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Best attack in the current meta, Scald gets a lot of power when used by the likes of keldeo. The fact that it burns is the icing on the cake since a lot of physical attackers are prominent in the meta as of now. Knock Off and Thunder Wave give this move competition though

Great attack, can be used well with bulky water types for STAB bonus, and also has a chance to debilitate physical attackers with burn.

Great attack with a nice chance of halving attack, a interesting and working move.

This move looks really, really painful.

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This move is better than all the ones before it on this list. High damage, high accuracy, high amounts of use, easily obtained, wide variety of Pokemon can use it.

Surf is a needy Pokemon move and plus in the Pokemon tower defense 2 you need it or you have to find the hm witch is annoying

I love this move not only does it it hurt pokemon but outside of battle it ables you to go in to the water with that pokemon

Hits multiple, decent damage, and maybe stab

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23Hydro Pump

Most powerful water move, shame you can only use it 5 times...

Really good water move, one of the bests instead of surf :(


There are too many noobs on this list. Some of these moves aren't even viable-- Hyper Beam makes you waste a turn, Fissure's accuracy is garbage, and Aerial Ace is weak as piss-- and the reasoning for putting these moves on the list are horrible. Thunderbolt is by far the best move of my favorite type, as it's quite powerful and hits almost all the time. Thunderbolt never disapponts (unless you're facing a Ground-type).

Fair enough. 100% accuracy, great Water coverage, 90 base damage and is fairly easily obtainable and learnable.

This move truly is one of the best! It hardly ever misses, and it's powerful - beatles5

Do not like to give you this gorgeous power

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This move is basically Self-Destruct apart from much more stronger. I use to have it on my Golem but replaced it with Double-Edge as I didn't really find this move helpful as it also KO'S your Pokemon, but if your against someone really strong and they have 1 Pokemon left and you have 2 then use it so you win. Not great on Fighting type Pokemon

This is a waste in double and triple battles. If you use this move, this will just faint your ally and the pokemon. Therefore, this move just makes a draw.

Explosion is the most troll move ever. When you have at least one pokemon more than your opponent, it is sure to make you public enemy #1. The banter...

I hate this move. Literally kills my Pokemon. LITERALLY.

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26Solar Beam

Grass type with Sleep Powder or Spore and this attack = better combo than Sunny Day and this attack...

It's the one of most powerful grass move.

If your charizard knows this in Y, mega evolve and drought will make sunlight harsh and this will hit without a charge so you can really nail some damage on water types.

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Outrage is much better then draco meteor. The confusion doesn't matter because you've already beat the trainer by the time the confusion kicks in. It does massive damage, and if used by a good dragon type, like Dragonite or Garchomp, then almost everything will get one-shotted. This is my all time favorite dragon type move, if not out of every move

Why does it make you use it twice or thrice with fatigue? Dude's right, Draco meteor is ten times better

Sorry, but outrage is a unreliable, and not so great move. Fairy type Pokemon counter this move as they are locked in, and confusion. Plus, Draco meteor is better. Try something else.

Good for obliterating a team with few Pokemon left - izayaorihara

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28Earth Power

Great move but just another variation of Psychic...

Great ground type move

29Fire Blast

Hmm... Have you heard of accuracy or that bliss eye holds a item as well? Not to mention, a lot of power ups. That'll take a while. One at a time... What about... Something like toxic! Now that provides stalling and draining.

Just give it tons of po ups and special attack boost and Blisseys will be easy.

When charizard uses it. It is so powerful and 99.9 % burns the opponent

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30Diamond StormV1 Comment
31Close Combat

120 base power 100 accuracy even though it lowers defense and special defense it wont affect you the next time you attack. By the way some Pokemon like gallade have crappy defenses so who cares if its lowered.

I like this move and learnt it on my Staraptor, 120 attack power really good accuracy and only lowers defense and special defense and most fighting type Pokemon don't have good defense so it doesn't matter, this shouldn't be after top 20 moves in my opinion but I think why because it only has 5 PP

My 2nd favorite move after aura sphere my sawk kicks butt with this move level 88

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I guess a Regice with Lock On, Blizzard, Amnesia, and Thunder would pull something off. It's pretty good for an Articuno too...


It's the go to move for a physic type Pokemon, and it deals a good amount of damage.

This move is just a basic Psychic move and is pretty powerful.

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34Flare Blitz

This move is awesome. Pokemon with high attack and STAB like Blaziken will kill you, even though there is recoil.

35Frenzy Plant

Most powerful grass type move but leaf storm just behind!

I hate it when you have to recharge when using this move.

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A great move for any pokemon that can get it and a must-have for Nidoking to help fend off psychic types

Yep, the move that gave Bug-types a fighting chance has to be high on the list.

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37Horn Drill

Most fish Pokemon like Goldeen learn this move not like other water Pokemon

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38Sacred Fire

It is a flash of light in different colors depends on the Pokemon that gets you a shot and let you asleep


Toxic can really help if your dealing with a very defensive pokemon like snorlax just wait until toxic starts to get worse (it gets worse every turn)

Use a crobat, which has 130 base speed, meaning you'll almost always get this off before being hit. Use toxic, which always hits with poison types, and spam roost to keep yourself alive, as the opposition steadily approaches death. I've beaten entire teams of legendaries doing this.

Nice poison move poisons the enemy and hurts them more and more every Attacking turn

Everything can learn it for some reason - Goatworlds

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40Sacred Sword

This is the boss move that can beat virtually everything!

The legendary virizion uses it it is the best thing ever

Sadly not many Pokemon can learn this amazingly op move

Easily the best fighting type move

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