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21Radios In Heaven

What the heck! How can such few people vote this beautiful song.. Starting music is full of musical orgasm. It takes me another world and definitely the greatest love song of all time. Listen everyone you will like this one. You will not regret its my promise and I'm a man of my words..

22Write You a Song

Beautiful song, yet it's at twenty-two. It at the VERY least, should be fifteen.

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23Should've Gone to Bed

My favourite from Plain White T's

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24Last Call
25Meet Me In California

This song is awesome. Why is it down here?

This song is so awesome, why is it at 28th?

26Sad StoryV1 Comment
27Making a Memory

Excellent song- surprising it's not higher on the list. (Then again, I don't even see "You Belong" on the list, so the credibility is questionable anyway)

29Your Fault
30If I Told You
31Body Parts

Wow, this song is amazing, the lyrics are the best, it isn't as popular, so that's probably why its down here, but you all have to listen to it, its definitely one of their best!

One of their best songs - especially lyric wise

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33Please Don't Do This

Come on guys! This is a great song it should be at least top 10 one of my favorite

One of the great ones out there it should be at least top 10.. come on guys!


I'm surprised this song hasn't been voted for- it's so meaningful and speaks out to people.

36Last Breath
38Pet Sematary
39Come Back to Me
40Cinderella Story
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