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one of the best 1000 games I've ever played

162Quake 4

Quake at 84? Frag me...

163Master of Magic

The best turn based strategy game of all time. The random map generator along with the civ type magic research tree and the tactical combat combine to create unrivaled replayability. Still anxiously awaiting a sequel.

164Call of Duty 2
165Devil May Cry 3: Dante's Awakening
166Little Fighter 2

One of the best games of all time!


Aussum game... Best car race I've ever played in my life far better than every version of nfs

168Starsiege Tribes

I spent so many hours wasting away in front of my computer playing this...

169GTR 2
170Pirates of the Caribbean Online
171Warhammer Dawn Of War

Simply, a better RTS than Starcraft.

Starcraft simply stole everything from the Warhammer Tabletop series because it couldn't get the rights to Warhammer 40k(Dawn of War).

Thankfully, Relic came and made this masterpiece. - Shanslay

172Heroes of Might & Magic 5
173Need for Speed: Shift

All Vote Him The Best Racing Game In The World See Its Trailer You Will Know What Is it Its Awesome Pleas Vote Him And Say Your Friends To

174Pro Evolution Soccer 2010
175Football Manager 2010
176Beyond Good and Evil

Taking photos of animals and getting pearls for it is such a great game/ Yeah the graphics is old, but the gameplay and MUSIC (just listen to Home sweet home- BGE) are so good. It is quit underrated too. - FerdinandO_o

177Civilization II
178Project IGI: I'm Going In
179Lego: Universe

I vote please COME BACK! - pokedexblake

180School TycoonV1 Comment
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