Best Phil Collins Songs

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In the Air Tonight
I can feel it... Coming in the air tonight, Oh Lord! Such simple and beautiful lyrics
I feel like it is the song of a man who has seen with wife with another man and is preparing to murder him. He doesn't know what will happen but he can feel it coming in the air tonight. That is my interpitation the beauty of this vague song is its up to the listener. But what I do know is this is the best produced song ever. Boom bom boom do bom bom bom
One of the Greatest songs of All Time So simple yet so Brilliant!
[Newest]This Was The Reason I Listened to Phil Collins

2Another Day In Paradise
Listening to the song just sends me to paradise... Song is filled with hope and it feels like heaven just like another day in Paradise...
Its about homelessness... And its so beautiful. I love this song. This song makes me think of dancing in circles under the hot sunny weather in Greece- that was paradise.
How is this not number one!? :O
In the air tonight is good. But this is so much better.
[Newest]Feeling the love in his voice... Its Great!

3You'll Be In My Heart
This is the best Phil Collins's song ever! In my opinion it should be the #1 in this list!
This is such a great song! It's my favorite Phil Collins. This should be higher! Just because it was in Tarzan doesn't lower it's quality! Yeah
Such a good song its ridiculous. Only because it's Disney people seem to think it's not as good as others but it is!
[Newest]Best song I have ever heard!

4Against All Odds
An absolutely brilliant song... In my opinion, phil Collins best! Even groovy kind of love, one more night are fantastic ones...
Phil's soul roots comes to the fore in this amazing song used for the theme song of the same titled movie. No other continental singer can sing soul and interpret it like him.
Bring all your pain with single words, Mind blowing ballads song, definitely one of the best ballads ever mankind created
[Newest]It's the best ballad there is, period.

5Easy Lover
Absolutely brilliant song, a classic song that gets me in the mood for music :) phil collins with phillip bailey (is that his name) was some combo!
Songs like this are a dime a dozen. A timeless classic. Thanks Phil.
Heard this for the first time at work today and I was like wow! This is great song! I'm 16 as well! Top quality
I was 16 when this came out, and I still love it! And I was sooo much in love with Phil Collins; I must've seen the video a zillion times! =D

6One More Night

7Do You Remember
I remember. Don't worry.

8Can't Stop Loving You
Can't stop loving this song
How on earth is this not on the list?! This was always one of my favourite songs as a kid!
Beautiful lyrics it's just an awesome song.

9You Can't Hurry Love
One of those songs that just makes you smile every time you listen to it. Easily Phil Collins' best song. That being said, I prefer the progressive rock material that Collins recorded while being a part of Genesis, Dancing with the Moonlit Knight would be his best song as Genesis' drummer and Dance on a Volcano would be his best song as Genesis' drummer/singer.


This is a timeless song that really reflects positivity, hope, and self empowerment. The vocals are superb and the strong drum beats shows the best of Collins
I like this song much better than the supremes version. Phil collins does such an awesome job!

10I Wish It Would Rain Down
Should be number 1 in my opinion
Wish it would rain IS his best. Invisible touch is 2.
Without doubt his best song

The Contenders

11I Don't Care Anymore
Song was in Grand Theft Auto and always reminds me of Michael, vouch
Best song of the 20th century!
Yea I don't know why this is not number 2. Need I say more?
[Newest]Great tune this one should be in the top ten

12True Colors
Phil Collins sings this song incredibly. The song is sung with passion, meaning and his voice is incredible.
One of the most underrated, singer/songwriters I have ever known far better than any American trash
His version is a lot easier to listen to then Cyndi's


13Something Happened On the Way to Heaven
The way the trumpets, vocals and drum come together in this song is simply awesome. The chorus is just so uplifting on this song, it's amazing!
Very cute song and catchy lyrics.

I can't get out of my mind this song when I'm going ou in the night with my friends. This song is simply incredible
Really this should be top 3 at least

15Take Me Home
22? How is that even possible?

16That's Just the Way It Is

17Dance Into the Night
Phil Collins' best song!

18Strangers Like Me

19Both Sides Of The Story

Best song from his Both Sides album, I love it if it would've been on the number one charts! This is a very beautiful mid-tempo ballad that Phil could've ranked it in his own compilation of best songs.
One of the favorite of Phil Collins, though it's a lost gem and could have been possible if it were his hit?

21Look Through My Eyes

22Find a Way to My Heart
My absolute favorite from But Seriously... Which seriously is the only album I have which I love every single track. This should have been a top 3 choice. If you haven't heard it, please do. You will not be disappointed. Great lyrics and fabulous instrumentals!
Most underrated song from his... But seriously album!

23Son of Man
It's from Tarzan! The fast-paced tempo and the lyrics are undeniably catchy and uplifting.
This song deserves to be in the top five at LEAST!

24Another Time

25On My Way
So spiritual, it really inspires me to go on my way. The moment is played in Brother Bear is part of my childhood.

26A Groovy Kind of Love
When I am feeling blue... All I have to do is take a look at you and I am not so blue...


28Hang In Long Enough

29We Wait and We Wonder

30Just Another Story

31Two Worlds

32Two Hearts

33No Way Out

34River So Wide

35Love Police

36I Cannot Believe It's True

37If Leaving Me Is Easy
Great one! Hold your breath a while and hear this song...
If leaving me is easy

38The Least You Can Do

39In My Lonely Room

40Take Me With You
This is a great song

41Separate Lives

42All of My Life

43You Know What I Mean

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