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1Ferdinand Marcos (10th President)

He's the only president to make peso equal to dollars. 1 peso = 1 US dollar. - hatcher234

The Philippine Strongman. In his time, our economy, though not anymore the 2nd richest country in Asia, was very progressive with the many infrastructural development in the Philippines.

It was necessary for him to declare martial law to prevent the Philippines from being communist and to discipline the Filipinos.

In 1986, the Philippines' downfall started. It became poor thanks to a housewife with no political experience being the Filipino president. Now, Benigno Aquino is the pres. Of the Philippines, wait for his incompetence!

Marcos shall be recognized as the Philippines' greatest president.

I know he's corrupt and dictatorial, but still he was the one who made effective reforms and boosted our economy. He also enforced discipline and yes, fear, in every heart of the Filipino. But that helped somehow.

During His Time, Philippines Was A Tiger Country.

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2Ramon Magsaysay (7th President)

The makamasa president, exemplary leader, no nepotism in the goverment, e real and selfless public servant!

The first Philippine president to wear a barong tagalog in his inauguration.

He was a very humble President who helped many people. He was a selfless public servant who served his people especially the poor.

Here's a president who really listens to the Filipino people.

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3Benigno Aquino III (15th President)

Blaming others for the misfortunes of his government and taking credit for projects he did not make

Why the hell Filipinos?
What did this family ever do to help this country?
Do you not realize that they are leeches that have been feasting on our country for the past 29 years and counting?
Only the ignorant will recognize Aquino as being anything near what is considered "best"

Full of blame to his predecessor to cover his failures. It's useless because Filipinos knew the truth. Knock your punk (PANOT) head.

He blame the candidates on 2011

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4Emilio Aguinaldo (1st President)

If not because of him we don't have a Republic right now and a Free country Only that I can say...

I chose him because he is the president who fought for his country unlike the other presidents.

The one who fight for the Philipine Independence along with Andres Bonifacio. Declared the independence of the country. He Became the First President of the Philipine Republic (The first republic in Asia). He may be better than Pres. Marcos if not because of the controversies of Bonifacio Execution.

The real president hero of all time!

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5Manuel L. Quezon (2nd President)

He did not allow Philippines to be a part of the U.S.A. but a commonwealth country separated from the states.

He deserves to be on top of the one who sold the entire country to the enemeis

The Hero of the Jewish Refugees during the age of World War. A Father of Philippine National Language.

The only filipino ( though not in blood) who made effort to promote his own language.

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6Manuel Roxas (5th President)

Manuel Roxas is the best president.

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7Sergio OsmeƱa (4th President)V2 Comments
8Jose P. Laurel (3rd President)

Best president in his time! He made agreement with the Japanese to avoid further bloodsheds. The Japanese were supposed to liberate us from U.S colonialism. But those cowards (U.S.A) dropped the nuke at civilians. Which is inhumane and evil.

Because he is good president for me

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9Diosdado Macapagal (9th President)

He's very humble and loves his country so much

Because of his simplicity

10Corazon Aquino (11th President)

She's not the best... she's not even considered as a pure Filipino for me.. her loyalty belongs to China.. RIGHT?

From plain housewife to president... big leap...

All she ever did was nothing. Democracy was already established in Philippines. I've wondered how she got the icon of Democracy. Fueled by her greed!

Far from being good... Hands down the worst!

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The Contenders

11Carlos P. Garcia (8th President)

It's about time to re-assess the Filipino first culture, a distinct and self-progressive country. We need to revive the FILIPINO FIRST POLICY. In that way, Filipinos can control the economic growth and not influenced by other nationalities and also not to benefit a few Filipinos.

The first ever President who thought of Filipinos well being first... Thus, the " Filipino-First" policy

Oh what could have been? It seemed like Garcia had a vision for a more domestic sufficient country. A far cry from the current state of the republic.

He established the Austerity Program focusing on Filipino trade and commerce and he is a Teacher

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12Joseph "Erap" Ejercito Estrada (13th President)

He was supposed to overhaul the peace and order of the country, mostly the Mindanao.

He did an all out war and captured most of the camps of rebel Muslims including Abubakar.

Was doing a good job against the Muslim rebels

May puso, true leader.

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13Fidel V. Ramos (12th President)

RAMOS was a better leader than Madam Cory...

Let me remind you that it was under his leadership wherein we became one of Asia's Tiger Economy. Plus, he was the first ever president who was able to have a surplus budget. Not the best, but certainly a good one, in my opinion.

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14Andres Bonifacio (Real First President)

Setting our country free from the Spain is more than any reforms and programs of our presidents because he has the will to abolish force labor, torture, sufferings, colonial rule, etc, but was killed by Aguinaldo and his men. Aguinaldo deserves to be the vice president

He must be considered the first President. Aguinaldo is a traitor and the head of Bonifacio's assassination and Luna's. Aguinaldo is a dictator.

He was the real deal. He was cheated on by votes during the election of presidency between Aguinaldo. When Aguinaldo knew that he was going to be a threat to him. Aguinaldo killed him and his brother, Procopio

Yeah he should be on the list of presidents

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15Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo (14th President)

He made a lots of highways, bridges, airport, seaport, and lots more. Don't be blind open your eyes and you will see the lots of changes in our country

But a lots of irregularities in every budget... You should open your eyes

Media needed a scapegoat and needed to point their camera of blame to her. What she's done for the country was very much downplayed and the controversies blown out of proportion. Media just makes negative thinkers/positive thinkers out of the things they show/repeatedly say to people. They owe something to the Aquinos, that much is true. And GMA has snubbed their pettiness so she got bad coverage throughout her term.

Arroyo, because she made a terminal (2001-2010) GDP growth which was higher than Marcos's.

She is the best

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16Ramon MagsaysayV1 Comment
17Elpidio Quirino (6th President)

For me quirino is one of the best president for me from teacher to president isn't easy because he face a lot of challenges before being a president

He is the best President fit for those times of rebuildig a war torn country.

For me, he's the best president Philippines has ever had. Next to Bonifacio(If only Aguinaldo didn't kill him)

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