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21 Truant

Very bad, not allowing you to attack every 2 turns - Doggus

This is the best of all...
It makes giga impact and similar moves finally useful!

22 Levitate

I strongly agree, I raised a tynamo with levitate and made a KILLING MACHINE! It swept a team of a few ARCEUS! They all kept on using earthquake on me it was such a good Pokemon I definitely suggest it

It was very helpful on Gengar, making it immune to the overused earthquake.. Until Gamefreak decided it was OP or something like that.

Tynamo oes seems to be the strongest Pokemon till date but again moves like worry seed can also bring weaknesss in them.

Ground type moves wont hit

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23 Prankster

This ability is great for everything- setting up hazards, increasing stats, acting as a check for sweepers by para/will o wisp. Most OP ability of all time

This should be in a higher position guys!

Prankster is the one thing that keeps volbeat (or sometimes Illumise) on my team, even up to UU.

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24 Sturdy

Shedinja with sturdy and weather goggles = auto win

25 Magic Bounce

Deflects physical attacks back to user. This is op when you have a dusknoir and froslass and your opponent has a mega sableye and probopass in Pokemon X. Then your dusknoir uses role play on their mega sableye and then takes its magic bounce ability and then dusknoir uses disable to stop it from shrouding itself with magic coat and then when mega sableye uses Hyper beam dusknoir's thanks to role play magic bounce will send it back to sableye and one hit ko it! Do same thing w

Moves like toxic and stealth rock just bounce back to the opponent! This is OP in competitive!

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26 Parental Bond

This Ability is better than Pure/Huge Power as attacking twice per turn is effectively the same thing as doubling attack, but has the added benefit of activating secondary effects twice and breaking substitutes. I also believe this ability works with special attacks as well, and may even roll for a critical a second time, so yeah, it is ridiculously good.

It breaks substitutes. While not as much pure damage as Pure/Huge Power, it can work with special and physical damage, and breaks substitutes.

This one should be number one. ONLY one Pokemon gets it. Mega Kangaskhan. Would you like to have your attacks hit twice or once?

Teach jangaskan power up punch and use it. It's swords dance that also does damage

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27 Water Absorb

Hack it onto a fire type and it such a fun troll to use.

The ability takes in ALL water type moves and converts them into HP. What more could you want?!

28 Trace

Copies any ability so you can get anything your opponent has but with a better Pokemon (gardevoir)

29 Teravolt
30 Rock Head

You can use Head Smash with this ability and have a 150 damage move that now has no drawbacks, its insane

Rock Head is a ability that makes it so that when you use a move that usually damages you (double-edge,flare-blitz) it does no recoil.

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31 Pickup

This shouldn't be here. It has NO effect in battle.

Good ability because if you don't have any money and you have Poke Balls catch a Zigzagoon it helps.

32 Serene Grace

On a fast Pokemon, Serene Grace can make opponents non stop flinch (Togekiss, Air Slash) paralyze extremely quicky (Body Slam) and way more just from one ability. This deserves to be in the top 10.

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33 Bad Dreams

If your enemy is asleep it deals damage

You can kill Pokemon in their sleep.

Darkest literally kills you by haunting your nightmares

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34 Blaze
35 Pixilate

Turns Hyper Voice Gardevoir into a complete nuke

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36 Lightning Rod
37 Moody

Its completely banned in pro play why is this not number one no other ability has achieved this feat come on guys! Okay it makes Bidoof better then Mega Rayquaza if used properly.

Can lead to highly overpowered creatures, if they can hang in there.

Yes it lowers one stat but it raises another one by two.every turn!

38 Mold Breaker

A Pokemons ability makes it imune to you attacks use mold breaker and that's no longer a problem cancels out most other abilitys

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39 Pressure V 1 Comment
40 Gale Wings

My talonflame is like what you faster than me? Too bad priority brave bird!

Hacksmons Value: Swords Dance, Gale Wings Oblivion Wing from Mega Rayquaza.

Any Other Value: Put a Focus Sash on a Talonflame. Swords Dance, Fly. See what happens.

Sadly, it was nerfed in gen 7. Before that, it was great to boost your speed; now, it only works when you have all your hp... Near useless.

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