Atif Aslam


He is really the best singer present

He's really the best singer

He is outclass mind blowing banda...

Very popular singer and good

He is the best singer of world so cute good looking and have very good voice so definitely he is the best

Atif aslam best singer in the world

The best singer of pakistan he is cool guy

I like atif aslam and I love atif aslam

I love him he is really good singer!

You are best my bhai

My vote fore you

He is best singer in the world

He is the best singer EVER!

Greaat singer with unique,
Different voice


Atif's voice is the best. His voice and talent is evergreen. No one can sing like him. He can sing without any background music and he is the perfect number 1 singer.

I think atif is the best singer in all over the world. I love his style of singing. That why he is called the prince of pop music. I love you atif.

Atif aslam is the best he is very humble and caring
He is really hot sexy and handsome
His voice is very unique
He touches my heart every time I see or hear him
Love you aadee

Atif aslam is best singer all over the world

Atif aslam you are undoubtedly the best and I want to say you are the voice of India too! There are uncountable fans of yours in the world and I am also one them, I respect you and MAY GOD BLESS YOU AND CHERISH you WITH ALL LUXURIES AND HAPPINESS please continue to sing for India and sing punjabi songs also

I like you becouse your vice is very very very very very very very very very very very very very nice

Atif's "Vocal Belting Technique" differentiates him from all the singers of Pakistan. He just rocks!.

He is the best singer in the world his voice is just superb amazing mind blowing cool

Atif Aslam is the best singer in the world. I am his biggest fan. Atif rocks!

The best and heart touching voice I ever listen. He is not only the best singer of Pakistan but all over the world. Allah bless you more.