Top Ten Best Pokemon Couples

Ah, love. Everywhere. That is if you watch Powerpuff Girls. Even Pokemon are in love!

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1Vaporeon & Glaceon

This is a great couple. Vaporeon's a water type and glaceon
Is a ice type and ice is a different form of water. This will always
Be my favorite couple - nintendofan126

2Pikachu & Buneary

Buneary always flirts with pikachu. they are really cute together

3Gallade & Gardivoir

They just look cute and amazing together

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4Milotic & Dragonair
5May & DrewV2 Comments
6Floatzel & Lopunny
7Piplup & Squirtle
8Loppuny & LucarioV1 Comment
9Arcanine & Houndoom
10Charmander & Meloetta

They have the same body height. And seriously, Oshawott had enough girls.

Pikachu and Oshawott had enough girls and Floatzel is horny.

Stop hating on Oshawott, he has a better chance with Meloetta than this glorified lizard. - InklingSethO

Charmander! Not Oshawott, the casanova wannabe!

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11Ash & DawnV1 Comment
12Blastoise & Torterra
13Entei and Arcanine
14Ash & Serena

I hate them both so they should go together next to Ash x Pikachu!

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15Darkrai & Gengar
16Mime Jr. & Smoochum

They are not real couples, but they ought to be!

17Eevee & Vulpix
18Ash & MayV1 Comment
19Charmander & Kirlia

Also a nice couple!

They're so cute together!

20Ho-Oh & MoltresV2 Comments
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1. May & Drew
2. Espeon & Umbreon
3. Ash & Serena
1. Arcanine & Houndoom
2. Blastoise & Torterra
3. Entei and Arcanine
1. Vaporeon & Glaceon
2. Milotic & Dragonair
3. Piplup & Squirtle

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