Best Poison Songs of All Time


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The Top Ten

Nothin' But a Good Time
This is no doubt Poison's signature song, their ultimate anthem.
This song is like my anthem and always puts me in a good mood


[Newest]Great Song ==> You've to listen it!

2Every Rose Has Its Thorn
Best poison song ever made!

3Talk Dirty to Me
best... song... in the band ever no doubt what so ever
this is my favorite from them, the song rocks from the beginning to the end!


4Something to Believe In

5Unskinny Bop

6Look at What the Cat Dragged In

7Cry Tough
Very good and inspirational song

8I Want Action

9Life Goes On

10Fallen Angel
This song is their best! Everyone vote FALLEN ANGEL!

The Contenders

11Ride the Wind

12I Won't Forget You

13Your Momma Don't Dance

14#1 Bad Boy

15Want Some, Need Some

16Rock and Roll All Nite


18Shooting Star

19Let It Play

20Look But You Can't Touch

21Last Song

22I Hate Every Bone In Your Body But Mine

23We're an American Band

24Good Love

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