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1PikachuPikachu are a species of Pokémon, fictional creatures that appear in an assortment of video games, animated television shows and movies, trading card games, and comic books licensed by The Pokémon Company, a Japanese corporation.

Know Pokemon is better than Pikachu he is powerful aggressive but most of all he is SO cute! I just love his lightning tail!

Cute and awesome it can electrify you and it hated ash at first lovein it I mean, how can you not love this Pokemon ok going too far I am not going back to skitty is the cutest all over again but just remember, pikachu is awesome bye pikapipipipi

It's very adorable, cute and most of all very strong. No one can loose PIKACHU...

Mega charizard

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2CharizardCharizard, known in Japan as Lizardon, is a Pokémon species in Nintendo and Game Freak's Pokémon franchise.

Charizard is way tougher than any pikachu, the only reason he is below pikachu is because pikachu is the main Pokemon of the Pokemon franchise. But strictly for strength, power, and ability, Charizard is the best Pokemon, WAY better than Pikachu!

Um, hello? It matters on how the stats and how the trainer trains it. Not how big it is. - TristGamer

AMAZING POKEMON charizard is one of my most favorites he's so COOL

The most dangerous fire type pokemon in all of the regions including the unova region starter empoar. It has great moves such as overheat, flamethrower. It also has awesome details, GO CHARIZARD!

Charizard is BETTER

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Damn it!
This brings back memories... I was a boy 12, to be exact, I had a master ball and I was ready. For some reason I thought oh this is not enough of a challenge so I weakened it down to low health with my charizard's fire spin but it burnt it and killed the Mewtwo.
I was furious but I still love him

The ultimate Pokemon with ultimate moves, my one in soul silver could destroy every Pokemon in the elite four without fainting, love it

ULTIMATE AND UNDEFEATABLE. He dominates in the games and kicks the ass of all the other pokemons in the anime. He took out an entire herd of tauros just by looking so he is one million percent the BEST.
Pikachu is really stupid and so
Weak, he just comes in all episodes so all people know him. He shouldn't even be in top 10000 list.
Charizard is also damn stupid and idiotic and gets his day done by a water gun.

Mewtwo is best Pokemon

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4MewMew is one of the fictional species of creatures from Nintendo's and Game Freak's Pokémon media franchise created by Satoshi Tajiri.

Mew is the First Legendary and Mew is cute. Mew can learn any move, Arceus can't learn every move
I have one my self and even Ash meets Mew 3 times! Mew is pretty rare. Mew like kirby but better! Arceus is like God but Mew pink and pink is awesome!

Arceus? Nope. Mew is the real PokeGod. It can learn ANY move due to the fact it is the ancestor of ALL Pokemon and the Pokedex says it's so rare that experts consider it to be a mirage. Not even the developers of the original games were aware that it had been programmed into the Pokedex until the guy who had created it came clean after the games were released, that's why it never appears naturally in the wild in Red/Blue/Yellow. To cap it all off, if you've seen Pokemon the First Movie: Mewtwo Strikes Back, you'll know exactly what an strong, adorable and playful Pokemon Mew is. Awesome.

It is the strongest among the pokemon... It is cUte IOts is awesome it has a power of psychic, bubble bim and safeguard but most of all his legendary but twice his also an ancient pokemon...!

I have a Mew pin on right now, so when I saw this I flipped. Ask my BFF.

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are you serious arceus hatched mew for breakfast he could fight giratina, dialga, palkia all at once

He is as cute as he is Dangerous
Com'on He is number 1 by any means
Pikachu Guys look like you don't watch Pokemon episode anyone can beat him
He is with Ash for three 3 region yet loses from snivy in one move

Come on it is a fact that arceus is the best pokemon of the history of pokemon he created all the pokemon and the world "not in the real world of course" this pokemon without a doubt should be at the top of this list and every list.

He is more powerful than most Pokemon

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He might have never aged, But he aims to be the Pokemon Master. - TexasRealm

Ash is classic, ten years old and he has already had a fivesome with all of his past travelling companions

He's so handsome and cute and he's loving and caring.

I agree. He's so much better than that idiot Red

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Brock is hilarious because he constantly falls in love with beautiful girls. (constantly means nearly every episode that he is in! ) And also he is a gym leader.. I guess that's cool...

A former gym leader joined the journeys of Ash and the female trainer from Kanto to Sinnoh. Great character. I laugh every time he falls in love with the women, My sister once fantasized about Brock. - TexasRealm

So originally awesome I think like good cook just like cilan and has that taste for girls that makes his Pokemon come out hysterical

1. Brock is the new Obama Einstein. 2. Brock's funny attempts on romancing officer jenny and nurse joy

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Misty is the best, why on earth isn't she ranked the best?! Seriously she is the best and the one everyone is in love with! Please vote for her because she is the best ever! She was one of Ash's first companions, she is also the best so vote for Misty as I cannot stress how much better she is than the other losers!

How is magikarp higher than her? Misty is the best character in the entire show! She deserves to be in the top tens, not 23 place! Misty is pretty and I find myself a lot like her cause of her attitude. Water is the best Pokemon type witch is also why I like her. She should meet Dawn. Misty needs to be ranked higher.

She dose not defeat May but everyone else, the only reason why she's down here is because she's a little bit of a wimp, like Ash.

Misty is bae and she is best

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I liek Mudkipz too but I had to vote for May. I think I cried when Misty left, but I really don't miss her anymore. I miss May though. Will we ever get too see her join Ash again? I doubt it. I've kinda lost faith in the writers nowadays. I mean, Brock is even gone forever now! I just check Serebii like once every month to check if something interesting has happened to Pokemon lately. It was a few years ago I got really good news now, but I'll keep waiting. If I got to make one wish I would take May back to Pokemon. Who cares about money human piece anyway?! Can't we at least get to see all the old characters visit pallet when Ash comes home next time, or is it too much for you writers to give us old hardcore fans?

May is the best Developed Pokemon female-lead, and actually it seems very realistic, she did have something else she desires rather than Misty, and as for Dawn, She is too Obnoxious, a little bit annoying for me!

How is May not in the top 5 let alone Ash? May was the sweetest, prettiest, most unique female character of the whole series. Plus, she competed in seventeen contests, won fourteen ribbons, collected seven Pokemon, and fully evolved three. How is she at number 9?

Lol I was may for Halloween! shes at least my favorite character

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Dragonite is strong and can learn some very powerful moves. Also dragonite was from the early games

Dragonite is strong and very likeable, but I think Charizard is better and more powerful. Still, dragonite is one of my favorite Pokemon.

Dragonite will always be in my team when I need to battle trainers online, he's always been my all time favorite Pokemon so far! That is, unless another Pokemon tops it, but Dragonite will always be the best in my book.

I love this guy! I have the full art of him.

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Arcanine is awesome because of his agility and power

Arcanine is awesome. With Extremespeed and learning two of my three favourite moves (crunch and flamethrower, only missing Earthquake. ) Arcanine has awesome speed and well rounded stats, too.

When it is angry, it is almost unstoppable.

I just love him altogether his looks his power everything definitely a great Pokemon.

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Why in mews name is ash above red?! Ash has friends with him all the time and yet still can't beat the elite 4. Also ash can some reason only hold 10 pokemon at once cause the rest "have to train". However red is the pokemon master. He defeated the whole team rocket at ten years old, meanwhile ash can't beat 3 of them at 21 years old. Red is truly the best character I mean look up "boss" in a dictionary and you'll see red. Look upretard you'll see ash.

I adore Red, not gonna say he's the best above all tough, that is a matter of opinion.

Also, laugh out loud at Satoshi's haters.

Ash is a looser he can't defeats only 3 team rocket but red crushes the whole team rocket group and smashes elite four and he is the champion of Pokemon.

Red is the best looking character of Pokemon. I bet he can beat any other character without even opening his eyes!

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Eevee can evolve into 7 other different types of Pokemon, each with different stats depending on their types. It's also SUPER cute but has some pretty average attacks.

Eevee can evolve into one of seven different types, he/she is adorable in any form and makes an awesome fighter and friend

Eevee can evolve to 7 characters and people doesn't know his/her gender that is what makes people expect him trying to think about his gender.

Eevee is so adorable! But she is one of the most powerful Pokemon in the Pokemon world!

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Seriously, who doesn't love this guy? He Is so ADORABLE!

James! Such a sick character, one of his best quotes 'No one's carried me since my mama! '

Lovely blue short hair how amazing I love the way he works with meowth all the time

The magickarp in edit

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Mess with this pokemon and when it evolves you'll regret it

Magikarp is undoubtedly the best pokemon ever existed. The gamers usually judge a pokemon by it's movepool and power with it's design made by the game designer but magikarp is a simple pokemon if trained the right way can kill arceus!

Magikarp is awesome because it is so cool

Dumbest Pokemon ever he can barley attack lol

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I have a lapras on my team and it is my favorite pokemon. It can learn awesome moves and it is a ice type one of my favorite types in all of pokemon.

Lapras is nice and funny and playful

How is this low sheer and very powerful sheer is a one hit ko! Lapras is amazing and nobody doesn't know that!

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My first starter and once she evolves and gains the ground-type component can take out Infernape any day, plus she has a great move set for a basic pokemon.

I got him and was like "Aw, look at the adorable little turtle-thingy! " Once he became a Torterra, he was ownage!

I love turtwig! I lost the card I had to it, but I know I have it somewhere.

My first ever time I played Pokemon my first starter was turtwig

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He is so awesome because he is electric type and that is just plain AWESOME. I love him so much and I also have him on the game so that is pretty cool.

I love ho he looks and the out her forms are cute to but this one looks stronger and they can help when you don't have elections working he or she can give you some power just by thunderbolt

Jolteon's body is so spiky, it's also one of my favourite Pokemon of all because it's the evolve form of Eevee and I love all the evolve form's of Eevee - Vallarino

My name is also related to jolteon - JolteonIsAwesome

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Empoleon, Charizard and Venasaur = The 3 Pokemon who will always be in my Pokemon team.

All three Look amazing.

Best starter Pokemon evolution ever. Period. There is no comparison. Even piplup was so cute!

I didn't like piplup in the anime but Empoleon is awesome cause barry has one

Empoleon is boss. That's all I can say.

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Truly the best pokemon ever. stupid pikachu noobs - Masterofcheeseing

Mudkip is my first stater Pokemon EVER

Even if it's not legendary, it's very cute! Imagine him dancing! Isn't it cute!

So epic wow woah such epic

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