Pokemon Crystal


The hands down best Pokemon game ever, great story line. I adore how it's like you have to prove yourself to the legendary dogs (suicune really) but the story doesn't prevent you from easily getting through the gyms like in black in white. My one peeve is how easily typhlosion can walk through the gyms, and how easy victory road is. That doesn't mean that this game is not challenging, the ice path can be very tough to figure out. Another plus to this game is access to 2 regions! 16 badges of awesomeness and epic battles vs Red packing level 80s. Pokemon Crystal is hands down the greatest Pokemon game of all time!

My love for Pokemon started with My sister's Pokemon gold which I have never beat and then I got Pokemon Crystal, it was amazing it had it all : a great story awesome Pokemon and the battle tower it introduced female playable people and that generation gave Pokemon genders and you got to return to the original region and battle familiar gym leaders from the show
This game can't be beaten by other games
Even Pokemon black and white has a worse story in that game once you beat the game and its unappealing story there are no exciting things to do
This game feature 16 Pokemon gyms and a battle with Red and his amazing Pokemon
This was the first game I beat and it can't be beat
And the moving sprites are awesome

Pokemon crystal was to me was the far best of the series because it integrated many of the new options and moving pokemon graphics until unfortunately the new games took them all out of proportion. It was simple and the pokemon didn't look retarded like many of the new ones do in the new installments. The amount of hours I've accumulated on crystal alone with out a restart is over 800 hours with restarts probably about 1500-to 2000 hr!

I gotta say, this game was the first Pokemon game that I really played through as a kid, but after a little while, I lost it and couldn't play it anymore. I was heartbroken and when I saw it again at a yard sale, I bought it in a heartbeat. It starts off with the best story of any Pokemon game and also has one of the largest pokedexes to boot during the time when it came out. It was the first to incorporate moving Pokemon which I thought was awesome and it had probably the longest story out of any Pokemon game ever. What other game lets you fight Red? Sure silver and gold come close, but this is a step ahead of even those games. If you are a newbie to Pokemon, I suggest this one as a starting game.

Even though this game is pretty old it still amazes me! I mean it is so perfectly made. The Pokemon sprites move which will later be seen in Pokemon emerald onwards. Many area are revised beautifully. It has the continuity from generation 1 games. Basically its just a perfected version of gold and silver which I loved. And the day & nite (night) feature, Oh the day & nite (night) feature.

MAN I love that game! The time thing is the best. Too bad the battery in my game pak died... I can't save anymore! - Oreanta

This game was innovative in a way that just hasn't been matched by the newer titles in the series. The possibilities afforded to the player by having two playable regions is unparalleled. Not to mention that this game had the addition of the day/night system and some really brain-tickling puzzles. All things considered, definitely the strongest title in the series.

This game is amazing! I love how you can battle Red, your rival and the elite four over and over again. But I don't like the fact that you can complete the game's story very quickly (I turned the game over within 3 weeks). The Pokemon are both Joto and Kanto. Amazingly you can battle gym leaders from both regions. Its worth playing

Introduction of a female character, the fact that you're able to travel to two regions, and are able to interact with the past Pokemon characters? I don't think any other Pokemon game does that, except the remakes. Even then, Kris was so much better than Lyra. It was my first Pokemon game and I abide my loyalty to it!

Why Isn't this any higher. This clearly was the most unique and immersive Pokemon game to date. You get a huge world to explore and tons of amazing things to do. Played every other pokemon game nothing felt as superior and well done than Crystal. That is why generation 2 will have a special place in everyone's heart

It's the best game so far. I think this is because of the innovations that were brought to the game. Such as breeding, Shinies, 2 regions to be explored, pokemon that aren't so repetitive as the ones today.. Also, it's the second pokemon game I've had after Yellow... But that was good too. But not as good as Crystal.

I am kind of wondering why this game isn't number 1. This game was epic. I grew up playing this game. I never got bored of it. Every time I finished it, I would restart the game again just to feel the thrill. So put this up on number 1 or I will hunt you down and kill you. Have a nice day

A masterpiece. Truly, all of the Game Boy core Pokemon games are masterpieces. R/B/Y, the remakes, G/S/C, so on, are all so amazing that it was incredibly difficult to pick the best. In the end, though, I think Yellow and Crystal are tied, and possibly Emerald makes the tie too.

Who doesn't love Gen 2? It's the first sequel to the Pokemon franchise, introduced some 100 new Pokemon, while keeping the old Pokedex of Red/Blue. This was when the concept of moving battle sprites was introduced and it got rid of the inclusiveness of Gold/Silver, where you could only catch certain Pokemon in a certain game. A necessity for ANY Pokemon fan. Also, Pokemon Trainer Red.

I have played almost all the pokemon games and this stands out easily. It is the perfect blend of innovation and originality. (honorable mentions are emerald and leafgreen)

You could be a girl, Introduction to more wild legendary encounters, original team rocket, revisit hoenn, graphics were slightly better; but still had that classic feel, introduction to battle movement intros, intro to shines! Intro to breeding! Great story, and had you glued to the screen with its many mysteries!

It takes 3 really good games, and perfects them, that is why gold silver and crystal are the best games. It mixes good graphics with the timeless 251 pokemon.

I've grown up with this game, and despite all the new games with improvements, this still remains my favorite Pokemon game. - MasterH

When, I first got this game, I was six years old. And now that I am 15, I still am crazy addicted to this game. By far one of the best video games ever made.

Nintendo/game freak should remake emerald, crystal, and yellow. If they did they would make like a billion dollars in a hour.

This game was Generation 1 on steroids with the awesomeness level multiplied by 50,000,000. Amazing soundtrack, immersive gameplay, the best region of all time, THAT MUSIC AGAIN! It is what Pokémon is all about. Also 251 was just right.

If you voted for something else, chances are you didn't play this one. Should be number three at the absolute worst.

This game is the best because it is in the best generation (2) and it combines both of the other gen 2 games (gold and silver). I also enjoyed the ruins of alph and unlocking the full alphabet of unknowns. Also, overall it had the best story BY FAR.

I love it and up to now I'm still playing this game. You can even catch suicune without it running unlike gold and silver plus it has a battle tower (like Pokemon ruby and saphire) where you can train your skills it's the best!

Two regions to explore. Contains the best two Pokemon generations to date and existed before Pokemon began to release an outrageous number of legendaries. How can this not be the greatest Pokemon game of all time!