Best Philippine Game Shows


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The Top Ten

Pilipinas: Game Ka Na Ba?
I totally agree that this should be number one. This is the best, most sensible, informative game show in the history of the Philippine shows.
Still the best game show ever made in the Philippines.


the battle of the intellegents!
host: Edu Manzano


2Celebrity Bluff
This is the best game show I've ever watched! Everything's in it. Comedy, fun Trivia's with a touch of romance. It's the best for me because I love comedy.

3Kapamilya: Deal or No Deal?
luck will tell you!
host: Kris Aquino


No one like this

4All Star K! The 1 Million Peso Videoke Challenge
video karaoke competition!
hosts: Jaya and Allan K.


5Who Wants To Be A Millionaire?
Vic Sotto feels so comfy as a host in this program. The program is so interesting, good and of course educational. Audiences are excited every time the questions were raised, people are on the relay to answer the question as fast they can. The questions are not so tricky but its really a review style in particular. As a Filipino version of this gameshow, I really admired it and it really kissed and hugged the types and tastes of a Filipino lover of game shows.
the oldest game show in the philippines!
host: Christopher De Leon


I loved this when I visited the PI! Too bad someones politics got it cancelled. What happened to the Congratulations girl? She wasn't the prettiest girl there, but she was always the one I remember! I always wanted to play the clapping game!

71 vs 100
your strength and mind power will be tested!
host: Edu Manzano


8Now Na!
brain challenge!
host: Arnel Ignacio


9Wheel of Fortune

10The Singing Bee
Players who doesn't have the talent in singing but certified music lovers and master of lyrics.
So funny! And has lots of energy!

The Contenders

11Whammy! Push Your Luck
gonna push your luck!
hosts: Paolo Bediones and Rufa Mae Quinto


12Family Feud

13Hole In the Wall

14The Weakest Link
those zero IQ mind will be the weakest link!
host: Edu Manzano


15Tok! Tok! Tok! Isang Milyon Pasok!
the mind and strategies are tested!
hosts: Sexbomb Girls and Paolo Bediones


16Pera o Kahon
The "tawaran style" started because of the Pera o Kahon's way of designing the program. It was aired at RPN-9. The games are peculiar and unique in nature.

17Extra Challenge

18Manny Many Prizes

19Million Peso Money Drop

20Take Me Out

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