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Pokemon Emerald


This game was just amazing, even though I haven't finish the game 100%, I still got my main reason why I love this game:
First, that this game unlike other game (yet) was the only game that fully utilized almost every HM in order to get to town to town for ex:
In order to get to Sootopolis city, you must use surf and dive to find the cave leading to the city (which can be both frustrating yet very challenging also rewarding once you discover the town :D
Second, This game got a really great and well balanced storyline also this is the only pokemon games where the protagonist is not a total GODLIKE kid-teen that menage to unrealistically destroy a dark organization single handle-ly, because this game have well balanced aspect on the villainous team
Third, this game unlike most game (I'm looking at you GEN 5)
Is less Urban and more on the adventure feeling, yes many of you would say there's to much water in the game, but seriously in other games beside RB, SP and EM is there any other game where you just doesn't surf once or twice in the main region?
Fourth, this is the only game (again and yet) that got a really great companies (Devon) that creates many devices and stuff which really happen in later generation (one of devon researcher said he want to create dream visualization machine that allow us to see the dream of pokemon and another researcher said he want to make a ball that able to capture ghost and dark pokemon, and as usual the corporation create one of the most useful ball of all, THE TIMER BALL)
Fifth, this game just got a really well balanced yet realistically geographic places, unlike other pokemon games (in Fire red you need a pokemon to get the eight badges where there is no shipyard in there, then how people with no pokemon reach cinnabar island without trainer help? )
While in pokemon emerald, it is possible to reach other town without the need of pokemon, except for Sootopolis and ever grande city
Sixth and last, this is the pokemon games where your character have an actually complete family (Dad & Mom)

Though there are some error in this game:
-During the first minute of game you came to your home through a truck, but seriously have you ever seen a vehicle anywhere in-game (maybe it was a beta feature)
-laugh out loud how did the people of sootopolis built their city inside a crater of a mountain anyway?
-same thing goes to evergrande city
Amazing game! While the storyline is one of the deeper one's in the series (possibly behind the Black/White storyline), the graphics exceeded its time period (i.E. seeing reflections in the water). Emerald also introduced new concepts like EVs/IV's, natures, and double battles.

This is barely scratching the surface. Pokemon Emerald starts off fairly slow, and even slightly repetative in the beginning. The story, however, begins to pick up pace after the 6th Gym Leader. While Team Magma, and Team Aqua begin to cause trouble all over Hoenn, the protaganist (Brendan/May), is found in between two colliding forces of Groudon and Kyogre.

This leads to the events right before the 8th gym leader, where the player is literally thrown into an apocalyptic world, along with Wallace, and Steven. While chaos is rampant all over Hoenn, heavy floods, followed by scortching droughts are slowly destroying the region, while the trio search for the legendary pokemon Rayquaza.

Probably one of the most epic climaxes in Pokemon history, Emerald ends as Rayquaza split up the feuding Kyogre and Groudon, and peace is restored.

Beyond the almost-apocalyptic events, the game settles down allowing the player to challenge the Elite 4, and Champion, and soon after open up to the Battle Fronteir (in my opinion, the best one in the Pokemon series).

While Emerald isn't much different (gameplay-wise) from Ruby and Sapphire, there is much to do in Hoenn, and plenty to see, giving it a wonderful gameplay experience!
Emerald is literally my life when I'm on vacation; when faced with an option to either sleep or play Pokémon, you play Pokémon. And you play this game. A few reasons:


I have to say, I did love the preceding generations, but they were just so slow. Running was a godsend for me, since I would get bored of moving so so so slowly in Red and Silver.


Call me a fool but I really enjoyed the landscape of Hoenn. True, there was a lot of water, but no one can look at Fortree and tell me Hoenn's not creative while functional. The new concept of two different bikes made gameplay a little longer between exchanges, but also gave each bike a cooler feeling of being able to jump back and forth or ride up steep slopes.


The boxing system became a whole lot easier in Gen 3. Being able to look at each Pokémon without having to save the game and change boxes makes finding the right guy to bring out to your party much quicker. Also, organizing them to your own whim is now possible.


It takes the Pokémon Tower from Crystal and divides it into 7 different themed buildings. Scott is tastefully added throughout the storyline to introduce you to this new "frontier," and gives you unlimited interesting playtime without having to restart the game. Also in Gen 3 is the match call system, so you can rebattle gym leaders. Awesome is all I can say.


For some this game still feels new. But for a kid who just started Pokémon when Diamond was about to come out, this game does feel classic. And it's the most classic you can get without buying a remake (FRLG/HGSS) or having to deal without running, boxes, etc.

I would recommend this game for everyone.
Game Freak got so many things right in Ruby and Sapphire. Creative and interesting new Pokémon, wonderful new graphics at the time, double battles, Pokémon contests, changing weather environments, a solid story, and my personal favorite, the music was fantastic and the most memorable out of all the Pokémon games bested only by the originals. How could Game Freak top what was already so polished an well done? MAKE A REMAKE OF IT AND CALL IT EMERALD THAT'S HOW! While the newer game are nowhere bad, the quality of some things just seemed to drop. Like the music, quality of the sprites or just some of the Pokémon designs themselves. *glares daggers at the ice cream cone* Emerald is my favorite Pokémon game of all time! Only way the developers could make it better is if they re-release a new remake of Ruby/Sapphire alongside B/W or better yet X/Y!

But for the love of God Game Freak, no ice cream cones or garbage bags okay?
! Pokemon Emerald was the first game I bought on my own and I think I was in 5th grade. Laugh out loud. I saved up my $35 and headed to walmart destined to buy my very own Pokemon game. I had no idea Pokemon emerald had just come out. The gameboy box was green and shiny and I loved it. I bought it and played in the car all the way home and the still to this day (I'm 17 now... Laugh out loud) I still enjoy it more than any game ever brought out by Pokemon (heart gold is a close second) There is so much you can do in Emerald! I mean seriously... Team aqua and magma, BATTLE FRONTIER, unique music used in the Pokemon league, HM dive, sky piller, mirage island, every island you can think of on the poke earth map!, an of course May (the girl trainer) and my favorite character of all time in Pokemon history (well I'm a girl if you can't tell, laugh out loud) HANDS DOWN Pokemon EMERALD IS THE BEST OF AL Pokemon GAMES IN HISTORY! I can't WAIT FOR A DS REMAKKE! ^_^
Generation 3 games have a special place in my heart. It is very hard to pick which Pokemon game is best, but this is the one that I feel the most attachment for. I've been a fan since Gen 1, but this one means so much to me because it came out at the time when Pokemon was losing its status as a worldwide phenomenon and people began shunning it, but I still loved Pokemon. I'm so glad I gave this game a chance and didn't forget about Pokemon like 90% of my friends did at the time. It had a decent story by Pokemon standards, had a lot of cool new Pokemon like Metagross, Blaziken, Swampert, Absol, Gardevoir, and of course Groudon, Kyogre and Rayquaza etc. I wouldn't say it has the best selection of Pokemon available, but it has my favorite overall soundtrack, and my favorite region/map design. There's also neat things that you won't see in the other games like having your own Secret Base. There's also the lengthy and challenging post-game, the Battle Frontier. I cannot wait for the remakes, which have been confirmed today! Hoenn... I'm coming home!
This game was my first. And I've spent 20 days in total on this game. And every second was worth it! It has an amazing story, an epic soundtrack and an unbelievably tough Elite Four. It's got major changes in the positions of characters from R and S and the tag battle with Steven and the battle later was just EPIC. The way the player goes and avoids a calamity between the Earth and the Seas itself using the power of the Skies is just superb. And you also get Kanto Pokemon from FR and LG. And Hoenn region is exclusive to this game whereas Kanto and Johto have been oversold. The Pokemon were new, exciting and not lame either. And a controlled amount of legendaries were there. Not more than 10 like the later versions. You can catch all the Pokemon without much involvement from other games. And the Secret Bases were fun too. And the cloning technique = Epic stuff. Epic game. Epic times.
Just an amazing game. No words can describe it. I remember my first Pokemon game I ever owned was Fire Red when I was six years old. Played that game for hours and hours and never got tired of it. Never beat the elite four though. (Also I used my Master Ball on an Onix. I wish I knew it's power back then instead of wasting it...). But then, on a beautiful day, I was at my cousins house. He was a few years older than me but we were still close. We were just hanging around, I was playing whatever the heck I was playing, and then he just randomly asked if I wanted his Emerald. I was like "sure, cool". And there, started my true journey to be a Pokemon master. The game had so much more than Fire Red in it and I had a blast. Probably spent 1/4 of my total play time at contests, haha. Probably another 1/4 messing around with the secret bases. I get goosebumps every time I hear the Little Root town music now :') Looking forward to Omega Ruby!
This is my first time playing Pokemon. And you know what it is more fun than playing PS or Xbox and it is affordable. Anyway, I collected Pokemon stickers when I was little but stop because it was banned by my government and that really a devastating blow to me and my friends. But sure good thing it was banned, if not I'll be throwing my lunch money just to be some stickers but it was really fun.
I first played Pokemon Crystal and instantly become addicted to it, I even skipped lectures just to play this (i know it is irresponsible) but it is too fun. Then, I move on to Pokemon Emerald after reading this Top Ten list. Immediately fell in love, the graphic is so much better than Pokemon Crystal. The story is so much better and the absolutely in love with the new Pokedex and the bag function so much better than crystal though I like the Crystal's Pokemons. There are so much thing to see and to do. The Emerald's world offer many new adventures and exploration because Emerald's world is bigger than Crystal's. Anyway, I have way too much fun playing Emerald that I wanna play all Pokemon's game there is in the market.
I played it every day and I nearly completed it when my whole computer glitched out, I'm not saying it's a bad game though, I threw a master ball at Rayquaza after catching the other six legendary Pokemon when my screen flashed and a poke ball was just sitting there. Also I liked the game I searched my house from top to bottom looking for my bro's. Old Emerald cartridge but when I found it it wouldn't work so I tried it on my other DSs and Gameboys and it didn't work on them and I got really upset, then my bro. Finally told me that it has been broken since he completed it. I got more upset because one, and possibly my only, favorite Pokemon game was gone and I could never play it again until I got a better PC or cartrigge copy
Gen 3 is the best by far. The music as fantastic, the Pokemon were really diverse, the map had a perfect balance between challenging and fun. I would also like to mention the fact that this generation of graphics is the best. All the other generations of Pokemon graphics are a bit too much. I'm not a big fan of the 3D look and I don't think I'm going to like X and Y because of that reason. I would like to make the point that in one of the cities on White2/Black2, it is hard to tell it's even a Pokemon game anymore because of the free roam aspect it presents through the city. I hope this some of you find this helpful if you're looking for a good Pokemon game to purchase. If you buy any of them, you're not going to go wrong, but as far as the best, GEN3 baby.
This my 5th pokemon game, I just started playing it on my Ipad, I think is a good game, but, I don't know why I like more the platinum version (NDS), I'm not one of those people which think graphics are the most important thinks on a game, however I rather a game with good graphics and good story, but pokemon is not a game of graphics so it doesn't really matter, okay back to the point. I just have my second bandage but right now I don't really like this pokemon map (world) I prefer platinum, soy I think this should be in 2nd place. Platinum has more option, more pokemon, better map, more features, as I said before, I played 5 pokemon games; yellow, black, platinum, greenleaf and heartgold, and my favorite is the platinum and then emerald
Pokemon Emerald represents some of the best story and battle mechanics of the series. The story was filled with interest and intrigue, and a complex plot involving two ideological religions fighting for the fate of an entire region. The battle system was smooth, without too much clutter. The Pokemon of 3rd gen were all very interesting and very well balanced, and the starters were amazing. This is the generation of Swampert and Blaziken, two of the strongest Pokemon in existence due to their incredible strength, and speed for Blaziken, defense for Swampert.
This Pokemon game is just epic it added amazing Pokemon new poke balls weather effects and the best side games every in this game I love how team magma and team aqua go back and forth fighting which one is better I also love the epic battles between kyogre and groudon and rayquazza coming down and scaring the two legendary Pokemon away. And don't let me get started with the region I love going underwater traveling back and forth threw towns and city to do mission or to get the towns are the bios such as a vocano and awesome dessert and other epic bios and secret bases its was my favorite thing from the third gen games. I also love pro birch in the beginning in the game when he is being chased by that zigzagoon and you have to help him out. also going on the boat to seaport and deford that was one of my favorites. and going back to the regions city. look at fortree city that little town in the water when you walk on logs and my most favorite petaburg city it is where your beloved dad is. he is a gym leader we never had that before. and another thing the battle frontier the battle frontier was great for the after game and also catching all the lendary Pokemon in hoenn besides the events. now that hoenns remake was confirmed my one wish is GAMEFREAK don't MESS IT UP
Yes the best. Has so much. Vote for this! Vote for this! Vote for this! Vote for this! Vote for this! Vote for this! Vote for this! Vote for this! Vote for this! Vote for this! Vote for this! Vote for this! Vote for this! Vote for this! Vote for this! Vote for this! Vote for this! Vote for this! Vote for this! Vote for this! Vote for this! Vote for this! Vote for this!
Much better than the ds games. Probably the only newer pokemon game I actually enjoyed, although I do love the complete original r/b/y (and remakes) and of course silver/gold. The only newer game I enjoy is black/white is because its a lot different, and different can be great for us pokemon players as long as we still have access to the originals.
Finally the underrated Hoenn region gets some respect. Everyone I know seems to hate this game. But I'm sure glad that it's number 1. I love the fact that this game had the two enemy teams aqua and magma. I wish they could bring that back. Spending hours after beating the pokemon league trying to catch all of the ledgendary pokemon and beating the battle frontier was the best. The pokemon company must read this list and remake the Hoenn region in 3d. Love this Game!
Why do kanto games always come first? Emerald was way better in well... Everything! All you needed was a gardivor and you'd OWN. The story was better (love the part where rayquza owns the other 2 guys) and the battle frontier was the best! First ever game I completed and still is my favorite. Also, in my opinion, it had the best pokemon
Although my first pokemon game was leaf green, and then diamond, then sapphire, THEN this, I have to say that this game had the best replay value of all. I actually had trouble picking a starter because they were all so amazing, you could get all three of the legendaries, and there were re-battles. Honestly, if you haven't picked up a copy of this game yet, then what are you waiting for?
Most epic game ever. The best storyline: You are a amateur trainer who makes his/her name notable, you are suck in a gang war between two evil gangs that wish to awaken legendary beasts that are meant to destroy the world (which you catch later), and you are responsible for saving it! Best game I ever played hands down. The battle frontier, awesome story line, epic looking Pokemon, all make this game a hit.
Pokémon Emerald is definitely a game which all Pokémon fans can enjoy. This is my personal favorite, with much more to explore and many Pokemon added, being a fantastic RPG. I think this one is much better than Pokémon Ruby and Sapphire. Even as a black sheep of the world of Pokémon, it will always be a game we can enjoy and remember.
How FireRed made it to the top is beyond me. Emerald not only had some of the greatest Pokemon ever, but it's after-game kept it playable for a long time. Sure Black and White are incredible, but it's after-game does not rival that of Emerald's. FireRed and LeafGreen are the WORST of the entire series. They took what made the original great, made it too long and difficult, and drained the fun out of it.
My first and favorite Pokemon game. Rayquaza is my favorite legendary pokemon. Mudkip is my favorite pokemon ever. TopTens is screwed up! It won't let me post yet! I don't get it, I've been typing for forever! Firered is at #1 and Leafgreen is at #2? Leafgreen is the same, but better! This doesn't make any sense!
Best Pokemon game ever made! It was my first Pokemon game I played. And the Pokemon on that one where the best in the all Pokemon games and it all so introduced the battle frontier. and there where deserts, forests, caves a storm and you could dive under water for the first time.
This wasn't even my first Pokemon game, it was Platinum. I decided to buy this game off of ebay (so many fake games there sadly) and I can not stop playing it. It has a great post game and you get a rayquaza, one of the cooler legendaries. Also, I love the starters! I honestly had the hardest time at the beginning of the game picking my favorite starter, but I picked a torchic. Blaziken is awesome! Honestly, the only reason Fire Red is number two is because Charizard is on the cover. Open your eyes, people!

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