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41 Defiant V 1 Comment
42 Multiscale

Dragonite with multiscale & weakness policy

Have a lugia with multiscale and leftovers

V 1 Comment
43 Infiltrator

Good against substitute Pokemon like Whimsicott and annoying Light Screen and Reflect Claydols.

44 Shed Skin

Shed skin gets rid of all status effects every couple of turns... ALL of them. Even confusion. The only things it does not get rid of is leech seed/etc. - GREATEST

Its good doh it can take pretty long for shed skin to activate and no last evolution can have this abillity (no powerful last evo) so unless you don't evolve your dragonair... this abillity isn't that usefull

V 1 Comment
45 Competitive
46 Illusion

Super troll, hack it on something with absorb and you have something OP - Doggus

47 Snow Warning

If you have a Pokemon with blizzard it hits 100% and does damage by causing hail

Abomasnow with Blizzard, you'll be wrecking teams

V 1 Comment
48 Aftermath

Aftermath always hits the foe after dying. Great! That makes

Helps when you are in a close battle, but the users aren't too good other than drifblim - Doggus

49 Fur Coat

Like Magic guard but protects from physicals - Doggus

Same as fairy aura but stops attacks - Doggus

Come on! I mean, Fur Coat halves all the damage done. I know it's exclusive to Furfrou, but a trained Furfrou could take stuff down!

50 Poison Touch

Unlike poison point, you can poison a guy buy touching him

51 Quick Guard
52 Volt Absorb

It helped me a lot

53 Sand Veil

Send a garchomp with sand veil into battle with a tyranitar with sand stream and make one of them hold the brightpowder. I ruled with it because garchomp was really evasive. - Metallicafan01

54 Flash Fire V 1 Comment
55 Sand Stream
56 Cursed Body

Honestly a really good ability, gets rid of enemy super effective attacks with Jellicent or Froslass.

Give Froslass a Focus Sash and let a Tyranitar use Crunch. It'll have a 30% chance of disabling Crunch.

57 Thick Fat

The pokémon itself deals with 50% less damage from fire and ice type moves. Notable users: Mega venusaur, swinub etc., tepig etc. and more!

58 Sand Rush

Ground rock and steel type moves are powered up by 1.5x in a sandstorm. Sandstorm immunity

Landorus or Mega Garchomp with a side of Tyrantitar is pure power in double battles!

59 Imposter

Perfect for Dittos! You wouldn't have to waste a turn to transform your Ditto if you have this ability!

V 1 Comment
60 Telepathy

Put a dialga with this and a krookodile with earthquake or a walren with surf in a double battle and your oponent in screwed

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