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61 Spoink
62 Axew Axew
63 Staraptor Staraptor V 1 Comment
64 Swampert Swampert

Swampert deserves to be higher. He is really strong, can make electric types fell bad about themselves, and how can you pass up water and ground?

65 Zigzagoon Zigzagoon V 1 Comment
66 Aegislash Aegislash Aegislash is a fictional creature in the Pokemon Franchise. Introduced in Gen 6, it is a Steel/Ghost Pokemon. It is the evolved form of Doublade, and the final evolve form of Honedge. Classified as the Royal Sword Pokemon, it is said to detect innate qualities of leadership. According to legend, anyone more. V 1 Comment
67 Ninjask
68 Weavile

Has sharp claws and is a strong dark type

69 Aggron Aggron
70 Raikou Raikou

No explanation. Just look at the epic cape and you will know

71 Samurott Samurott

Water type fishy dragon Pokemon.

V 1 Comment
72 Ditto

Can Transform Into ANY Pokemon! Definitely #1!

It can change itself in anything. You want

He can transform into ANYTHING! - lame

73 Tepig Tepig

It looks so cute rolling around in mud and just looks right in your eyes and smiles

V 1 Comment
74 Venusaur Venusaur
75 Haunter Haunter
76 Bidoof V 1 Comment
77 Vaporeon Vaporeon
78 Gardevoir Gardevoir

All I can say is that she is beautiful while at the same time very strong.

I'm a boy but who doesn't like Gardevoir?

79 Ho-Oh Ho-Oh

Ho-Oh is the opposite of Lugia. Lugia is the Pokemon of the seas, and Ho-Oh is the Pokemon of the skies. They are yin-yang, but Ho-Oh is slightly weaker than Lugia, yet slightly stronger than Giratina.

Ho-OH IS BETTER than moltres best flYing and fire Pokemon - anthonyj

Guardian oh Heaven and Rainbow Pokemon.

80 Shedinja V 1 Comment
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