one of my favorite games! Perfect story and dlc packs, great graphics, Must have!

The Arkham series is my favorite video game series

12Sleeping Dogs

Sleeping dogs is the "DAWG" of the open world games.Best figts best graphics but driving is a serious LETDOWN. Besides it's a GREAT game,for sure.

13L.A. Noire

This game evolved graphics and emersions by having realistic facial movements and storyline as well as cars and weapons.

14Batman: Arkham Knight
15Borderlands 2
16Assassin's Creed
17Mafia II
18Grand Theft Auto: Vice City

Vice city should be on top 3 it was the base on which ROCKSTAR continued their Grand Theft Auto series hugh success Tommy

19Assassin's Creed: RogueV1 Comment
20Assassin's Creed 3
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