Best Parkway Drive Songs

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The Top Ten

Carrion - Horizons
No contest; nothing compares to this song well constructed, excellent vocals, and I never get tired of it. "carrion! In a moment I'm lost! Drowning from the inside! Her eyes take me away. Tare me apart from the inside out! " just look at the lyrics and fall in love. This song mad me notice them. Now I can't go back! Keep up the good work!
Awesome song, just love the way he screams CARRION at the intro


A trademark song by them, why isn't it on the list. Great song.
Love this song so much!
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2Romance Is Dead - Killing With a Smile
The breakdown in this song is so awesome and heavy I threw my neck out when I was driving the other day. #spin
The brutal breakdowns that fluctuate from beginning to end, contrasting amazingly with the ambient strings in the final moments. This is what makes this song so powerful. So diverse. Love it!
That bit at the end gives me chill, its so awesome and the instruments blend so well.

Throughout the whole song the quality of blending and harmonizing of the instruments is done almost perfectly.
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3Sleepwalker - Deep Blue
This has the best riff of any Parkway song. I can just listen to this all day and not get over how awesome it is
Easily the greatest Parkway song. The opening riff! The opening riff!
Best song from Parkway Drive. Says "Australian metalcore is not dead! "
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4Boneyards - Horizons
This song is nuts! Really catchy guitar riff at 0.51 and really good screams from Winston throughout the whole song. Definitely gives songs like Carrion and Idols and Anchors so much support off their best album!
My first song I heard by them so I HAVE to pick it. This song got me started on PwD and they quickly became my favorite band. They don't make bad songs. Every song has a part that at one point just melts your face. I just have to go with Boneyards. Plus it has my favorite breakdown in it at the end.
Probably my all time favorite breakdown
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5Dark Days - Atlas
Awesome song, the last 1:30 has the slickest solo to a huge breakdown I've ever heard
Passionate, meaningful, excellent vocal work from winston McCall, nice riffing, insane breakdown! Carrion close second though.
I have been listening to these guys for years now and their latest album blew me away. This and Slow Surrender are incredible.
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6Karma - Deep Blue
Amazing song. Kicks off with an awesome drum solo and just has addictive riffs throughout the whole song. Absolutely cannot get enough.
First Parkway Drive Song for me, the song's just one big breakdown and it's awesome for that
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7Horizons - Horizons
This is perhaps one of the best tracks in the entire metalcore genre! The lyrics, the music, the passion...
A good change of pace. A little slower, but still has an awesome breakdown
This is the first song I discovered by PWD<3 & I knew instantly that they were gonna be bad ass. It's very rare these days that a song will catch my attention like this one. All I know is PWD<3 is gift that keeps on giving. This song & carrion melt my ears
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8Smoke 'Em If You Got 'Em - Killing With a Smile
This should be in the top 3. The Hardcore intro and all those killer riffs-those breakdowns. This is an epic.
Dope Ass riffs throughout the whole songs. LOVE IT
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9The River - Atlas
One of my personal favorites, should be in the top 5 at least. Everything is good about this song, the vocals, the screaming, the guitar, the breakdown. One of the best songs on atlas.
Best song on atlas. So much power and emotion behind this song. And it's heavy and the riffs are badass.
This was one of the first Parkway songs I heard when I was getting back into metal, this song is the reason I got back into listening to metal again, should be in top 10 at least
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10Wild Eyes - Atlas
ABSOLUTELY AMAZING! Fantastic highs and lows! Don't even get me started on the instrumentals! Not only that, but the lyrics are downright phenomenal. Just look it up if you can and fall in love with this!
What?! These should be the first
Best parkway drive song ever
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The Contenders

11Frostbite - Horizons
Maybe a bit different from the usual Parkway song structure, but such an amazing guitar riff and intense vocals! The song is a masterpiece in structure, melody and intensity. A shame they never play it live...


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12Idols and Anchors - Horizons
One of the best Intros I've ever heard. Love every riff. Drums are amazing. Vocals are equally incredible. I can't believe this isn't in the top ten let alone the top 3. Just listen to this song and I promise you too can understand the true meaning to live.
This song is the definition of a metalcore song. Fast tempo, catchy riffs, tapping interlude and a nice solo to finish off.
I'm sorry but this song is perfection.
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13Pandora - Killing With a Smile
Heavy breakdowns, cool melodic part
Very good lyrics about an atomic bomb.
The part after 2:55 is just amazing, and energizing
My favorite from their first album...
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14The Siren's Song - Horizons
Great guitar. A fast paced song with a great breakdown
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15Unrest - Deep Blue
The heaviest Parkway song, the whole song is a breakdown, by far my favorite song by them, so brutal and in your face
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16Dead Man's Chest - Horizons Listen to sample

17Deliver Me - Deep Blue
Every Song should be in the Top 10
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18Deadweight - Deep Blue Listen to sample

19Feed Them to the Pigs - Horizons
Title itself deserves top 10 spot
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20Five Months - Horizons
Such a Brilliant Masterpiece on the Last position?!
Clearly it should be at the top. This song is overall so good,. I mean the guitar solos and riffs are just so good.
This should be top 3, this and horizons are my favorite but there are so many good songs from parkway all albums are good.
I believe this is the only song currently released by the band which you can hear winstons clean vocals, not a bad song
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21It's Hard to Speak Without a Tongue - Killing With a Smile
This shouldn't be so low! It's an incredible song, and the chorus is haunting. All of the instruments complement eachother, resulting in a really fantastic song! Not my absolute favourite, but a very viable contender for second or third place.
Wow! One of my favorites. Not sure how it's ranked so low. Definitely in my top 5. And yes, the chorus is amazing!
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22Swing - Atlas
Last 40 Seconds of this song = Best breakdown I've heard so far.
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23Home Is for the Heartless - Deep Blue
"An icon cast in the light of freer times, now writhes in a bed of lies! "
The soul reason I started listening to heavy metal
Very emotional, great riffs and deep and personal lyrics, what's not to love
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24Atlas - Atlas
Can't believe this song is below Dark Days. Sure, that is a good song too, but Atlas is one of the best songs ever made (at least only opinion). And that is regarding all genres... !
This song is the best off the album. Just a really bangin tune. If you haven't heard the album yet, listen to this song first
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25Blue and the Grey - Atlas
The lyrics to this song are so powerful and the outro leaves you thinking. Honestly there are too many amazing parkway drive songs to make a list laugh out loud
"simply perfect from the beginning to the end. "
To me this song defines the album Atlas! Great way to finish it, defintely my favourite!
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26A Cold Day In Hell - Killing With a Smile
For me, it's a tie between this and "Romance Is Dead". This song is one of the best endings to an album I've ever heard.


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27Old Ghost / New Regrets - Atlas Listen to sample

28Alone - Deep Blue
Kickass song! It just has so much to tell!
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29Killing With a Smile - Gimme Ad
How on earth is this rated so lowly? This is an insane song, so heavy
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30Sleight of Hand - Atlas


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31Picture Perfect, Pathetic - Killing With a Smile
A lot of people like pandora better. Not me though
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32The Slow Surrender - Atlas
Carpe Diem, Straight for the throat. Do I need to mention the breakdown in the middle? Dark and heavy song with a cool bass intro.
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33Breaking Point - Horizons Listen to sample

34Wreckage - Deep Blue
That is so sad that this song ranks so low on this list. Who the hell compiled this list anyway? Best Parkway song yet.
In my opinion definitely top 5 insane pwd song deserves to be higher
Best riff and breakdown
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35Pressures - Deep Blue
Definitely the best off deep blue
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36Don't Close Your Eyes - Don't Close Your Eyes
If you have Not listened to this song. You Simply must. Its Incredible
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37Leviathan I - Deep Blue
I hate to give a favorite overall song for parkway drive because so many are good. This song is probably the best underrated song they have. It is just crushing from start to finish and ends with a brutal breakdown that will make you want to crush someone.
How is this not in the top 5 or even listed on here for that matter?
my absolute favourite parkway drive song
Why is this number 28?
Deserves top 10 at least
Epic intro, epic guitars, drmus and vocals my favourite parkway drive song
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38Mutiny - Killing With a Smile
No way this song can be discounted, one of the greatest riffs ever blasted directly into the brain, heavy enough for the breakdown, but just to badass to be held down into simply one portion of the song. Worth reconsidering.
How is this not on the list. It was the first song I heard as well as my favorite.
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39Swallowing Razorblades - Don't Close Your Eyes Listen to sample

40Anasasis (Xenophontis) - Killing With a Smile Listen to sample

41Snake Oil and Holy Water - Atlas Listen to sample

42Sparks - Atlas Listen to sample

43Hollow - Deep Blue

44Begin - Horizons Listen to sample

45Set to Destroy - Deep Blue Listen to sample

46Dream Run - Atlas
Y bottom? It's really good.
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