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1Vulgar Display of Power

Cowboys from hell was a great album for sure hell there all good but vulgar is the best and right behind that is far beyond driven. I seen them play the far beyond driven album in chicago at the panel room. They had the best moshes right along with slayer these are difficult to do cause they all tear stuff up

Mouth for War... nuff said. That track alone makes it their best album.

Everyone will pretty much have different opinions on this list. It's not like a Megadeth list where 98% of the people vote rust in peace for number 1. All panteras albums are almost equal - Sabbath

Heaviest, most meal pantera album ever.

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2Cowboys from Hell

They consider this one their first true album... and it has great songs like "Cowboys from hell", "Cemetery Gates", "Psycho Holiday", "Heresy", "Domination", "Shattered", "The Sleep", "The Art of Shredding"... - rock2metal

Not only is this their best album, I'd argue it's the best Heavy Metal album out there. I haven't heard anything like this and this was Pantera's peak.

Easily best pantera album the title tracks riff is arguably the best pantera riff ever

Cowboys from hell is in my opinion there best album should be number 1 then vulgar display of power at number 2

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3Far Beyond Driven

This album honestly is my favorite. Cemetary Gates is my favorite song of theirs but besides Cowboys From Hell (title track) the rest weren't very good. Also 20 years old this year thought I would add that. 5 Minutes Alone and I'm Broken were two of their best songs both off this album.

Their heaviest album and where they finally perfected the Pantera sound. There are a lot of gems on this album.

This album is frkn' awesome

Good friends id best!

Extremely overrated album by an extremely overrated band, in mid 90s there were only like three metal bands, that's why this garbage came very popular, almost unlistenable, very forgettable album, all songs have like no clue where they go! They go fast, stop, shout, scream, solos and solos, and off course that terrible void you hear, when the solos are playing, you just hear a tiny little bass, scream scream scream!

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4The Great Southern Trendkill

Really? 4th place? Need I mention Floods, Suicide Note 1 and 2, War Nerve, Drag the Waters, basically the whole album?! This is metal at its finest, and Pantera at their most extreme!

I like this album more than Vulgar Display of Power, my favorite is Cowboys from Hell, but this album is in another level, probably their most experimental album.

Pantera turned up to eleven, going to both extremes with their heaviest and most tranquil moments. A shame the final album couldn't live up to it.

Vulgar is the best. This is second but I votes for this. They are all 5/5 star albums

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5Reinventing the Steel

Bought it the day it came out march 21 2000. Its still my favorite heavy metal album 14 years later. Ridiculously underrated. Great to hear Phil singing more. All 4 band members have said many times (darrell in 2004) that this album and/or vulgar are the best. The band took their time writing the album and it shows. Every song is heavy and groovy. brilliant record awesome tour (saw them 3 times). I urge those that dislike it to listen again. This is the album where they mastered their sound in my opinion.

This album should be number 2 or 3 way better album than great southern and far beyond maybe just maybe even better than cowboys from hell

Best album of their career in my opinion.

The best and the most mature album

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6Power Metal

It's actually fairly decent especially when compared to Metal Magic and Projects in the Jungle.
Some of the songs are quite good.
Sounds like a mix between Priest and Shout at the Devil era Motley Crue. - Chris113

In my opinion this should be higher cause this is the one GOOD heavy pantera before they go groove.

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7Projects In The Jungle
8I Am the Night
9Official Live: 101 Proof
10Metal Magic

The Contenders

11Far Beyond the Great Southern Cowboys Vulgar Hits

Greatest hits albums don't count

12Metal Magic & I Am The Night

Not as Glam as the first two albums, and has some elements of Speed Metal and Heavy Metal. - Chris113

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1. Vulgar Display of Power
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1. Cowboys from Hell
2. Vulgar Display of Power
3. Far Beyond Driven
1. Cowboys from Hell
2. Power Metal
3. Far Beyond Driven

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