Best Pop Punk Bands of 2013


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The Top Ten

All Time Low
They're simply amazing live, with their fans, with each other, and I do not think that I have heard any bad experience from fans who have met all time low. Alex has a beautiful voice, jack has amazing stage presence, Zack is just perfect all around, and rian is astounding at drums. It's not everyday you find a band this talented, not only in the recording department, but live, also.
If this band doesn't become number one on this list someone is going to die because this band is just the best thing ever. I love a lot of these bands but All Time Low is better than all of them. I love them more than life.
They are my absolute favorite band. They're local (I live in Baltimore), they play an amazing love show, their lyrics are meaningful, and they've saved so many people. They need to make it to number 1!
[Newest]Don't Panic is one of the best albums these guys have ever made. It's Longer Now only improved on that. 2013 was an amazing year for them, and I'm so proud of where they are. So much love for All Time Low and I can't wait to see what 2014 holds.

2The Story So Far
Most of this list isn't even pop punk. Sleeping With Sirens, Pierce The Veil, Falling In Reverse, And Devil Wears Prada. More like Post-Hardcore.
In my opinion the story so far are the best pop punk band of this list, half of them aren't even pop punk or aren't playing songs anymore. If TSSF don't make it above faith please re-evaluate your music taste, thanks guys.
The Story So Far is one of the best bands to come out in a long time. All of their music is AMAZING! Can't wait for more of their music to come out.
All time low sucks ass

3Green Day
These guys have been around the longest and deserve the number 1 spot! LOVE THIS BAND! Oh and the Devil Wears Prada is not punk!
They are the best and have been for a very long time. They have written great songs with great lyrics with each and every album. Hell, they wrote a rock opera!
Green Day definitely deserves the first spot because they've been along and made it through the ups and downs, and they're still good as ever.
These guys are the best Billie Joe armstrong, Mike Drint, Tre Cool if Greenbay makes it to the super bowl These guys should be the halftime show

4Sleeping With Sirens
They are NOT pop punk.
Sleeping with sirens is not pop punk are you on crack? Seriously. They're great I'll give you that but definitely not pop punk at all.
They are not pop punk laugh out loud
[Newest]Someone's only listened to Feel...

5Four Year Strong
This band is one of the only bands that has such melody to combine light voices with extremely fast guitar riffs and pulls it together with motivational lyrics.

6Every Avenue
Every Avenue isn't together anymore.

7Pierce The Veil
In thought I'd given up all home in life, then when I started listening to their songs I got a little hope. Then when I learned who they are.. Vic showed me its okay to be funky, no ones judging you. Mike showed me its okay to live "in the shadow" of your sibling. You're still an important factor to everything that's happened. Jaime taught me its okay to be the mess up in life, for all you know, you could be perfect bat everything you do, just try. At lastly, Tony taught me the best thing of all. Be yourself, screw what everyone else thinks. I love these guys.
This band is amazing. It literally saved my life. Without them and a few other bands I would be dead right now. I ill ALWAYS going to be a massive fan of pop punk, heavy metal and any music like this. I only listen to other music if one of these bands has done a cover of it otherwise I probably will not have a clue what the song is if it doesn't have a cover by these guys. Bye.
They are amazing, their lyrics mean so much. they taught me that is okay to be different. this was the first punk rock band I had EVER listened to and I was addicted and that caused me to listen to others! This band saved my life! Their songs are just pieces of art work! I am ABSOLUTELY in love with these guys! People think that punk rock is not good music. I LOVE it and I don't care what other people tell me! Singers sing deeper, bassists do it harder, guitarist finger faster, and drummers hit is harder.
[Newest]These guys should be at the top. They saved my life they are simply the best! They are great role models and their music is great!

8Mayday Parade
The bands people voted above this band isn't even pop punk. Seriously, Pierce The Veil? This is POP PUNK not post-hardcore. Jesus.
Sleeping with sirens, pierce the veil and a day to remember aren't pop punk bands. So I go for mayday parade. God, they write such beautiful songs. Listen to them seriously.
All there songs have wonderful meanings behind it.


[Newest]I love them saw them at warped it was amazing!

Transit should be higher on this list.
Fave band ever, they have amazing lyrics, their music is overall brilliant! They have some sick merch as well! C:

10A Day to Remember
A Day To Remember has been my favorite band for the past five years. All of their albums express their situations. Jeremy's screams are clean & understandable.
Jeremy's voice is amazing I like how he can go from soft to screamo.


The Contenders

11Sparks the Rescue

12Falling In Reverse
Falling in reverse is a great band, whether this there genre is questionable.
My favourite is raised by wolves.
This band is horrid, not because of there music, but their lead singer. He's a douche to his fans.
They are awesome. Perfect for when you need a little pep-me-up

13Motion City Soundtrack
They've had one amazing album after another, they had a line up change and have found ways to keep their old sound and simultaneously kept it fresh. They bring modern music hope.

14My Chemical Romance
Voting from this list was difficult, but My Chemical Romance is definitely the one that caught my eye. All of the bands listed are amazing - I list to about 3/4 of the bands listed on here, but My Chemical Romance produced amazing music, and they're just so inspirational to me. Let the black parade live on!


What the f! My Chemical Romance should be on top of the list! All of their songs are great. I can't believe they're on the 13th spot.
They got my spot due to their songs and lyrics. So touchable deep into my heart. :) Love them very much hope can get more from them!

15Fall Out Boy
FOB rock! Save rock and roll is the best album of 2013 so they should be at number 1.
Great bandâť• should be number one! Or at least in the too five
THEY ARE BACK! Patrick Stump is out of this world and a one in a million musician. Pete Wentz is a great writer. Andrew Hurley is a great drummer & Joe Trohman is an awesome guitarist. They should be at top 5
[Newest]Fob should be number 1! Some of the bands here are not even pop punk! Fob rules!

16The Devil Wears Prada

Paramore is amazing. They're evolving and trying out new things instead of sticking to the same sound for every album and letting it be monotonous. The vocals are absolutely amazing and the sound great live.
Paramore is a great band because they have a variety of music. Still into you is an incredible song
What sleeping with sirens and pierce the veil aren't even pop punk. This seems more like a list for generic post-hardcore bands that "emo" and "scene" kids of today like than best modern pop punk bands. blink-182, Fall Out Boy, Green Day, Paramore and many other actual pop punk bands should be at the top.

18Tonight Alive
Tonight alive is legit pop punk! Sleeping with sirens, pierce the veil, and falling in reverse kind of band are good but they are NOT pop punk! They are post hardcore! Tonight alive is REAL pop punk!
Kick ass lead singer. Jenna McDougall has an amazing voice. Along with there style of pop/punk. Great band
Best band out there, their music, their lyrics, so good!
[Newest]Like Paramore but way better

Blink - 182 is baack!
Everyone knows blink-182 are the KINGS of Pop Punk. Blink 182 #1
Not so pop-punk anymore but they definitely deserve top spots!
Blink-182 are the most influented band on the modern pop punk scene!

20Trash Candy
Don't forget European bands! TC deserve to be on this least, in my opinion. The latest album is really awesome!
Such a positive vibe! A little rebellious from time to time, but overall really good!


Never heard of 'em before - amazing music,
Especially vocals! Come to UK!

21Breathe Carolina
AWESOME BAND! Great lead vocals they are ok live but GREAT ALBIM QUALITY

22Taking Back Sunday
Taking back Sunday made pop punk darker, they made pop punk not so vague, most songs would be for example of other pop punk bands "I like that girl but she's a bitch" taking back Sunday would up that an go "you are red, violent red" it's amazing, Louder Now is one of my favorite records

23The Wonder Years
How in the fiery depths of hell are the wonder years number 25 on this list? The Greatest Generation is by far the best pop punk album of the year, and TWY is easily the greatest pop punk band to have existed in the past five years! I'm so upset that they aren't as big as they should be. You people honestly need to learn what quality music is if you think bands like Fall Out Boy and Sleeping With Sirens are better than this genius band.
"The Greatest Generation" is easily the best Pop-Punk album of 2013. Solid band, amazing and catchy sound.
23 is way too low for this beast of a band
Come on this should be at least top 5

24New Found Glory
Come on! NFG is amazing! It should be in the top 10 at least! Not 24! GR!
NFG is the best!

25Panic! at the Disco
They should be number one. Brendon is the most talented singer I know. Spencer has sick beats too
The lyrics are the feature that makes me love this band so much. don't even get me started on the talent on offer.
I love them so much. Brendon is so talented. All bandmembers are great an talented.

Their still alive and they should be in the top 5
Solid library, and the addition of Acoustic versions of albums is a great idea
They should be in the top 5 for recording 6 albums in 4 years!

27Chunk! No, Captain Chunk!
This band is absolutely incredible, their music has inspired me and helped me through so much in my life.
Although they are not very well known, I still love them and would consider them by far and away, my favourite band of all time
Very heavy pop punk is pure genius.
Pop punk hardcore is The way!

28Black Veil Brides
Absolutely awesome! Andy's vocals are just WOW! Deserve to be in the top 5!
I think they should be in at least top 5.. They're AMAZING!
They are amazing, at least top 5 or 10

29Real Friends
I love these guys.

30The Maine
Definitely Pop-Punk. At least top ten.

31Sunrise Skaterkids
They are the best because they got out of their hometown!
The best pop-punk band of the decade!
They're just so pop punk! 11111! //one!

Great Pop Punk band with a strong debut album in 'Hoser' Ryan Lockes gritty vocals go well with Patrick Carletons clean voice. Adam Shoiji on the bass packs a powerful punch with Strong drums and guitar riffs. Overall great up and coming band looking to make it big!
Great band that needs more recognition
SEAWAY just signed to Pure Noise Records, look for them on their co headlining tour with Stick Up Kid this summer

33Man Overboard
You know there's pop punk on all albums of Man Overboard and many message telling to people how love friends and lifestyle must be running be the future

34We Are the In Crowd
Great pop punk band, tay and the guitarist (don't know his name) both have amazing voices!

35State Champs
32?! They release one of the best pop-punk album of the year!

36Amber Pacific
I mean they were great in their heyday, but I haven't really heard anything about them for years...

37Abandoned By Bears
This band is so random. Hailing from the cold, northern parts of Europe they have a way of creating pop-punk like a bunch of dudes living by the coast of sunny California! Best pop-punk band of 2013 for sure!
So god damn good...
Chunk no captain chunk has gotten some competition. Sweden easycore at its finest.

38Off With Their Heads

39You Me At Six
Probably the best band coming out of Europe right now
I don't think they are pop punk?

405 Seconds of Summer
Theses guys have awesome music... they deserve a spot in the top 5!

41Me Vs Hero
Listen to cashing cheque, it's amazing!

42I Call Fives


44Boys Like Girls
Boys like Girls are the best band. They bring so much meaning to their songs

45The Summer Set

46Patent Pending
A all round great band all songs are great just listen to the second family album
Thes guys are great

47Close Your Eyes

48Major League

49The Offspring
This band is awesome, they NEED to be higher cx

50Forever the Sickest Kids
Awesome songs that you can relate to and each member is just perfect they need to get noticed more

51Relient K
This band deserves better then this... should be in top 20...

52Sum 41

53With The Punches

Best album of 2014 yet with oh common life
Another actual pop punk band

55Picture Perfect

56City Lights
Another real pop punk band

57Sail to North
These guys have the catchiest riffs in pop punk

58I See Stars

59The Early November

60Remember and Run

61This Time Next Year

62The Sweet Apes

63No Use for a Name

64Courage My Love


66The Glory Game

67The Boys After

68Times New Roman

69For Valor and Glory

70Kid Liberty

71Define Our Pride

72Knockout Kid

73Better Luck Tomorrow

74Run For It

75Life On Repeat

76Of Fortune and Fame

77Let's Be Honest



80Latin for Truth

81Same As Sunday

82A Loss For Words

83Stay True

84Dance! No Thanks

85Monday Morning Hiatus


87Bombardier to Pilot

88We Still Dream!

89The Swellers

90In Her Own Words

Bradley is a Canadian pop punk band. They are absolutely amazing. You should totally check them out. They deserve to beon top not Sws which is not a pop punk band.

92We Are July

93Stay Seventeen

94Time Will Tell

95Audio Karate

96Home Grown

97Modern Day Escape

98Fap of the Nebula
Not the best but they are on the way.

99Heroes for Hire
A sick Aussie band
Really amazing
Great live
Check em' out

100Future Idiots

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