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41What If

This song is a monster track and should be in the top 5

Should be number 3 and that song is great

What if should be top ten at least

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42Irrational Anthem
44Broken Record
45Haven't Told Her
46All That We Needed
47Wonders of the Younger

How is this NOT on the list! It describes today's youth so accurately. It definitely deserves a higher spot.

This song has some really relatable and true lyrics, people should check it out

This is my favourite song by the band! It is so true

My favourite song - how is it so low?

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48My Only One

Best of their early songs

49Sing My Best
50Down the Road
51Cirque Dans la Rue

I love ALL of the tracks in Wonders of the Younger, and I'm surprised that the only popular one from it is Rhythm of Love. More surprised to see this song not on the list before. I can't describe how much I love Cirque Dans La Rue. Guys, try listening to this track and the whole album! So worth listening to. - rsndazzahra

52American Nights
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