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61 Party Ain't Over Party Ain't Over

Shadow the Hedgehog & Pac-Man would make a great combo in this song & any song that is by Pitbull featuring Chris Brown.

Pitbull portrays Shadow the Hedgehog.

Chris Brown portrays Pac-Man.

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62 Have Some Fun Have Some Fun
63 I'm a Freak

Are you a freak... This song deserves to be in the top tens. WAIT AM I REALLY CHECKING TheTopTens.cOM... GO TO HELL WITH YOUR LIST. Enrique's song are THE BEST

Pit from Kid Icarus would be a great voice for Enrique Iglesias w/ Shadow the Hedgehog voicing Shadow the Hedgehog.

What a song! Deserves to be in top 10!

How the hell is I Like It in the top 10 & this one here? It should be the opposite.

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64 Maldito Alcohol Maldito Alcohol
65 305 Anthem 305 Anthem

Hands down the best. This song should get anyone pumped up for any kind of activity, working out, or a game.

66 Come n Go Come n Go

Come n go is 1 of the best song of pitbull ft. Enrique. It should b on top ten guys please vote! Because I make that girls go!

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67 Got Money
68 Crazy Crazy
69 Global Warming

Good! Listen it and you will get addicted to it!

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70 Madarchod
71 Boomerang Boomerang
72 Secret Admirer Secret Admirer
73 Now You See It (Shake That Ass)
74 Ay Chico (Lengua Afuera) Ay Chico (Lengua Afuera)

Bend Over girl show me wachya workin with...
cool beats I like this song
try it and vote

75 Sexy People (The Fiat Song) Sexy People (The Fiat Song) V 1 Comment
76 Castle Made of Sand Castle Made of Sand

Very touching song. Pitbull, Kelly Rowland, & Jamie Drastik all succeeded in doing so.

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77 Fuego Fuego
78 Turn Around (Part 2)
79 Something for the DJs Something for the DJs
80 Feel It Feel It
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