Best Persian Rappers of All Time

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The Only Persian Rapper That Is Hood an Such a gangsters. Quf Doesn't Fear Iran government such the other artists.

Quf is good not best not king just good

I know quf since I was a child he's like a gangester and don't fear about anything.

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22Hossein Tohi

Best Persian RaPpers
(Seyed Hossein Mousavi)

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Best voice and nice rock melody

He's the best and I think he has many fans all over the world, not just in Iran. So it's his right to be the best one. His style and appearance also should be considered. I love hiim

Yes! He is best in the music and best in the world and he is king in the everything! He has a perfect voice and he my life, my love, my king and my star!

I love him to much then my life and I think he is the best Persian rapper ever and he have to be in the top of the list

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Young And Full Of hope and Talent I love him

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25Behzad Leito

Hottest Persian hip hop singer

I thing all of the girl love his songs

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26Armin 2afm

All singers are disgusting 2afm is incredible

His songs are in high quality... Simple... Catchy... With best music...

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27Ali Owj

He's very fast. Fastest in Persian rap

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28A2 aka Amir Ali

amazing rapper; great flow based on incredible rhymes.

The best rapper with all features :X

Beast Flow, Pretty Voice, And Being Hood. These Are Features Of A2.

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29Amir Tataloo

He is #1 on r&b in Iran his the r&b king

Every body have a imagination of him

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30JustinaV2 Comments
31Hamed FardV1 Comment

Beautiful and angelic voice. Makes the hairs on my arm stand.

Best female Persian hip hop singer

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33Alireza Silver

Bezan labkhand album the best album (y) alireza silver awesome style the persian hip hop (think silver is the best Persian rapper. Every rapper can sing in one style. But silver can song in different styles. Also he is one of the first Persian rappers...

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3430kasV1 Comment

I'm looking to you. you are very special

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First solo rapper of persian hip hop. rappe fars.


He is like god in Persian rap

His genre is ALTERNATIVE rap/hiphop (the first person in this genre)

O-Two is looking to make an
Impact on rap culture in Iran.


She has pleasure sound I think she comes from heaven!

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39Ashkan FadaeiV3 Comments
40RezayaV1 Comment
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