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21 Pokemon Unbeatable

This opening is so good that it's on this list twice

This is the same as #1... Advanced battle

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22 Double Trouble

Team rocket are my favorite characters ever! And when I heard this song I knew I had to download it! I did and it's become one of my top rated!

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23 Giratina Battle Music
24 Lugia's Theme - Pokemon 2000
25 Pokemon Adventures In Unova (And Beyond)

It's the next chapter... Can't get it out of my head

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26 Pallet Town Pallet Town
27 Pokemon - Theme 11 DP - JPN Full

This song brings nostalgia bruh. My childhood may be gone, however this song revives all those memories. The time Ash beat Darkrai, and Latios(he was a likeable noob). - JuangPablo

28 Miror B. Theme
29 Pokemon White Victini and Zekrom
30 N's Castle

Without a doubt this is one of the most epic pokemon music I've heard from Pokemon. Music that gives both the feeling of needing to hurry what the same time

31 Kalos Legendary Theme V 2 Comments
32 Pokemon HG/SS Champion

How can this be anything but number 1?

33 Hoenn Pokérap

This rap is hard to learn but once you do it's super fun to sing and rap along with!

Heh heh. They said Groudon and Kyogre like Groodon and Kyogree. Messing up the names of both of the version mascots in the same region. Its still a good Pokerap though =

34 X and y Champion Music
35 Pokemon: Mezase No Master V 1 Comment
36 Battle Cry Stand Up V 3 Comments
37 Champion Alder
38 Team Rocket's Theme
39 Brother My Brother (Mewtwo Strikes Back)
40 Be a Hero V 1 Comment
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