Best Pop Artist of the '70s


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ABBA is by far the best pop group of the 70's. With #1 hits like Waterloo, SOS, Mamma Mia, Fernando, Dancing Queen, Knowing Me Knowing You, Money Money Money, Chiqutita, an Gimme Gimme Gimme becoming some of the greatest pop songs of all time.


Not a disco band as a lot of people think - sold almost 1/2 Billion record units. Only The Beatles, Elvis, and Michael Jackson have sold more units than this band.


ABBA ruled pop music in the 70s. I begged my mom to get their "Voulez-Vous" album on 8-track from Columbia House 8-track Club when I was a kid (she did). There are a lot of good bands on this list, but many, like the Eagles whom I like, wouldn't be considered pop.


[Newest]They made countless hits and fall close behind the Beatles, Michael Jackson, etc.

Best traveling music ever.

Greatest live band ever!
RIP Freddie Mercury You were the best

4Bee Gees
Has a funky beat and its so cool
Hats off to you guys.

5Paul McCartney / Wings


7Stevie Wonder

8Jackson 5
the jackson 5 had countless hits with the j5 logo and the jacksons and also started a good career of jermaine and a huge on with mj

9Helen Reddy
Helen Reddy has maintained the most fantastic voice through the 70's, 80's, 90's into the 21st. Century, whether she is singing songs or motivationally speaking. Her music with its messages has brought millions of women out of darkness, into the light of knowing they are someone special and have purpose and values to contribute to everyone's lives.
Since Helen Reddy IS the "Queen of 70s Pop" what more can one say?
Love me some Helen Reddy!

10The Cure

The Contenders

11Donna Summer

12Elton John
This is disgusting. Elton John, not even top ten? He album sales during the 70's were only second to Elvis Presley, and his talent still draws massive crowds today, even at age 65. Elton defines the 70's perfectly as the consummate pop-star, he should recieve your vote.
Been around for years. Id pay to see his concert anyday.

13Three Dog Night

14Barry Manilow
Love mandy can listen to it over and over again

15Billy Joel

16Barbara Striesand

17Neil Diamond
The best tunes I have ever heard, great car music!

18Olivia Newton-John

19Carly Simon

20Linda Ronstadt
One of the best female singers out there/

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