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41Alan Wake

This is not the best game in the world. This is just a tribute. Oh, wait no. It is the best song in the world!

42World of TanksV1 Comment
43Happy Wheels
44Tron 2.0
45Assassin's Creed 2

My favourite game this game is pure class the environment, the graphics, the story, the gameplay has some flaws but overall doesn't spoil the experience and I think Ezio is a very great new character they have introduced Altair lacked emotion but Ezio has emotion

why is this all the way down here, must be the best PC game I ever played in the last 5 years!

The most interesting storyline in all Assassin's Creed and a completely redefined gameplay this game rocks!

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46RollerCoaster Tycoon

I must have played this game for over 500 hours. It's different, challenging, and building a theme park is just much more fun than building a city, or a zoo, or controlling someone's boring life. Even without the expansion packs, this game lasts for months. The amount of options you get is staggering, and besides, you design your own rollercoasters.

I remember playing this game all the time when I was younger! The best part was messing with the people. I used to end the rollercoaster track so the cars would fly out and hit them. You could be creative with this game, and I let my imagination run wild with it. - GHOSTbirdnatureLOVER

And all the extensions... What an addictive game!

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48Fancy Pants 3
49Sonic Generations

Amazing game+amazing mods=best sonic game. (Science proven)

Best of the blue blur's game!

50Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

Should be way higher than 50th. Great fun with this game - Jiorl

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51Command & Conquer Red Alert 2

Current C&C games are ok BUT C&C need to bring back sea battles

Best game EVER... Love The attack dogs

I can't downloaad it but when I had the cd it was the best game, it is the best one... Can someone give me a link where I can download it? , thanks


52Star Wars Jedi Knight II: Jedi Outcast
53Heroes of Might and Magic III
55Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion
56Tales of Grim Fandango

One of my favourite games of all time. Building on the style of Minecraft, but how about a 2D Perspective, a dozen worlds to explore, good multiplayer and a long and fun game to play. No wonder it was the best selling game on Steam for 6 days after its release, over 200,000 people online at midday of the time of release and currently the 2nd best selling game on Steam. Only one problem: it's hard as balls!

Terraria is the best game ever. So much to do and explore, you will never get bored with this game on your PC!

Like Minecraft very popular for its concept of survival 10/10 - Red26473

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58Life is StrangeV1 Comment
60Assassin's Creed III
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