Best Overweight Singers

These larger then life singers are some of the best but don't get recognize due to the paper thin ones. Who is your favorite?

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1K.S. Chithra
2Aretha Franklin

oh come on how is she not number 1? - aman28

3Barry White

He's the original fat man.

He's my favorite singer ever.

5Luciano Pavarotti
6Jack Black
7Martha Wash

You know her from the weather girls (it's raining men) and black box (everybody, everybody, strike it up) and c and c music factory (sweat now). Although she wasn't given credit because she was too big.

8Cass Elliot
9Jennifer Hudson
10Israel Kamakawiwo'ole

Incredible Voice, and undoubtedly the fattest guy to ever grace an album cover. Sang the incredible rendition of Somewhere Over the Rainbow featured on "50 first dates. "
Sadly Israel is now singing with a heavenly choir.

I listen to over the rainbow whenever I am upset and it makes me smile. Every time.

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?Jessica Mauboy
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The Contenders

11Ruben Studdard

So pro, no one can best him! - kapikapi

He inspires me so much! His voice is amazing!

Winner of American Idol Season 2

12Luther Vandross

Luther Vandross is Great singer

13Ann Wilson
14Frenchie Dy
15Adnan Sami Khan
16Rita MacNeil

I cannot believe that Rita wasn't on here she is a beautiful singer

17AdeleV1 Comment
18Tina Turner
19Kate Smith
20Beth Ditto
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