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21Dark Magician

There are so many cards that support them and they are the original spellcasters.

22Lava Golem
23The Five Headed Dragon

May take a lot to use it, but once you do, 5000ATK/5000DEF, and cannot be destroyed in battle by, DARK, EARTH, WATER, FIRE, or WIND monster.

24Toon World

The Best Spell Card turning monsters basically invincible and ADORABLE!

All you need is cards that could either protect or bring back toon world and that would make almost any toon deck invinsible also does anyone have red eyes toon dragon?

25Millennium Shield

One tribute, can stop a blue eyes white dragon.

Unless your opponent has an enemy controller then your screwed - rabid

26Black Magician
27Raging Flame Sprite

Coupled with swords of revealing light, it's incredibly effective

28Gravity Bind

This card doesn't let any 4 star or above monsters attack!

29Creature Swap
30Exodia the Forbidden One

Requires luck, but easy to summon. Instant win.

31Time WizardV1 Comment
32Cosmo QueenV1 Comment
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