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The Top Ten

My Arceus does 200 damage. That's why
He could use the same pokemons power
Sure, Arceus is the best, but you guys know nothing about this. The "cards" you have are made by a third party, not Nintendo. The only card I know of that does 200 damage is Rayquaza C LV.X. so either sell those "cards" or burn them. Get real.
[Newest]Arceus sucks cause he got killed by cement, any legendary could survive that

Well, I mean legit. Why does everyone votes for beeping Arceus. Arceus always takes first. Let some other powerful pokemon other than Arceus. Also Lucario a is powerful non-legendary that is on this list.
Everybody ought to love lucario he is the best pokemon ever and I wish that he was real!
It's power level is over 9000.
Yeah, sorry guys. I like lucario. It's just any Pokemon over 1000 health is fake.
[Newest]He is a GREAT Pokemon!

3Shadow Lugia
Look it up it is AWESOME
This is really number 1
Probably the best that it can get with the Pokemon cards anywhere, any place, any time that is a real Pokemon except Shawdow Pikachu witch is awesome also.
[Newest]It is the best card ever

4Rayquaza G LV X
Does 200 damage and not low HP.
HP is 120 HP.
Though rayquaza c lv x dose same damage but has 180 health
If he can attack first he will defeat any Pokemon there is but if going up against something that can do over 120 damage and has a high attack speed it will lose but this is by far one of the best it deserves to be 3
[Newest]I have him he is a good card

darkrai was in the middle of the battle of dialgla and palkia.
Awesome, cool design, very strong do I have 2 continue
Darkrai can not be beaten by anything so who would vote for Arceus?
[Newest]When you think of the king of Ghost type Pokemon you think of Darkrai that's one reason to be afraid

Dialga is my favorite
I have a dialga ex and he is AMAZING! Any other Pokemon that is an ex that he faces he makes than paralyzed and just uses Full metal impact and it totally knocked out the other Pokemon!
Dope Pokemon it has cool moves Who doesn't like this pokemon I mean it the cool pokemon

7Charizard G LV.X
Great Card 150 Damage That's Good Although I Think Rayquaza C Lv. X Should've Made The List Although Arceus May Be Better And There Are Rayquaza Fan
his so cool and a galactic pokemon charzard cards are worth big moeny too! gallade2
Great Pokémon but the thing is, its not as good as everyone says. Its a puny 5'8 and not as strong as everyone says.
[Newest]Charizard is best card ever. Period.

I don't know why but I have 3 Mewtwo ex cards.
Mewtwo is the best card I ever seen and the card attack was good
[Newest]Mewtwo ex is better than regular mewtwo and should have been included but regular mewtwo is good too

9Black Kyurem EX
Yep, and why's ARCEUS number 1?!
I say it's the best card. I mean, srsly, one of them can do 200 damage!
Mew two is better then arceus arceus sucks
[Newest]First of all he does 200 and is just a EX

awesome in looks way strong and lv. x allows you to combine as many Giratinas as you have! way better than Arceus!
Giratina looks awesome and also is awesome. It is the Only Ghost legend and my favourite. Giratina level. X allows you to combine as many Giratinas as you have! That is one of the reasons I like it much better than Arceus.
Can do shadow claw, it does 90 damage and allows you to take a random card from the opponents hand and discard it
[Newest]I have Giratina. His move "Hex" does 90 damage!

The Contenders

11Zekrom EX
Zekrom is the best
He can do 150 damage
Zekrom ex is the best it does 150 damage I have him he is the best card
[Newest]He does 250 damage

12Celebi X

Doe s 100 damage.
Wailord is awesome. I said enough

14Charizard EX
Come on Charizard EX is amazing way better than arceus plus 2and Pokemon ash ever got witch makes it ultra rare
Come on, really? Charizard EX is by faar the best Pokemon card ever
A giant, fire breathing, awesome dragon. Who wouldn't vote for him?


16Ancient Mew
If you know the translation of the card it sucks
Best card can beat any Pokemon arqeus sucks

17Torterra Lv X
I love torterra I want it to be the most poplar Pokemon that's my goal

Level X controls the field and is in a great combination with Giratina Level X and Moonlight Stadium, set up with Spacial Rend.
Palkia is best card ever

Coolest pokemon you could ever thing of. Beats everything in the card game.
I used to have Zekrom. Too bad I traded it for 5 strong Pokemon.

20Arceus LV.X
He does 80 damage + 10 to each bench-ed pokemon +

He can beat to weak EX's
Mamoswine is my favorite Pokemon, so I made a complete deck of Swinubs Piloswine and Mamoswine. (Of course energys and trainers though, but eh)
So somebody challenged me with there deck of all EXs we got rid of the "EXs give you 2 prize cards rule" And the need for energys on his team (I still was forced to use energys, cause I HAD them, Jerk. But yet, I still win, and the other guy is a pro like I am, also I notice that most of the people on here suck at the card game, cause every Areceus card I have ever had was pretty weak, though Arceus IS best, IN THE VIDEO GAME.

22White Kyurem EX
White kyurem is not only the best Pokemon, it also looks the coolest too.

23Wailord EX

PIKACHU is the classic
Pik pi is the best card well maybe the best

25Shaymin Lv X

26Rhyperior LV X

27Regigigas Lv. X
Regigigas has the best Pokemon card.

It sucks not good EX form


When I was a kid, I could've sold him for $75... No other card has that power.
Come on, this was the best card, it made pokemon cards famous!
Torterra is on this list twice and this guy kicks ass
[Newest]He is the best in the world

999 health and over 200 damage like, who wants to win?
Why not, his attack is awesome on the normal card.
I love pikachu and I really want his card

32Mightyena EX

33Mew EX
Mew EX's ability,"versatile", is copying the same attack your opponent's Pokemon has. Now that's awesome!
He can do the attack the opponent does.
Can copy the opponents attack


35Gardevoir Lv.x
Best Pokemon ever right

Donphan is awesome baby
Don"t mess with the Zohan baby! $$
Dolfan is not a babby Pokemon

37Blaziken Ex
My blissey is a 650 health pokemon
First card I ever had beat Arceus, Mewtwo, Celebi, Zekrom, Charizard, Regigiggas and Rayquaza. These are justones I think off the top of my head

38Torterra Lv 45

39Mew Star
Mew should be #1 because it beat arceus
I can't believe no-one put this up until now. You don't have a truly good deck unless you have this card.
This card should in the top 10

Ditto can shape shift into other Pokemon and use there moves
Mine copys other pokemons
Ditto stinky it not smell good

41Glaceon Lv.x
I thinck that this Pokemon is really strong.

42Vanilluxe Plasma Freeze
If luck is with you it could do 240 damage

43White Kyurem‎
He is better than black kyurem and most EX'S


45Mega Charizard EX
I like mega charizard ex because his design is awesome and he can beat any one and is really powerful.
Because mega charizard is so powerful he could beat any Pokemon you put in one shot
Beast want him bad played against him awesome

I have one that does 200 DAMAGE!
It also has 120 HP.


I have it too!

47Rayquaza EX
It has 170 health and does infinity damage via 60 times
Raqraza EX does ten more dameg for each dameg counter so it basilcy does 70 damige


49Red Genesect

50Salamence lV.X
Salamence is God baby!

Bulbasar is not powerful.

52Mewtwo EX
It has 170 hp and does 150 damage. Shadow lugia is so cheap by the way

53Mega Gengar
Well Mega cards have the most HP and are only in x and y this mega is one of the best mega cards



Dialga can beat anything. It can freeze time and then destroy the whole world.
The card not the Pokemon in the show

I am a BIG fan of groudon and a have a primal groudon and its cool
Rubies look good, and so powerful


59Shaymin Lv.x Sky Form

They're basic, they have 80-100hp, and they hit from 40 to 70.





65Dusknoir Lv.x
His ectoplasm in Lv X is awesome because he never gets destroyed

66Mega form Blastoise
Best by a mile
230 health 240 damage poision all opponent's cards
Come on topped all of you

67M Venusaur EX

68Giratina Lv.x


It's move does 50 damage an the enemy can't attack during their next turn.

71Black Kyurem
One does 150 one does 200 and with crystal wall it has 300 hp
BLACK KYUREM IS AWESOME. He can do 100 damage and has 130 HP!

My deck has 4 of these dragons


The strongest gen 5 pokemon!

If you only have Servine and Snivy. Serperior is my favorite.


I mean just look at him. He's so awesome
My lv Snorlax is 130hp and when it exercises everyone gets so shocked that they faint! LOLOL

Keldeo EX is good in one of its moves raises one of its moves base attack by 120

He has deafen and healwing

My beedril does 50 damage for 1 energy and 2 coin flips each coin flip that is a head does 50 more damage meaning for 1 energy you can do up to 150 damage the best Pokemon ever
I have the same card

79Mega Charizard y Ex
Best Pokemon card in the world
It's the best Pokemon card ever


It has 220 HP and does 300 damage (30 damage counters)


She has tackle and Mach punch


Druddigon is so cool goo plasma storm

Try to beat all this baby


Oh yeah, one move that does only ten damage! NOOB CARD!
Don't know why I put this, but, I'm just trying to add more Pokemon. Plus, it can evolve to a gyrados

Great defending Pokemon because of its poke-ability Buffer

88Keldeo EX
Can one shot most things in the format, Rush In counters Hypnotoxic Laser and it's incredible with Blastoise. This should be #1!
If you can build up secret sword he is very powerful

I think Lugia can beat anyone I think he should be in the top 10

Does 40 damage for each energy attached to it and you don't have to discard energy. EPIC!


92Yveltal EX
Evil ball: cost 1 dark energy and 1 other energy.
Attack:20x the number of attached energy.

93Garchomp EX
This beast needs 3 energy to use Power Blast. It only needs 2 energy to retreat

Tackle and lron head

He has circle circuit and thunderbolt
Hi is really cool with his HP and all of his powers are super cool.

He has scratch and nasty plot


98Mr. Mime
He has massage and slap down

He has tackle and razor leaf

He has vine seed bomb

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