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Misery Business
Really good song, love the lyrics, and the music, it's my 2nd favorite paramore song! :D I love paramore(: the song gets me so ENERGETIC! Can't stop listening to it
Amazing paramore song <3 I can listen to this for days and day :') Hayley Williams has the best voice EVER!
I'm speechless when I'm hear this song, I can say anything except AMAZING SONG!
Good job paramore
[Newest]By far the best song by Paramore yet. I've listened to this song a countless amount of times and have never gotten bored of it. I love it so much!
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So true, pain wracked, angst...
Brilliant, helped me get through some really hard times. I don't think I'd be here without it.
Best song ever.
one of the most intense songs they have. you can hear how hardcore every instrument is individually, including how strong ger voice is in it! AWSOME!
BEST SONG! The song is so energetic but still emotional and relatable. Great lyrics great beat all around great song!
[Newest]This is a nice song I like the first part
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The music is pretty amazing lyrics are very good. For me the bands greatest song ever!
Hayley's voice is like a Goddess here. This song is very very VERY AWESOME! YEAH! THE SONG IS SO GREAT I CAN'T SLEEP WITHOUT LISTENING TO THIS!
Amazing vocals throughout with catchy and meaningful lyrics a truly moving song
[Newest]Probably the only song ever
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4Brick By Boring Brick
What a great song, great music play
. I always love reff part of this song. Paramore rocks! Hayley voice is so dominant here.
I love this song because its sorta like a story
this song is the best, and the film clip even better I love you paramore! and hayley williams is so pretty!
[Newest]The best sounding of any of their music.

By far my favorite song! I can't stop listening to it. Its very addicting. Not only is the song addicting but watching Hayley Williams is too!
This Song Is No Doubt Better than Brick By Boring Brick and I love It when She Whispers " Crush Crush Crush " It just Sets Me In the "Mood" >
This is the first song I heard of them and its still awesome
i lOVE Hayley Williams

[Newest]The best Paramore song to ever exist! ^_^
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6The Only Exception
the most emotional and beautiful song of this amazing band, definitely! should be higher up on the list, this song came into my heart deeply, love it!
Such a sweet ballad. It is so different from their usual type, and yet, it is just proof that they can carry off soft music quite as well.
Amazing song Can't get it out of my head! Definitely should be voted to the top three!
[Newest]This song is so emotional and beautiful. The lyrics are deep and relatable, they tell a story, and they tell it perfectly.
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this song just show everyone that even without the ex members they still can be an amazing band. hayley looks so amazing in this video
Dude I can't get this song out of my head! I love it its still reeally good even without the other members.
This song is amazing! Still amazing with the new lineup. Hayley has the most beautiful voice I've ever heard.
[Newest]I like this song because the tempo and beat are so different it's addicting!

8That's What You Get
That's what you get is first favorite paramore song, it has a good lyrics, beautiful melody and great vocal. This song make me want to hear it again, again and again...
and everyone that hear this song should be like me.. PARAMORE NO 1...
I first heard this song on rock band 2 and I loved it its one of my favs!
This is still on of my favorite songs ever! Paramore is one of my favorite bands! This song should be all the way at the top! I love Paramore! Haley has a amazing voice!
[Newest]Catchy and cute vengeful lyrics

9Still Into You
This song may be Poppy and different for the band but its definitely the catchiest paramore song ever and it has relatable lyrics and great electronic flourishes. Hayleys vocals are flawless and taylor made the cathiest guitar riff ever! This track screams summer and has been a HUGE para-HIT!
40? Are you serious guys? This is Still Into You! The best Paramore song ever so far! New Paramore withpop music sounds. It's a adorable & fun song. I'm feeling like tasting a sweet candy when I'm listen to this song. It should be at least Top 5! I'm still into you, Paramore!
A decent pop song. But Paramore shouldn't be making decent pop, they should still be making great pop-punk like they used to! :(
Can't believe this is only number 27! This song is like totally awesome! Hayley Williams is an amazing singer! I love Paramore forever! I thought some of their newer stuff was a bit too pop like but this song changed my mind for good! It's my new favourite song! My mom however hates it! Lolz!
[Newest]I can not believe this is only 9 I love this song and still into you is an amazing song that was on the charts for 22 weeks in the usa alone

10Playing God
its one of the most underrated songs here! just give it a go and listen to it, its way better than the others imo.
This song is totally underrated.. I bet that this song can make the top three if you guys feel the lyrics and enjoy the beat.. The song is quite something..
One of the most inspiring songs I've ever had the pleasure of listening to. One for those who truly believe in themselves and their power. Absolutely powerful lyrics that will change the way you think.
[Newest]This has got to be my SECOND favorite song from Paramore, this is a great song! There are not even words to to describe this amazing song. My favorite is Ignorance, but this is such an underrated song, it is SO good!

The Contenders

This list says "Best" not "Most Popular. " Therefore, Careful should be higher than Misery Business. Careful is an amazing song, and deserves a higher spot on the list. It's a shame that most of the songs listed, with the highest ranks, are very popular singles. Usually the best songs are not the most popular ones.
great song from their new album


Beautiful Vocals, perfect instrumentation- Everything you've come to expect from Paramore.
[Newest]These lyrics are just amazing. Better than Miz Biz in my opinion.

12Ain't It Fun
To be honest, I had almost given up on Paramore and their new music. And this is coming from someone who practically worshiped them. But when I heard this song, they revived my faith. This song shows just how much more mature they've become in their lyric quality and music dynamics. The perfect song to just dance around to and smile like an idiot. They never seize to amaze me.
Love Paramore A lot and this song is Very Unique To say the Least it better get higher on the List!

Ain't it Fun Living in the Real World!


This is my all time favorite song this song is so good that I can't even express it in words this should be the number 1 song of all time oh and I am so obsessed with paramore and ever one of there albums as of right now my favorite album of all time is paramore self tilted album its an amazing album I idolize Paramore and hayley willisams paramore and hayley williams are my idol and I'm an 18 year old boy
[Newest]This song is amazing! The guitar is mesmerising. Definitely deserves a better place than 12th.

13Born for This
An absolutely EPIC song
Great instruments and vocals! Pretty epic song!


Yea...! This song should @ least be in the top 5..! This is crazy!... Anyway.. I really love this song.. The music just cheers up my mood..!
[Newest]My favorite song, this song means so much to me. It's ever better that it's on riot my favourite paramore era and album. I miss the riot era.

14My Heart
my absolute favorite song (not just of Paramore, but as a song in general) for almost 6 years now.
I'm so not a fan of rock music much, but the first time I heard this song, it's got me converted! It's so... Passionate. There's no better word to describe it. Passionate. She sings, they play, and even he screams with passion. It actually makes you feel the essence of the song. One of their best song ever, in my opinion!
The last 10 of this song is the best piece of music I've heard. I like it so much that it hurts! The music, the vocals, everything is just so emotionally sculptured.
[Newest]A song that makes cry, another one

15Let the Flames Begin
One of those songs that you play obsessively on repeat...


Absolutely in love with the final riot! version, it's AMAZING.
How the hell is this number 10? I would've gone for 1 or 2. I am absolutely in love with the final riot! version, it's AMAZING. But, all of these are good songs
[Newest]The live version is so amazing, the little bit she adds live gives me chills every time.

16Turn It Off
One of the best songs from Brand New Eyes. Very underrated.


It's so sad how people don't notice this song. I've been looking for this, scrolling down to vote and what do I see? 26th place! What?! What has happened to the world?
Bottom line is this is my FAVORITE damn song from Paramore and words cannot express my anger for its degrading.
People who don't know this song are sad.
It's the type of song you can live off.
I don't feel like typing anymore because this just got me pissed off.
Amazing song for when you're down
Has an awesome build up and the emotion is actually amazing.
One of my favourite songs of all time.
[Newest]Easily my favourite Paramore song. The lyrics are powerful, the melody is amazing and this is probably one of Hayley's best vocal performances on any album - along with All I Wanted.

I love their new song. A little bit different than their other songs, but still PERFECT!


It one of Paramore's song for their new album, it really inspiring and different
I love now! One of my favourite songs of there's
[Newest]Great song! It is a change of style compared to the other songs on the album, but it still one of their best songs.

Great amazing song! With Great vocals and awesome beat! Has great Ry-theme and chemistry! This song is off the charts! definitely should be number 1!


This song connects with you directly and drags you along the song. It leaves the sensation that you need more and more, and next thing you now is you're addicted to this song. Absolutely my favorite!
This is the song that got me into Paramore. Amazing guitar and chorus. I don't know how anyone could dislike this song. I'm typing at this point to max out the comment quality bar.
[Newest]It has a nice beat

19For a Pessimist, I'm Pretty Optimistic
I can't describe what I feel while I hear this, but it has helped me a lot, best band ever... and my fav from riot!
20th place? Seriously. Anyway they're the best!
This is my favorite song no doubt it will always be my favorite paramore song I can't believe it is #18, this should be at least, #11

For Me This Song Is The Best. Hayley Williams Is Cute In This Video :3 This Song Should Be In One Of The Top 3 Songs... People Should Vote This Song To The 1st... Anyone Agree?
Amazing lyrics, my favourite Paramore song without doubt. The song is just too powerful
This song is definitely one of my favorite songs ever. I just can't get enough of it. It's one of those songs that I can listen to whatever the life situation is. Beautiful and emotional.
[Newest]Emergency deserves to be alive. Deserves to be number 1.

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