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81 Leafeon

Okay? What is Leafeon doing in the two hundreds? Leafeon is the cutest and best Eevee evolution. It's an adorable grass type that is just amazing. Whoever voted Umbreon should check their head. Leafeon is my ultimate favorite Pokemon, no doubt.

82 Psyduck
83 Umbreon Umbreon

I love Umbreon! He's so awesome! True, it is outclassed by Espeon in the offense department, but it is a great supporter! Vote for Umbreon!

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84 Kyurem Kyurem

Decent movepool AND unique typing. Not to mention two forms have been revealed for Kyurem. Including its two new forms, it gets three signature moves. Not bad, Nintendo. Typing gives it coverage over Ice type moves, a common sight in the Uber Tiers of battling.

Kyurem is by far one of the strongest Pokemon second only to the creator herself, Arceus. Being a dragon-ice LEGENDARY Pokemon which is also capable of flying and certain fire attacks certainly gives it the edge over several other Pokemon.

One last thing legendary Pokemon can be on this list

The best pokemon of all time

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85 Snivy Snivy

Is the best Pokemon grass starter EVER! I love it. And Its super cute! Also its evolutions Serperior is super cool!

Snivy is just the BEST Pokemon IN THE WHOLE WORLD (with Litwick and Vanillite)! It's fantastic everywhere:the games and the anime. Also I love snakes. But it is logical that it's so great cause it's a unova Pokemon!

Snivy was the starter I picked in black & black2

86 LilliPup
87 Togekiss
88 Claydol
89 Beartick
90 Dragonair Dragonair
91 Cottonee
92 Rotom Rotom
93 Wailord

Biggest pokemon in the world this thing can squish anything

94 Emolga Emolga
95 Torchic Torchic

I love fire type starters and this Pokemon has the mischievous look but has a heart of gold.

96 Yanma
97 Charmeleon Charmeleon V 1 Comment
98 Cobalion Cobalion
99 Sableye Sableye

Only Pokemon (except for spiritomb) that doesn't have a weakness try me he doesn't, look it up it doesn't. Sableye is the best what Pokemon can learn a ghost, psychic, electric and fighting moves all under its roof. Tell me you don't want 1. No weakness and the best type offensive moves, try to do better!

100 Lanturn

He is my best Pokemon in heartgold

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