Best Pop-Punk Bands


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The Top Ten

Blink created this style of music; they HAVE TO be number 1. Or if they're number 2, it should be Green Day number 1 because of their longevity too.
But not All Time Low! I love this last band, but without Blink, no ATL guys..!
Tom, Mark & Travis are gods of pop-punk music : Number 1!
Blink should be number 1 because every band above them other than green day was influenced by Blink 182 so they should be number 1
Green Day brought the pop-punk movement into the limelight, then Blink 182 took it to the next level with Dude Ranch and Enema of the State. Every single pop-punk band of today will list Blink 182, The Offspring, and Green Day as their influences.
Dude, it's Blink. How could they NOT be at least in the top 3 pop punk bands?

I think Enema of the State & Take Off Your Pants and Jacket are 2 of the best pop punk albums around (I still haven't listened to Neighborhoods yet, so I can't make a comment on it).
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2Green Day
Green Day is timeless. They have been able to stay at the top of the music world since the early 90's. They are incredible live, on cd and just in general.
In my opinion these guys are what made punk music what it is today, whether it's punk pop OR punk rock (although they are probably more punk rock to be honest). But either way they deserve to be No. 1, GO GREEN DAY
Green Day is the reason I listen to music, why I love music, why I love to sing out loud, why I scream Green Day, why I sing in my sleep(), why I don't care what people say, why I live without warning... And what makes me wanna live!
Although Green Day is more punk rock they deserved no. 1 here too. Blink is also amazing.
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3All Time Low
This band changed my vision of making my life. They're so great in live and they never made an album that disappointed me. That's why I vote for them. Same For Good Charlotte, Sum 41 and Green Day. Pop Punk will never die, guy ;)!
what else can I say than they are simply the band that have stolen my heart and I have no doubts that this bands is gonna work miracles with their music.

they have changed my life forever and I will never forget them
I love All Time Low, they are by far my favorite band and in my opinion the best band ever! there music is simply amazing! ATL FTW!
You are the best for me all of my life all time low
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4Sum 41
Sum 41 are flexible with respect to genres and excel in every one of them. Simply the best
Sorry guys but sum 41 is the best punk band nowadays, so I think it must be at least number 3 vote if you agree
Not a Pop Punk band. Their debut album All Killer No Filler is a pop punk album. However, through the years they have progressed into harder, more aggresive music that contains elemnts of punk rock. Songs like March of the Dogs, Moron, Still Waiting, and We're All to Blame are punk rock songs critizing the United States government and their decisions like going to war or being materialistic. Songs Moron and The Jester are songs that attack George W. Bush. Softer more alternative songs like With Me and So Long Goodbye are very personal to Deryck Whibley about losing someone you love (Lead guitarist Dave Baksh left the band). Other songs like Walking Didaster and Dear Father focus on the topic of Whibley growing up without a father. Their latest album Screaming Bloody Murder is an extremely heavy album that really shows their talent They are a Punk Rock band, not pop punk.
It's ridiculous that these guys are not at least 3rd.

Half Hour of Power is one of the best début EPs in pop punk & All Killer, No Filler is one of the defining albums of pop punk in my opinion & even if the albums they made between that and Underclass Hero weren't as pop punk, the level of quality in their pop punk efforts is still enough to justify their high position.
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5Fall Out Boy
THESE GUYS FRICKIN ROCK! They have an awesome drummer, an awesome bassist, awesome vocalist whom can also play the guitar very well and another good guitarist. All in all these guys ROCK!
Where Is Your Boy? Is the single greatest Pop Punk song of all time, the only other songs which compete are What's My Age Again? And All The Small Things, both from Blink-182. These 2 are the 2 best Pop Punk bands. Don't get me started on Sugar, We're Going Down. I only didn't mention it because it isn't 100% Pop Punk, it's more like 60% Rock, 40% Pop Punk.
"FOB! Long live the car crash hearts, as they rode into our ears with their original sound! Where is your boy tonight? I hope he is a gentlemen and agrees with me when I say FOB is the best band of all time. The Pros and Cons of breathing have been altered, as FOB is the biggest pro for living ever. I Don't Care what you think, as long as it's about FOB. Best band ever, deserves number one.
Fall Out Boy is so perfect. They have helped me through some times. :3 and They rock. FOB is my favorite band in the world. Grand Theft Autumn and Sugar, We're Going Down are two of the greatest and most regongnizable pop punk songs. Fall Out Boy at least deserves to be in spot two. Second only to Blink-182. :3
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6Simple Plan
Simple Plan makes music that many people can relate to, whenever I feel down, I would find a song by SP and cheer myself up. Their lyrics are really meaningful if you listen carefully to them. They sound very good live too.
they just have so many kinds of punk.
from punk-pop till punk-rock.
i love them with all my heart.
they should be much higher on this list.
So awesome... Them along with Sum 41 and Good Charlotte are my 3 all time favorite bands. They're like one of the first bands I ever remember hearing. Like I love the other bands too but I think SP is most fitting and should be higher.
Simple plan's lyrics is so damn accurate!
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The one thing that I truly love about Paramore that isn't there in any other band in the world is how they word their songs, and the beautiful lyrics they use. One single note, one single letter can make you cry or make you laugh or dance or scream or everything all at once. Once you hear one song, once you actually LISTEN to the words and the lyrics, you'll be hooked. This band changed the way I looked at the world, and I'm forever grateful.
Amazing band, such awesome energy in all their live perfomances and three fantastic albums. Plus - Hayley is extremely good looking ;D


13?! Seriously guys 13?! Why the hell is it doing in the 13th spot?! Paramore is EPICALLY AWESOME! Give it a chance! The band is so unique! Their songs are so rhythmic and full of energy makes you sing with them when you listen to it! Brilliant lyrics! Listen to them and you will know! Give them a chance!
This is the band that got me interested in punk pop, and they're still my favorite!
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31. You must be kidding me. They belong in the top 10 zone. These guys are great. Hear them out, great lyrics. Gift and Curses, Only one, recently For you and your deniel, lights and sound, ocean avenue, lights and sound and tons of more great songs. Common man they should be much higher
Yellowcard is one of the most underrated bands out there but are the most innovative when integrating a violin in the genre making them more unique and original and that's important. They've created over eight albums with so many amazing tracks and Ryan Key creates some of the best and heart wrenching lyrics and delivers them perfectly for their music genre. My number one favourite pop-punk band and my number one favourite in general.
Wth, I can't believe they're not in the top 10, let alone on the list!


Yellowcard should be right behind Blink
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9New Found Glory
Influenced the entire new wave pop-punk generation, one of the originals that are still around.
Whoa. They should be at least in the top5 men. Come on people these guys are one of the pop punk gods!
Are you kidding me? How are they not in the top five? They even have a tour just for pop punk! Seriously who picked these?
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10My Chemical Romance
Why aren't these guys on the list? they freaking made history after three cheers for sweet revenge and the black parade!
My Chemical Romance beats Yellowcard. Even if you like only one song, if you hear another from them, you will like it too. I can't say which album was the best, because they're all great:


THREE CHEERS FOR SWEET REVENGE, less screamo, most songs are about anger, all songs are awesome here.

THE BLACK PARADE, this album made history, some people said it was emo, for me it was where they got more into the pop punk style, all songs are awesome they are all composed great.

DANGER DAYS: THE TRUE LIVES OF THE FABULOUS KILLJOYS, most songs were about Gerard's comics, this is my favorite, it's not the best, as I said, there is no best album. But this one is my favorite, I love all songs from it. I think this album was where they sounded more like Green Day.

Fake your death (came out in May Death Never Stop You) is also a great song
They are the best band ever Gerard is amazing Frank is sexy Mikey is a awesome bassist and Ray is a Great Guitarist plus they saved my life they should be number on!
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The Contenders

11The Offspring
I dare you to listen to 'Pretty Fly For A White Guy' and not fall in love with this absolutly amazing band. Long live the Offspring.
The very definition of pop-punk. It's real punk attitude with songs that either rebel or make fun.
Definitely should be in here. One of the greatest pop-punk bands, yet so underrated. Not only their energetic music, also the great solos rule!
These guys absolutely need to be in the top ten
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12The Wonder Years
It would be silly not to rank these guys in the top 10 spots. They not only revived the genre, they helped establish new boundaries with a more dynamically complex rhythm as well as deep and almost prophetical lyrics. If you don't believe me, listen to Suburbia I've Given You All and Now I'm Nothing.
Pop Punk is starting to mature as of now and if anyone is at the forefront of this movement, it is most definitely The Wonder Years. They are one of the few bands still writing music that can continue to write intense songs that you can listen to and feel the emotion poured into them.
The Greatest Generation is the greatest masterpiece and crowning Jewel of modern pop-punk and the future of it as well. There there, Passing through the screen door are are two perfect songs to open up the already complete album and then top it off with the ballad I Just want to sell out my funeral. The band and the album are critically acclaimed
Do I have to say more than what?
They are one of the best bands around rn! They shape the entire future of pop-punk as a genre and wow I like where it's going.
It's ridiculous to think otherwise.
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13All American Rejects
How can The All-American Rejects NOT be in the Top Ten!? Come on... They've been an awesome band ever since Swing Swing swung into my eardrums! The Top Ten should include All Time Low, Mayday Parade, The All-American Rejects, The Maine, My Chemical Romance, Green Day, Boys Like Girls, The Cab (? ), We The Kings and Faber Drive (? )!
Best Pop-Punk Bands The All-American, Faber Drive, We The kings, Boys like Girls, Green Day And Simple Plan they must be all ToP 10
These guys are amazing! Their songs have brilliant meanings and are like All Time Low... But a bit better!
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14A Day to Remember
Jeremy's voice is the bomb! I personally didn't like screamo songs but after I heard his scream, it changed my life
They've changed the music industry. They are without a doubt, the best pop punk band out there. How are they number 22? They need to be number 1. They are the definition of perfection.
BEST BAND EVER! This should be no. 1..
What the heck is wrong with this list... Come on people.. Jeremy is one hell'a singer!
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15Bowling for Soup
How is Bowling soup so much below in the list? Yes, Bowling for soup is not top 5 material, but 20! Are you kidding me?
Blink-182 is my favorite band but bowling for soup should be in the top 5, they are pop punk, all time low is one of my favorite bands but they gotten to sound overly pop but bowling for soup still has its punk elements! Girl all the bad Guys want is crazy good
Bowling For Soup is amazing their Funny and very popular
One of the best bands totaly amazing
Awesome band with an infectious upbeat energy & a great sense of humour, how could you not smile at least a little bit whilst listening to their music?
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16Good Charlotte
Insane band everything about them rules their new stuff isn't so good but they rule I've seen them and they ruled.
27th? Outrage! Easily the best, especially their first few albums. If we're judging by Cardiology then okay, fairs.
Haven't done a bad song
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17Man Overboard
Man Overboard... "Defend pop punk" if you've ever heard of pop punk you know who Man Overboard is. They're an amazing group and their shows are a load of fun. They should be in top ten at least!
They're the number one pop punk band these days. Everyone who listens to pop punk has at least heard of Man Overboard.
ManOverboard should be in the top 5 what's wrong with this page, They have the greatest stage preformance they're one of PoP punks best bands
Love man overboard they are so pop punk

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18We The Kings
Whats wrong with this list? WE THE KINGS should definitely be number 1! That's what! Just listen to them! P.S. laugh out loud, travis' hair
We The Kings have such great energy while performing live. They engage with their fans, and they have so many AMAZING songs! They deserve to be much higher on the list
We the kings are the best! Should be way higher on this list
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19The Story So Far
Best lyrics EVER!
I think you'll notice when things become different
The good vibes in our lives won't feel so consistent
And less becomes more cause the weight is too heavy
I swim in the water that's breaking your levee

The way that you left me is alright, it's alright
If I argue the point then we yell and we fight
And I won't be home for the rest of the night
You might hate my words but you know that I'm right
You know that I'm right

This is your life, there's no way to run from it
The doubt in your brain or the pain in your stomach
I only have but one complaint at the moment
Don't paint me black when I used to be golden

The way that you left me is alright, it's alright
If I argue the point then we yell and we fight
And I won't be home for the rest of the night
You might hate my words but you know that I'm right
You know that I'm right

Don't paint me black when I used to be golden
Literally every song is so packed full of amazing lyrics and he is an amazing thoughtful singer
Brilliant band. Outstanding live and full of energy.
They put so much hard work into both Under Soil And Dirt as well as What You Don't See.
And they write the best lyrics ever.
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20You Me at Six
They make so much amazing song in every album they made.. Their songs always make you shout yeah.. :D They winner BEST BRITISH BAND 2011.. They one of the amazingest Pop Punk Band in The World.. You Must Listen All Of Their Songs..
Trust Me..
One of the best bands to come out of England in a long time. All their songs hit home on an emotional level and should be top 10. Simply amazing! Check their songs on youtube and then buy their album!
How is ymas only 33? I've listened to them since I was little, loved them since.. All of their songs have some sort of meaning, all of them emotional, and josh's voice is so amazing:) maybe they shouldn't be number one because of blink, but they deserve to be higher!


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21Boys Like Girls
Boys like girls was my first album and still my favourite and always will be! Pop punks best band for sure should be number 1 by now!
One word to describe them, AMAZING

Love cranking their songs and belting them out. They have over 3000 plays on my itunes as it is right now, sensational band
I love this band. They work hard, they really sounded pop punk rock, they should be number 1, and all time low should be on number 2.
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22Tonight Alive
A very good band, with Jenna on vocal, they are awesome. I'm disapointing why they are not on the top ten list. Love this band so much
Awesome! With beautiful stunning girl. In my country, many bands are influenced by their music. Good job!
Love them! They make good music and their songs are meaningful
Love them I have a crush on jenna I love the instrumental and the vocals great band
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23Jimmy Eat World
Although Jimmy Eat World would be better classified as Alternative Rock/ Emo, they're still one of the greatest pop punk acts of the 2000's, and are one of few that still get regular airplay on the radio.
This band is as underrated as amazing
Although they are not a 'straight-forward' pop punk band - they are FAR better than most, if not all the bands on this list - great song writer, great voice, great band

24Every Avenue
Dave has the most amazing vocals I have heard from a band in a while. The music is consistently changing and improving. I can't wait for bad habits to come out. Definitely deserves to be in the top five!
Probably the most underrated band on this list. Their last album was just as good as "Does this look infected", or "Take off your pants and Jacket"... And that's coming from someone who ranks Blink and Sum41 #1 and #2 respectively.
The last 2 albums were amazing, can't wait for more. Every Avenue should be in the top 10
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25The Maine
They have amazing music! Each song has originality and their album inspires me! John has an amazing voice, Kennedy and John play guitar very well, Garret's good at the bass and Pat's the best at drums!
The should definitely be in the top 10. They make great music! They write brilliant lyrics and melodies, not to mention John's amazing voice. And in the span of 6 years, they've grown a lot as far as how their albums and songs have changed and varied. They play because it's what they want to do. These guys are wonderful!
The Maine is amazing I can't believe they are only twenty-five. They should be top ten at least, but on the other hand I have to agree that Blink 182 should be number one. They were a huge influence on pop punk. So I do agree with that.
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The Ramones are what started punk music! Absolute legends and will be missed hugely! Amazing contrubtion the music
Awesome band, not pop-punk.

Punk rock, even straight punk, but not pop.

27Panic! At the Disco
Just be honest. You know you love Brendon Urie and Ryan Ross. You can't stop looking at those sexy faces. You know you fall in love again every time you hear Brendon sing. Don't lie to yourself. You love him. And Ryan. Forever.
This is the best band in the whole universe, let alone this damn list! Every song by them has a story behind it and the long song titles are unique and symbolic. I also love the 1920s burlesque theme of their first album "A Fever You Can't Sweat Out". They are just so unique and fantastic and I will always love them!
Unique beat. Everything is damn unique. Great songs. Catchy ones. This should belong in the top ten. "A Fever You Can't Sweat Out", best album of them. Well Too Weird To Live, To Rare To Die was okay.
There's not a band quite like Panic. They're very unique from the way their music sounds, to the name of the songs. And the words of their songs really hit home. Listen to 'This is Gospel' and then cone talk to me.
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28Relient K
Very underrated band.

Their songwriting, musicianship and production is excellent & they have quite the knack for writing good hooks.

For all of those (like me) who are atheist, agnostic or simply have different religious views: Don't be put off by the whole "Christian punk" thing, the Christian undertones are nothing too overt and the quality of the songs is great enough that they are going to be well worth your time.
Should be in top 10 - Relient K and Jimmy Eat World are easily the most underrated pop punk (or close to that genre) bands in the world. Such great song writers, SO CATCHY, great musicians... They have it all... Except for the MTV backing that other bands on this list gets/got... Unfortunately
These guys are great! Lots of songs you can relate to! 1
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29Real Friends
"I'm Giving Up On You" is such a relatable song, it spoke the words I couldn't put together & I'm absolutely grateful this band exists. ❤️
Late Nights in my Car
Loose Ends
Skin Deep
Dirty Water
I've Given Up On You
Cheap Talk and Eager Lies
Home for Fall
Anchor Down
(In no particular order)
That's all I have to say about Real Friends!
If you don't know who they are by now, you're living under a rock. Definitely the next big thing.

30Hey Monday
Seriously Brilliant. Deserve way more fame than they have. Changed the meaning of punk-pop.
By the way -Green Day are not punk-pop! They are definitely punk with no pop leanings whatshowever!
WHAT! Hey Monday is only 11 :-o They should be first, since they are such an awesome band. Don't you guys agree? Candles, Homecoming, Run Don't Walk, I don't wanna dance, Wish You Were Here... Etc
Hey Monday are a fantastic band with an amazing lead singer, highly underrated in my opinion

These are the pop punk godfathers. Not New Found Glory.

32A Loss For Words

Christian or not, these fellas have been playing pop-punk for over 20 years, and paved the way for many of the other bands on this list. They adhere to the guidelines of pop-punk more closely than many of these bands, since they are pioneers in the genre. Sure, the recent stuff isn't as good as their older material, but Slowly Going the Way of the Buffalo is one of the best pop-punk albums of all time.
Play it loud! This is the best song ever, they changed my life, first heard it when I was 7 and I'm still listening.
I think this is a little low on the list for MxPx.
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35Screeching Weasel

The best pop-punk band ever. They should be number one. Without Screeching Weasel, pop-punk would have not sounded like it does now. Screeching Weasel = legends of punk.
Amazing band. Pop punk with NO emo! Yes!
35?!?! What?! This is bs... They should be in the top 5 at least.
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So the guys that started the whole craze and influenced most bands are at 40... Wow
I love the blue album and make believe. best pop punk band, best emo band, best rock band, best band ever!
I absolutely love Weezer, but I just don't think they're pop punk. They sound more power pop to me.

37The Summer Set
Brian Dales' unique voice makes this group stand out from the rest. Jess is killer on the drums as well!
Jessica Bowen is seriously my all time favorite drummer! Not just because she is a girl, but she is just an amazing drummer! She is such a role model for other girl drummers.
Someone like you is class
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Such an underrated pop punk band. Every song of there's is poppy, catchy, and have such relatable topics.
Last Stop Suburbia is one of the greatest pop punk albums ever.
Somewhere on Fullerton. Enough said.

Pretty much blink 182 with no tom but still good and by good I mean really good

Hey this guys are amazing!
Collider should be in the top 5

41Go Radio
O my god I love them so much I'm a fangirl for sure.

42The Clash
Definitely one of the best punk bands there has ever been. Just listen to their stuff. They rock. Why is the Clash not number 1?
The clash isn't number one, because it is punk, or punk rock. it isn't pop punk.

43Four Year Strong
Four Year Strong is easily the best pop punk band of all time. Sadly, the new album was a gigantic disappointment. But Enemy Of The World, and every single album and song before it was pop punk at its finest. Undoubtedly the best. Why are they at 36? Must really suck to be four year strong right now
Never done a bad song, would seriously recommend to anyone! No other bands like them, I can guarantee they will be big any time soon
Always put on a fantastic show. They never disappoint. They are easily the best pop punk band I have ever had the good fortune of listening to.
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44Autopilot Off
I first heard Autopilot Off's "Clockwork" back on my favorite video game, SSX3. Other than that, I never really heard any of their other music.

45Alkaline Trio
Definitely should be higher on the list. Mostly every one of their songs are good, for sure much underrated.
An amazing band whose music covers a huge variety of styles and emotions.

46Angels & Airwaves
Ava aren't punk they're alternative rock
Angels & Airwaves... Are you kidding me? They should be like in top 5 or something. I don't get you world!
What?! Angels and airwaves should be at least on number 4 on this list! What's wrong with you people?
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47Sick Puppies
SICK PUPPIES ALL DAY BRO! They should be in the top 10 #realtalk they've been robbed but guess what... THE SHOW STILL GOES ON AND THEY STILL KICK BUTT! (Y)

48Patent Pending
There so good and there tour with bowling for soup rocked total worth voting for them
I love this band and you should get an album called brighter if you like Pop Punk
Onne way to describe this band awesome
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49The Academy Is...
A seriously under-rated band! Absolutely love these guys, so sad I never got to see them live :'( x

50Short Stack
Come on Stackers! Keep the Faith Alive! After all, Bradie Andy + Shaun aren't keeping it alive anymore..
Just give Planets another listen then see that they deserve your vote.

51With the Punches

52Faber Drive
Just try to hear their songs,
Great vocalist...unique voce. Love itt! They should be in the top tens

53Atlantis Awaits

54The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus
You dare to place them below hard rocker like Sick Puppies and escape the fate on a pop punk list?!
They do not deserve to be so low down they are one of the best bands I know of
Voted for them because of how low they are.

Seriously breathe Carolina are higher and they aren't even music.

And then you have some idiot who put metal core bands like escape the fate on here

Pierce the veil sucks too

This list is completely wrong. I don't see how some of the top most influential pop punk bands of all time are not ranked even in the top ten. Such as the vandals, the Ramones, the clash, rancid, and afi. Plus set your goals and buzzocks aren't even on here. Terrible list
Totally agree. where are the Buzzcocks? The band that influence Green Day and... everyone!

56American Hi-Fi
(please listen to their 1st 2 albums "American Hi-Fi" and "The Art of Losing"
I'll compare these to Warning, put off your pants and jackets and MOve along)

Just go and listen to Flavor of the Week, the breakup song, another perfect day, lost, the art of losing, the geeks get the girls, wall of sound, I'm a fool, built for speed, nothing left to lose... And you'll find one of the best bands out there
The most underrated band...

57Me First and the Gimme Gimmes

58Less Than Jake
Some of their songs are among the finest pop punk songs ever. Not the best band but they have their moments.
Very underrated band really like there music

this is the only band on the list thats remotely pop punk. what ever happened to screeching weasel, teenage bottlerocket? real pop punk. AFI and old green day is the closest stuff on the list. not all time low
At first they were punk. but then with Sing the Sorrow, they got pop punk. And DECEMBERUNDERGROUND! Come on. if you don't know them, listen to Miss Murder or Love Like Winter. This deserves at least #15. Not #60 what?
What? How is this 59? A great band, deserves a higher rank in my opinon

60We Are the In Crowd
Taylor jardine and Jordan eckes have amazing vocals when comboned together so they should be number one
WATIC are the best band ever and they should be so much higher than they are
Watic should be in the top 10! Their band isn't just female vocals its mixed

61Set Your Goals
Listen to songs like "Certain" or "Gaia Bleeds" and you'll understand why it's ridiculous that Set Your Goals is this far down.

62Cute Is What We Aim For

Good Pop-Punk band. Must be in this top.
I really like ther new style of rock should be at least in the 20s
Best band ever. They need to tour the U.S again.

I can't believe that bands such as nevershoutnever! Or Boys Like Girls which is more like pop-rock are on the top10 and VersaEmerge which is one of the best upcming pop-punk bands if not the best and do have LOTS of great songs even if they have only one album out are top16.
With songs like Mind Reader and Fixed at Zero their easily top ten material.
Well, it's a relief to know versaemerge finally won over Paramore. even though they didn't make it to the top10 YET.
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65Marianas Trench
These guys really need more recognition. Josh has the most diverse range I've ever heard and his voice is just so real. I love them so much.
Josh Ramsay (vocalist) has, by far, made the best songs I've heard in my life :3 Check out my two favorite songs by them: Toy Soldiers and Celebrity Status BEST PUNK & POP BAND EVER!
Such an awesome underrated band! Everyone I've shown this band too is hooked.
Great songs! Josh Ramsay has an amazing voice!
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66Sloppy Seconds

67The Queers
Great songs that often sound the same. But they're great!

68Neck Deep
For me neckdeep was one of the first bands that I listened to of pop punk and every since I've loved it

69A Rocket to the Moon
WILL definitely be a great band someday. They have good potential. Nick Santino has a very mellow yet sudden voice, while the Guitarists and the Drummer (Especially the Drummer) are very, very talented. Has some FoB roots.
66? Most of the people in this category aren't even pop punk...
How can you not love them?
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70Artist vs. Poet
Their songs are aweso
Me, the lyrics helped me

71Taking Back Sunday
Just listen to A Decade Under the Influence, You'll understand why so many people love this band.
1000000 times better than never shout never
#71? What? Are you kidding me
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72Madina Lake

73City Lights
Their mix of hardcore and pop is without a doubt the best I have ever heard. The way they generate catchy hooks and breakdowns you can mosh too makes them the best of both worlds and definitely the best of any current pop punk bands!

74The Downtown Fiction

75FM Static
Why the hell are they so low! They are amazing! Listen to tonight, Listen to moment of truth, definitely maybe! Awesome songs, awesome band!
They're just so good.

76The Cab
Voices like chocolate... Seriously. I LOVE these guys! Their album Symphony Soldier is amazing! These guys should be way higher up the list.
My favourite pop punk band.

77Hawk Nelson
Saw them for my 13th Birthday before Jason Dunn Left. Greatest Christian Pop Punk Band Ever!
Hawk Nelson is the best christen band ever
Bring em'out,... Ever
Christian pop punk...
Other bands are fm static, stellar kart, corto plazo (Argentina), noggin tobbogan... MXPX EVER AND RELIENT K... Bye

78Motion City Soundtrack
They're one of my all time favorite bands they should definitely be higher
Really great lyrics, an amazing blend of synth and pop punk, and a frontman with amazing persona and hair! Awesome on a stick
Good band, Good Song

79Brand New
You people have GOT to be kitten me... You're going to put Fall Out Boy and Paramore over Brand New?!? Deja Entendu? Your Favorite Weapon?! They started a huuUge under ground, with respects to My Chemical Romance and TBs, emo-(pop) Punk scene on the east coast in the early 2000s that is still around and even growing more popular to this day. Yeah so they sometimes they might come off as whinny but you know you can relate exactly to what he's singing. They paved the way for one guy just writing songs on his bed with his guitar then showin it to his buds. For a group of friends to book some venues, grab the gear, bring the hand-pressed shirts and self made albums, hop in the van, and drive up and down the coast for a week or two. This is shown by the now popular The Wonder Years, The Story So Far, All Time Low, and so on. They've headlined Festivals around the world and every show they play gets sold out within minutes of going on sale. I'm just saying have some respect. Peace
Brand new is THE BEST, no body else has what they do... SWAG
These guys helped revive underground scene.

80Amber Pacific

81Hawthorne Heights
They aren't too popular but they're amazing

82There for Tomorrow
These guys are so unique... I think they should be at least in the top ten list (or at least be close)
You should listen to some of their songs:

A Little Faster
No More Room To Breathe
Burn The Night Away
9 To 5
Sore Winner
Hunt Hunt Hunt
Road To Nowhere

Trust Me You Won't Regret It, And You Won't Forget It

Oh And If You Made It This Far... Then CONGRATULATIONS

83Late Nite Reading
Best band in the world. They saved my life. I love them so much. They're so in touch with their fans. If you go to a show, you're sure to meet them. Amazing music.
They are perfect, in every way shape and form, I owe them my life and I would do anything in the world to meet them c:

84Escape The Fate
Escape the Fate isn't pop punk...
Great band insane riffs!
They're emo punk not pop punk...
More comments about Escape The Fate

Love their honest music

86The Hives
Theses guys are very good... check em out they deserve to be on top ten


87Me vs Hero

88Freshman 15

89Times New Roman
Pop punk from Christiansburg, VA check them out. They are getting pretty big on youtube too.


91Local H
Rock and roll professionals

92Monkeys for Hire
Best non existent pop punk band ever... They are so awesome even the monkeys like their music



95Emily's Army


97I See Stars

98Better Luck Tomorrow

99Radio Feelings

100Bombardier to Pilot

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