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The Dark Side of the Moon
When I first heard this for a couple of times, I really did not liked it. I thought how can this be a such a great album as claimed. But the I got hooked to a couple of songs and heard it all at once.. I have to admit this is the best album I had heard till date.. Didn't know that such a quality is really humanly possible..


This was my first experience with Pink Floyd. I actually heard from watching the Wizard of Oz synched with it on Google videos. The second time I watched it, I just came back to listen to the music; needless to say, I liked it. The chord progression in Breathe is sort of eri, thanks to Rick Wright, and David Gilmour's slide guitar solo over it is so perfect, like any of his other solos. The organ that bursts at the start of the second verse adds so much to its character. Any Colour You Like actually does make me see colors in my head (in fact, the whole album does: colors of the rainbow plased over black- pretty much like the album cover, but on completely different levels). Brain Damge and Eclipse are the most uplifting songs ever written. They're so moving that I actually get goose bumps from listening to it. The verses of Brain Damge make me feel like I'm flying and the chorus (as well as all of Eclipse) overwhelms my heart. They couldn't have ended it any better than that. Best album ever!


They've got legendary albums! Wonderful intelligent musicians! Thats real music!


[Newest]Definitely, but meddle must be second.

2The Wall
The assembly of diverting, emotional pieces of music makes this album a unique masterpiece. Each song sounds wonderful and still has this certain electrifying, psychedelic character, that Pink Floyd is so well known for. The entire Album is a journey. It's like falling into numerous layers of emotions, comprehending Pinks feelings. I've never felt like this about any other album.
Meddle is great but in my humble opinion 'The Wall' is their best and most impressive piece of work. A double album where just about every song is a nugget - and it still holds up today as a complete sonic masterpiece - Dark Side gets a lot of attention but it doesn't stack up for me compared to The Wall. Bye Blue Sky, Mother, Another Brick, Young Lust, Hey You, Run Like Hell, Nobody Home, Comfortably Numb, one of my turns.. the list goes on. Ridiculous album. Released in December 1979 - so it's technically considered a 70's record which is weird considering it's popularity in the 80's.
It's a story, the entire album. It's the story of alienation and the downfalls of society and I really relate with it because of that. The songs are simply magical...
[Newest]The album that defines albums

3Wish You Were Here
A touching tribute to Syd. It is like a combination of many Floyd features like the effects used on shine on and welcome to the machine, which make it like dark side. And the simplicity of wish you were here which was similar to mother on the wall.
Shine on you crazy diamond is the reason I fell in love with Pink Floyd. The lyrics, music, emotion and honesty of this track is just astounding. I then discovered that every album Floyd created, up to and including the wall (but no later) has just what you need, depending on your mood. Sometimes I have to reel in my enthusiasm for WYWH as I find myself getting almost evangelical when describing it to non-believers! Surely anyone who claims to like music can recognize it's greatness.
Dark Side is the obvious choice, and for most it comes down to personal opinion which is better, Wish You Were here or Dark Side... But it is DEFINITELY better than The Wall. For me this album goes to the top, #1. Every song is brilliant, and it has Wish You Were Here which may very well be their best song.
[Newest]Obviously this album can't top Dark side(even though it is my favorite) BUT UNDER THE WALL! Come on GUYS! I love the wall! But it doesn't come near this album

Considering the "concept album" definition, this is the best they made.

I can hear an isolated song from "Dark Side", "Wish You Were Here" or "The Wall", but I cannot listen to just one isolated song off of "Animals". I always need to hear the entire album...

I still consider "The Dark Side of the Moon" the best Pink Floyd's album, but I'm voting for "Animals" because of the "concept album" definition. It really blows my mind.
I think that Animals is Pink Floyd's best album. It says that there are three types of people in this world: Pigs, Dogs, and Sheep. The dogs are really cruel cut throat type people. Sheep are regular people who are herded by the dogs. Pigs are people who think they are so great, but are just pigs. The lyrics are just great, and the instrumentals and singing are amazing.
No question that true Floyd fans will find this album to be the best, followed just behind by Dark Side. I used to fall asleep to this album almost every night back in college. It has an amazing ability to put the listener at peace and take your mind to another realm. At least that's what it did/does for me. And no, I was not high while listening to it. The music was drug enough.
[Newest]Third best after the wall and dark side but best guitar by Gill

This album takes me to another world. All pink floyd albums are Godly. But the song "Echoes" simply Takes Meddle to heavenly status. Personally I feel all pink floyd albums are like stars in the night sky. At times meddle appears larger (can hardly tell the difference)
Meddle is a masterpiece by Pink Floyd. Syd barret had input in some lyrics in this album-Before he left they put gilmour in Pink Floyd to cover for him ad for syd to write some material. Most of it was crazy but some of it was able to be put into their songs. Echoes is one of the best songs out there and without meddle would have never gone into progressive rock.
dark side is my fav but I think this album need more credit


6The Division Bell
The Division Bell and A Momentary Lapse of Reason are both underrated albums just because waters was not on the band anymore doesn't mean its bad. they are both beautiful albums people should aprecciate more the music and less the fame of an album or a song.
Let's get this straight, had the album featured Roger Waters with the same melodies and the same lyrics, almost nobody would be complaining. I think that everything in this album is amazing. The cover itself is a work of art and tells exactly the story of Pink Floyd and the concept of the album: Two people (Waters and Gilmour), with opposite personalities (notice how the dark side of the left face faces the bright side of the other) fighting each other to achieve success (Look how their mouthes are pointed to the factory which simbolizes money). However, when these two people join forces, they become one and single face: Pink Floyd.
In the middle that isn't actually a factory, it's Ely cathedral - it's meant to show how they are divided by a bell. I don't know what that means, but oh well.
Wonderful album and I really think they succeed with this one, even more than The Final Cut and I really love this one as much as Wish You Were Here, the fourth best album after Dark Side, The Wall and Animals!
[Newest]Not the best but definitely the most underrated.

7Atom Heart Mother
Atom Heart Mother is a wonderful album.
Atom Heart Mother Suite is a wonderful, emotional, unique and unpredictable song.
If is a great song, with a vocal style you would not expect for a Pink Floyd album, very soothing.
Summer '68 is a classic catchy song, but not the most refreshing.
Fat old sun is a underrated, very calming song.
Alan's psychedelic breakfast has nice calming elements and eating noises, which repeat, making it a weird song.
The first song is possibly the most psychedelic track they ever composed, atom heart mother suite, but still awesome when not on acid. The album as a whole is not bad, but the first song is one of my favorite Floyd Songs
Atom Heart Mother is a good album, definitely deserves better than 12th.

Atom Heart Mother: 4.5 out of 5
If: 5 out of 5
Summer '68: 4 out of 5
Fat Old Sun: 2.5 out of 5
Alan's Psychedelic Breakfast: 3.5 out of 5
[Newest]Great sound research! This is an album perfectly made, not a single mistake. 4/5 is my score!

8The Piper at the Gates of Dawn
I really can't believe this is so low. It's a psychedelic masterpiece and Floyd's crowning achievement, in my opinion.


Excellent display of syd barrett's potential and a great start for pink floyd
Really it gets me high!

9The Final Cut
Too emotional to not be right up at the top. Roger Waters voice just makes it all that much better.
An absolutely brilliant album, the music and lyrics all combine effortlessly to make this one of the best Floyd albums to submerged and lose yourself to
One of the best albums to just sit and chill with. I highly recommend everyone who loves Pink Floyd to give this a listen
[Newest]I seriously cannot imagine someone NOT being moved by this record. The places Waters goes, man...

10A Saucerful of Secrets
The first PF LP I bought - right after I heard the amazing "See Emily Play" on the radio, back in '67 if I'm not mistaking. Can you imagine the thrill of a lifetime this was for the teenager I was then!? NO ONE in my classroom or in the schoolyard - including myself! - new anything about PF at the time. It was just mind-blowing! Truly my best musical experience ever! If I were ever to "Set the Controls for the Heart of the Sun" or have a trip in a Flying Saucer, this is THE album I would take with me. In my opinion, SOS is number ONE for ever, nothing less! And PF will always remain my all-time favorite band.
Wish you were here is my favorite but I had to vote for saucerful, so damn underrated, to anyone coming on here for recommendations, listen to every album, there all great
This is an autentic Pink Floyd album, simply great. Songs like Let There Be More Light are simply AWESOME. Without Barrett, except in Jugband Blues, they still have a lot of influence on him. It's one of the most underrated albums, but in my opinion this album must be in top 5, sincerely I don't mind it because Pink Floys is not for discuss which album is better, every Pink Floyd album has something great. Here, we can see a brilliant rappot between all Pink Floyd members, and a really authentic style.
[Newest]A positively brilliant mix of all five Floyd members.

The Contenders

11A Momentary Lapse Of Reason
This album is much much better than given due... Just because roger waters is not on the credit list... Some people love to hate it... But if we remove that prejudice... This is a great album... Please give some credit to poor glamour too... Great album...
I really like 'Wish You Were Here' and 'The Division Bell' as well, but 'A Momentary Lapse of Reason' takes the gold as Pink Floyd's greatest album. It has an awesome 80's vibe and sounds great. Almost jazz-like with more of a keyboard sound. Lastly, I personally prefer David Gilmour over Richard Waters.
Although it has sold well it tends to get attacked by some fans, because it was the first album they done without Waters. This is a shame, because it is one of my favorite Floyd albums. Love it!
[Newest]This is also a very good album, not the best but Gilmour here did the job done! Pink sound is in there and the result is impressive and progressive! 4/5 for me!

I wish if I was there in the PULSE live how... I think that was probably the best live show ever!
Pulse is what got me into Pink Floyd.


13Echoes: The Best of Pink Floyd
A decent album of great Pink Floyd songs. Good for new listeners just to understand what Pink Floyd music is really like. A foot in the door is more just hits and radio favourites.
This just isn't fair
Who added this? Duh the best of album is going to be the best album

14The Endless River
Very good instrumental/ambient album. Great way for the greatest band ever to go out. Louder than words is a genius song!


It's an amazing album if you don't go into it expecting The Dark Side of the Moon or Wish You Were Here.
In my opinion, better than the previous two albums (except High Hopes), as it has so many good little tunes and range of keyboard effects, it's a really great album.
[Newest]This album should be top 5. This album wins even without a vocal. True music.


15Obscured by Clouds
This album is greatly underrated. I never hear anyone talking about it but it is just as good as meddle or atom heart mother. It has a lot of great songs like, when you're in, the gold its in the, wots uh the deal, childhoods end, free four and stay. When I heard this album I knew that I had heard when you're in, the gold its in the, and stay on the radio before. Overall, this album really deserves more credit for the masterpiece it is.
Free Four - Waters rocker, Wot's... Uh the deal - Great Gilmour lyrics and singing, The Gold It's in the... Another great songs. This album was a great warm-up for Darkside
I agree with this list up to number 7. This should be number 7. Very underrated Pink Floyd album. Wots...uh the deal great song.

More has some of the best songs that Pink Floyd ever recorded. Cirrus Minor, The Nile Song, The Crying Song, Green Is The Colour, and Cymbaline. Not to mention Quicksilver as well. This album also has some of the best lyrics that Pink Floyd ever wrote in their pre-Dark Side Of The Moon era. Listen to the songs I suggested (besides The Nile Song or Ibiza Bar) if you want to go to bed, if you're stressed out, or if you want to calm down. Hope you enjoy it.
This album is not THAT great. It has great songs on it like cirrus minor, ibiza bar, the nile song, cymbaline, green is the colour, and crying song. But they put to many boring songs, like dramatic theme, quicksilver, and party sequence. They should have just removed those and put in the unreleased songs Seabirds and Hollywood. Then we could have heard a great song instead of boring stuff. Hopefully they will release the studio recording of seabirds one day.


Isn't my favorite album but doesn't deserve to be at the bottom. Cymbaline is amazing!
[Newest]Amazing album. One of the best soundtracks ever. I don't believe that it's 21.

Everyone says disc one is amazing (and it is), but nobody ever talks about disc two being good. It is sad, because disc two is very underrated.
This is worse than living in Africa

Some songs from piper at the gates of dawn, and Syd Barret singles. This is the ultimate album for die hard pink floyd fans.
I wish it had point me at the sky and it would be so nice. then it would be perfect


A great album I ever heard

19Is There Anybody Out There? The Wall Live

20Delicate Sound of Thunder
If Pulse is allowed, then this one must be allowed, too. It is simply breathtaking. I love Pulse as well but Delicate Sound of Thunder isn't that exaggerated. Aaaand its got the ' best Version of 'On the Turning Away' on it. Seriously if you havn't listened to it so far, go ahead and do it. I get multiple Goosebumps from that solo. It's just epic and in my opiniion even better then the one from Comfortably Numb


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