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Only pokemon in pokemon black/white included, not all pokemon from the game however.

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It doesn't make sense at all that Zekrom is above Reshiram, Reshiram has better special attack, which is way better than regular attacks, And they're usually more powerful so, Go Reshiram! - Icycle

Reshiram is beast it can beat zekrom. I like him because ice is good aginst dragon but he is a dragon and fire so he can easily beat ice because fire is stronger. And how is zekrom stonger he is electric and I still don't see why electric is better then ice he's even better when mixed with kyurem

More special attacks than physical attacks so better move set plus it's sound is way cooler

He is my level 100

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I like this Pokemon becuase he looks like a dragon god, has strong electric and dragon powers. I like the colour black with his red eyes. Zekrom is like the Zeus of the Pokemon World considering his electric attacks.

Woo! There's actually a glitch that means Zekrom can survive Destiny Bond! Can Reshiram do THAT?

I honestly think reshiram is way better because it can learn blue flare

His attack is equivalent to rayquaza

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Vote for me black and white kyurem are class ice burn is lethel

Kyurem is boss! ice beam,outrage,fly,and dragon pulse would make him unstoppable!

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WWE Monday night raw at 8:00 western time

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A Event Pokemon that is literaly imposible to get in the uk at the moment. One of the best!

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Zoararks illusion effect can lead trainers to switch their Pokemon to a weak Pokemon. These things can make Zoroark strong. ( I have him )


It's lame that he needs thunderous and tornados to awaken,just like regigigas needs regirock and regice and registeel

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He's my level 100 and he has awesome attacks like close combat, iron head and more!

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Really blastoise is way stronger

In a battle between samurott and blastoise,samurott would last 10 seconds if he's lucky because blastoise is the best water type EVER

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Serperior is super because of it best in grass type

How many weaknesses can one Pokemon have?

Very underrated and powerful
Best starter ever! Beat the whole Pokemon game by itself.

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Hydreigon is the COOLEST pokemon to come out in the last few games, I mean come on! A dragon with three heads that can be a sweeper for atk and spec atk, it doesn't get any better then that!

Come on this guy is the best guy ever a HYDRA with TRI ATTACK! Tri Attack shoots thunderbolt,flamethrower,and ice beam all at once and plus he's epic looking

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A mazing power and cool at the same time as being fast!


Good Pokemon, hard to obtain. If you do a lot to obtain you will know its worthwile


It took down my samurott


It's so strong and super cute. I mean, a double ice cream cone? I'd like one!

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Event though low defense, this Pokemon is awesome for its fast speed, good special defense and a very high special attack.

Fantastic, although hard to get, but once you obtain him, super rewarding as he can sweep the whole game by him self practically.

Hello, best damn (non-legend) bug in the whole franchise?

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I'm mean like. His guy can transform into reshiram!

This guy is EVERY Pokemon. Come on!

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You gotta admit he's like the 3rd best steel type,metagross is 2nd,and Aggron is 1st

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