Best Players On Mario Kart


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The Top Ten


Always play him he is very good and he is also really fun to drive :) (Yoshi)


4Bowser Jr.

5Diddy Kong

6Koopa Troopa


8Dry Bones
Every time I'm Dry Bone, I always win Dry Bones is really fast.


10King Boo
King Boo is beast. He is very underrated which sucks. Boo is misunderstood. So he tried to kill Luigi and Mario but that was because he's lonely! Boo has a great heart and lots of love.

The Contenders

11Donkey Kong


13Baby Mario

14Baby Peach

15Baby Luigi


In Mario Kart DS, he is one of the fastest racers. Do I really need to say anything other than that?

18Funky Kong

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