Best Pop Stars Ever

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Michael Jackson
Michael Jackson is the best because he sings, dances, writes songs, composes and is a qualified actor. He also took all of the false rumors and ignored them (the rumors were he turned white on purpose, he hate children etc) also he can actually SING unlike the little twit below who doesn't deserve to be here, the only other artist that can make a song that's good to listen to and not just some guy wailing through the microphone is Justin timberlake.
I just love him rip mj you will live in our hearts he is so perfect he is full of every thing energy and just an amazing dancer and singer he is the king for ever love you mj
[Newest]He was the king of pop and he will be the king of pop
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2Britney Spears
The best female Pop star ever, Britney Spears. Anything she releases is immediately number 1. She's sexy, talented and all round amazing. We've seen her ups and downs and she has managed to pull off the biggest comeback in music history.
Let’s show them whose boss Brit Brit. I’m tired of Lady Gaga and fans saying she is the new Queen just because of her gate receipts, records and download sales. Show us her having 6 world records over 100 million RIAA certified albums and videos sales. That alone could make Britney Queen. Yet, Madonna will always be Queen, She is one of the Fore-Fathers of Pop. Britney is the Crowned Princess of Pop, Heiress to the Throne. So all you pretenders get out of Britney's way and let her do her thing. Welcome back Britney!
Madonna will always be Queen. You can just feel her presence when she enters a room. I love Britney more than Madonna but as far as Pop Royalty Madonna is and will always be Queen. Britney changed Pop for what it is today but if it wasn't for Janet, MJ, and Madonna's influence Pop wouldn't BE what it is today.


She made original pop - her songs remind me of the 2000s - I really like them - althogh she made some mistakes in her life, her debut album is very very good. s
[Newest]You're the best female of pop I love your songs and your beautiful
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3Katy Perry
she is wicked love her songs rock on katy perry
I CAN'T believe that katy perry is 22nd place! Katy is way better than everybody whos ahead of her! I mean like shes got a powerful and enchanting voice... She sings like an angel! I think fireworks is her best song, its so inspiratonal. I love wide awake too, the videos so cool. Come on she has a movie made on her... Katy should be in 1st place. I love her songs and I wish she was in the top ten at least... Katy perry is my favourite singer!
I think katyperry is one of the best singers in the world. I have all of her cd's. And that is a rilly a good chance for me to step up and vote for katy perry. I love you katyperry
[Newest]Katy perry is good also she is not going past Michael. No one even not five centuries later. :D

4Lady Gaga
Lady Gaga is by far the biggest pop icon of this century and has been releasing top class singles for over half a decade now. No other Artist has had such enormous success in a relatively short space of time with smash hits which will go down in history produced by her such as Just Dance, Poker Face, Paparazzi, Bad Romance, Telephone, Alejandro, Judas, Born This Way, Edge Of Glory and Applause.It is hard to believe how she could have produce such a large magnitude of great songs in such a small space of time. I don't think that there will be anyone as good as her in the future and there surely hasn't already been anyone as good as her in the past! How is she not number 1!
Britney and Madonna are legends no doubt bout that but lady gaga just has that added spark which makes her the biggest pop star ever made and she loves everybody no matter what :) and man can she sing! X
Lady gaga has got the most talent and more than any other pop star right now. People call a lot of singers the best because they have good lyrics, most of these singers don't even write there music and let's face your most of them are rubbish at singing where as lady gaga is not only a fashion icon but an truly amazing singer and songwriter, her dancing is amazing an everything she does in her career she puts 110% into it, lady gaga has the most amazing creativity and to a true artists eye her outfits are all works of art and a lot have been made and designed by her, lady gaga is the, a lady gaga show is one of the best shows next to "Honey B", LADY GAGA IS THE QUEEN OF POP!
[Newest]Lady Gaga is the QUEEN!
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5Justin Bieber
He is very very cute and he just makes me believe and he inspires me I just love him I'm a belieber and he has the best music in the world I love you justin bieber! 1justin bieber follow me at @jespowel on twitter you make anything happen even when I cry you turn my cry into a laugh and you have the dance moves your pitch is also beautiful you always have kind words to say about other people you make my life complete you have the most best voice in the whole world you are my idol justin I want you to know I love you to death
He is just so god damn talented! He has an amzing voice, can play four instruments, whisc he all learned by himself, is a very good actor, can skateboarding AND he is very very good looking! Bit the best thing is that he always give back, he said it's important to him! He brake the'make a wish' record and that's only ONE of MANY records he broke! He visits hospitals and little kids with cancer he makes them smile and that's all that matters for their families, to see their little boys and girls SMILE one last time before the world lost another fighter. He always shows his love for his beliebers and how thankful he is to have us. Yeah, he made mistakes, and he will do more! But he's human! Everyone makes mistakes and only because someone is popular and rich doesn't mean he is an alien or something like this! He's still a normal 19 years old! And teenagers make mistakes, Its normal! For me he is the best idol you can have! I saw he was perfect and I started loving him, then I knew he isn't perfect, cause nobody's perfect, and I loves him even more! His songs are so true and show his feelings that's what's important to me, a good song has to show feelings! And Justins songs always do that in my opinion. He won A LOT of awards I can't count them anymore I THINK IT'S TIME THAT THE HATE STOPS! If you Don't like him..Its ok, you don't have to...but ateast, respect him and his job! HE WASN'T MADE HE WAS FOUND!
He is adorable. He is cute. I am really big fan. If I had a wish I would wish that I could meet him. He is a good looking guy. I love you Justin and I hope I can meet you one day. I hope my dream comes true. And he makes me believe that I can do anything and I love that about him. I love your music. your moves are good and when I am sad I listen to your songs and make me smile. you are a very kind person. you make my life complete. you have the best guy voice in the whole world. you are my idol and you will always be and I hope I can meet you someday. I want you to know I love you to death. your very talented. I like when he visits to kids that need to smile once in a while and families that need help. I love you so much. ♥♥♥♥
[Newest]People actually like this idiotic train wreck? What?
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6Enrique Iglesias
Best. No other words! Who the hell put Bieber in front?!
AWESOME he Clears the thoughts extensive power wio relaxes our mind and freshes the day and night the best of all time -p.M. dinesh
Beat ever... No one can beat him... His concerts, songs, looks... Eevrything just too amazing!
[Newest]He is amazing... His songs always makes me cry...

7Taylor Swift
I can't believe that only 1% people in this world loves you!
Well my brother always angry me when I see your clip everyday because your so amazing
Taylor swift is the best, her real field is country music but she is still on 11th in pop chart she is just amazing, her voice is fabulous, her songs are so overflown with emotions that you can see a side of you in her every song. For me Taylor swift will be number 1. I don't give a damn about what say about her. She is awesome
Her music has helped me through almost every rough time in life. Taylor taught me to live my life fearlessly and that there's a time for silence and a time for waiting your turn, but if you know how you feel and so clearly know what you need to say, then you'll know it. I think that's why I love her so much: her music transcends far beyond just beats and lyrics; it has a real message to it
[Newest]I love blank space and I love Taylor swift

Beyonce is without a doubt one of the most talented women on Earth. She has a tremendously powerful voice, with a huge range. She is an excellent dancer and can really connect with an audience. She can put emotions into her voice and her songs that can bring you to tears. She is capable of writing and composing amazing music and for the most part, she does. She is also an excellent actress. Not to mention the fact that she is incredibly beautiful! Put all these qualities in one and you have an AMAZING performer. She has the best live performances of all and I love her with all my heart. GO BEYONCE!
Quickly turning into a legend and world wide icon, Beyonce' seems to have it all, the look, the talent and the personality. An amazing pop star.
beyonce is definitely the best pop star ever - I mean she was recently voted the best artist in the world in the uk. plus she is always improving as her I am sasha fierce album is her best yet and her vocal range is as good as ever.
[Newest]8th place nah ah don't think so she's the best I mean she's successful and talented and hot. She's Queen B🐝🐝

Come on! 26th place?! She is great! We Found Love is a most beautiful pop song in the world! Only Girl and What's My Name are great too! Umbrella was her greatest song! She also got other party anthems like Disturbia, SOS, Don't Stop The Music, S&M, Man Down, Shut Up And Drive and Where Have You Been! And what about ballads like Unfaithful, Hate That I Love You and California King Bed! Don't forget about songs which weren't released as a singles! VOTE FOR RIHANNA! SHE DESERVES TO BE WITH GAGA, BRITNEY, MICHAEL AND MADONNA!
The only girl in the world deserves to be #1. Gosh I mean dis is someone who has broken records set by madonna, mariah carey and the sweet whitney houston. She has 12 #1's making her the fastest solo artist to achieve that feat, billboard named her the number 1 pop artist of all time fending off her mates and even the legendary Madonna owing to her consistent place on the charts and having the records for the most #1's, most entries & most top 10's on the pop songs chart. Come on people, Rihanna has proven beyond reasonable doubt that she has come to #STAY, make good music and entertain.
She is the most influential artist out there... Everywhere you go or turn one of her hits are playing and not to mention her trend setting persona. She manages to get the girl from next door to other famous pop stars, to shave off half their head and not to mention her exotic videos. She embodies pop and deserves to take that number 2n spot!
[Newest]Dude Rihanna is the STUFF! Her songs are so cool, she's just like nicki she can sing and rap! Her songs are so cool I love to listen to them they are so much fun to dance to! 😃

She was made to be famous.. She is a legend of POP she has been the most succesful woman with more than 300 millions copies.. She is the queen of reinvention SHE HAS CREATED all the other superstars who appeared after her.. Lady gaga is great because it's the logical and modern continuation of the madonna idea, it's obvious that lady gaga is the current queen of pop, why people try to deny it? She is really more succesful than madonna nowdays..
I don't know if the problem is the age of Madonna (which affects more than people think) or its latest reinvention.. She was the queen of pop.. Now people no longer sees her as the queen, and so she has ceased being it.. But she has been the queen for thirty years (until today) she began to build the road that she no longer walks... Only the following greatest artist may succeed her on the throne she created.. And yes, lady gaga is slowly taking it.
This list is preposterous. MJ's fine, but Justin Bieber, Lady Gaga, Demi Lovato? They're new, people, and untested. Whoever created this list sure is a teenage inexperienced, amateur listener. Madonna is LEGEND. She is incomparable, irreplaceable. Bieber, Gaga, Lovato, Beyonce, even Michael Jackson and Britney Spears are NOTHING compared to Madonna, pop's greatest artist.
She is legend! Even if you're a hater just stop and think. She is the highest selling physical singles artist of the 2000s and she was announced as the highest ranking solo artist on the "Billboard Hot 100 All-Time Top Artists", a higher rank than Whitney, Mariah or even MJ, as well as having more number-one singles in the United Kingdom than any other female artist. She is the best on Billboard dance charts with 43 number one singles. Even MJ's highest single from his album which was released in 2001 peaked at number 10 in US. But in 2000 Madonna made the world come together with her single "Music" which peaked at #1 in many charts. She made whole the world "Vogue" and she is absolutely the most influential female pop artist ever!
[Newest]I like her voice
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The Contenders

She is an awesome singer and is hot
This list is defective without her
Shakira is at same level than Michael Jackson and Madonna, she is truthly top ten, Justin Bieber and other just is a comercial singers, no more...
[Newest]She is very much talented and her voice is exceptional and too strong. she is worth being respected in the world of pop music and her dance moves are really awesome!

12Bruno Mars
I love the beautiful melodies of all the songs you write and sing, especially "Never Close Our Eyes". I'm extremely grateful that you gave this beautiful song to the vocal god Adam Lambert, who can spice it up to make it a fabulous collab. You are the best songwriter and singer in the world of this generation of artists, along with Adam Lambert. I hate those people who keep saying that Justin Bieber is better than you. Bruno Mars and Adam Lambert forever!
He is one of the best in the business at this time. I am shocked to see him at 24. Man he should be in the top 10.
Bruno mars is best.. Much better then MJ
[Newest]Bruno mars is really hot

13Selena Gomez
She's the baest singer ever and so cute.
She's a great actress too.
It's my dream to meet her.
I am Selena Gomez's number 1 fan in the world! She is so amazing.
I am the one that wrote this list! I thing Selenas great.
[Newest]She used be very nice girl. I really liked her but now I really hate this skinny, ugly untalented girl. She get nude exactly like Miley. That was so trashy and gross. I also dislike Miley but I think Miley is way little better cause she don't even look so gross.

14Justin Timberlake
NEEDS to be number 2 to Michael Jackson. He doesn't use autotune just like every other person in this list besides Michael Jackson.
One of the few Male Pop stars on the list. Has a very unique voice and a perfect Male pop star image, has had great success since Nsync.
Number two after MJ - no doubt!

Elvis then MJ then Justin Timberlake

Michael Jackson is the King of Pop - Justin Timberlake is the President of Pop!
[Newest]He gives different music

15Demi Lovato
stars in camp rock and after that she became a pop star
Demi Lovato has a unique voice and is pretty hot, she gets my vote =D
Demi Lovato is something special. She walked through all horrible moments in her life. She is a WARRIOR. Sorry for bad English


All his songs background music is amazing
He is superb baldy...
Pitbull is awesome! I love his new song fireball! And all the others of course!
[Newest]He must be in top 5. His songs are the best and catchy. Please vote.

17Alicia Keys
Well of course, Alicia is just like Adele with the most powerful voice in history according to one of her best songs this girl is on fire!
Alicia Keys is a wonderful singer and I just love all her songs!
Alicia Keys is awesome!
[Newest]She is amazing! 😉

18Ashley Tisdale
Great singer and great actor on suite life of Zack and Cody.
I love you your the best ever woo!
I love A. T

19Katharine McPhee
I'm not such a big fan of pop music, but I just love Katharine McPhee and the amazing job she has done in the music industry.
She's Beautiful and talented. She is one of those rare triple threat kind of people because she can do all 3 very well
Her name is Katherine like me

20Miley Cyrus
Best vocal range. Capable of singing all sort of songs. She is definitely the DISNEY QUEEN...
I love all songs sung by MC
Miley she is the queen of music Disney pop legned nobody in Disney will never to her she sold so much I mean nobody will touch her in Disney she one of Disney icon and she in the Disney hall of fame Miley is a living legned love you Disney queen aka miley
I used to like Miley Cyrus but now I don't because she turned into a total idiot cut her hair made her look trashy! 😝
[Newest]You suck smiley smiley shut up so I would recommend that you can shut your little mouth

21Avril Lavigne
Best singer ever! She's my idol, I would do anything to go and be able to meet her, it's totally worth it. If have every single one of her songs on my iPhone (that I can actually get on iTunes). She is beautiful, has a great personality, and she really knows how to rock! She was he most popular singer in the early 2000s along with Pink, Kelly Clarkson, and Katy Perry (who are my most favorite singers after Avril of course). She is one of the best punk/pop/rock singers in the world! She is so underrated now and deserves to get at least #3 if not #1. I'm surprised she's only #28 (Ha! That's her age! ).
Avril Lavigne gets my vote for sure. She tells you to be laid back and live your life to the fullest and don't waste your time being grouchy and miserable and to not worry about what other people think of you be
Cause you are YOU
She rooks and is so good at singing!
[Newest]Your my bae I love all your songs 👸👍👍👍👍❤️💛💚💙💜

She is amazing, inspiring and makes her own songs! She is one of few artists that are generic an makes her own songs. I love her album, Warrior, it has Die Young, Crazy Kids, Supernatural and many great future hits! I also love her show Kesha: My Crazy Beautiful Life on MTV because she is not afraid to show her true self to people. I am her Number 1 fan!
She is the best besides selena gomez she my favorite.!
[Newest]Kesha is a great singer!

Your so awesome I can't wait to go to your concert And apartment

24Chris Brown
Who did this? This makes no sense the people on here are not even that popular Chris Brown is number 3, Usher is number 2, Justin Timberlake is number 4
You never go wrong with Chris Brown, all his songs are just great
Chris brown is the best...he can sing and dance
[Newest]I love your songs

I love your songs

26Janet Jackson
She is the person I've ever seen.R.I.P. michael Jackson 1958-2009
She is so underrated! She is much better than that dying cat taylor swift. Janet jackson is truly a great singer and deserves to be on no.3!
She was good! Her brother really gave her some magic!


Are you serious! The Beatles she totally be after Michael Jackson I mean really they are after lady GAGA and Kesha seriously!
Are you kidding me if you make alist like this the Beatles have to be in it
I would say they write amazing liricks and funny ones such as Maxwells Silver Hammer.

Only one I like
Unlike most of the singers in this list, Adele can sing many different genres of music and she's always so creative with her albums and her song choices.
I have already told that she must have been in 4th or 3rd place but you jerks don't understand. You are fake just put her up wait don't do I don't mind because in my opinion she is the best I don't care what you jerks say.

30One Direction
I love you one direction you are just amazing and I love going to your concerts, all very beautiful amazing singers there r in this group, their fame was ment to be from day 1
They are AWESOME that's for you Harry
One Direction ALL The WAY! They should have been in the top ten?! What are they doing all the way down here on slot 30! One Direction should be on number 6, not Justin Bieber. Justin Bieber screwed everything up. LOVE YOU HARRY STYLES, NIALL HORAN, ZAYN MaliK, LOUIS TOMLINSON, AND OF COURSE LIAM PAYNE! GO ONE DIRECTION
[Newest]The one direction is the best because they are 5 guys 5 talent and 5 beautiful voice


32Robbie Williams
His songs are incredible, these are songs for eternity
Will go down in history as a LEGEND
I adore Robbie's song candy.
[Newest]I love his song the best is the happy

33G Dragon

34Flo Rida

35Christina Aguilera
She unlike a lot of other pop singers can sing and is an amazing vocolist. She was the youngest to ever be on the Rolling Stones Top 100 and was the first person EVER whose first 3 single were #1 on the chart. She also had more iconic songs that everyone knows then a lot of people on this list with songs like BEAUTIFUL, FIGHTER, GENIE IN A BOTTLE, WHAT A GIRL WANTS, COME ON OVER, ain't NO OTHER MAN. She also was an innovator and started thinking outside the box with both her music and look far before anyone else and has inspired singers like Lady Gaga and Miley Cyrus.
One of the best Pop voices I've ever heard, it's strong, confident and sexy. Has a great look and never afraid to be individual.
She has a WICKED vocal range and sings her songs with a LOT of feeling! I love beautiful and fighter!
[Newest]So much better then Britney

36Olly Murs
I love all off Olly's songs.
Me and my cousins idol love his songs and love him
He is a epic singer he should be number 1
[Newest]I love your song troublemaker

His songs are great!
Its been so long, a wonderful song
At least Top 20 He Must Be There
[Newest]He is one of the greatest


39Jennifer Lopez
Amazing dancer, singer, songwriter.. and just very beautiful woman. Many singers copy her nowadays (Beyonce, Ciara.. )
She is the best on the world
I don't understand why she have so many divorces
[Newest]Big big booty cause you got a high booty work

40Marina Chello


42Whitney Houston
Her voice is THE STRONGEST voice in the music industry.
I love Gaga. I love Brit. But Michael should be one, Madonna two, and WHITNEY three. Gaga fourth. Sheesh. You young kids have no respect for history!
She has a beautiful voice!
[Newest]She range as pop diva in the 80

43Jessie J
Deserves to be in top 20. Her SONGS are ORIGINAL and CATCHY. Her live voice is amazing. She may have only released 1 album but it was one of the best in 2011. She has broken the record for most singles in one album (female) (6). She shaved her head for charity. To be honest you couldn't ask for more
She shaved her head in fornt of T.V. for thousands of unhealthy and poor children and too show how much you can help and everyone body can and help and to say a pound is info to save at least 2 children and make their lives a little beter
Why is Jessie j on top 40 she loves sinead oconnor because she shave her head like sinead. Seriously she sucks she can't sing and she doesn't deserve to be at top 40 I mean I wouldn't care if she was at top 400 but yeh she is not cool. She sings worse than Wilson Phillips, Madonna and Christina Perri
[Newest]Jessie j is the best singer in the world you should put her up in top 10

44Liam Payne
Love you liam you sing nice better than nirvana, celion dion, Madonna, grace jones, bono, pink, blondie and cher. I love your voice and body. I think your so cute and hot and see you soon because liam is my future husband and I love him so much and Justin Bieber is my brother
I love you liam payn.
You are AWESOME.
Liam payne shold be at the very end

45Ariana Grande
She sings live just as good as on the radio. She is beautiful inside and out and I belive she will go a LONG way!
I love her red hair and her music
WHAT? She should be in first place or second place or whatever but seriously top 5 or something! I cannot believe Michael jackson is in first place because he's like DEAD and he fixed his face with plastic surgery
[Newest]Ariana is the best! She is so nice, pretty, and talented!


47Harry Styles
He's so cute and I love him I'd like and die to see him
Best singer ever I'm biggest fan!

48Ashley Roberts
I loved watching Ashley in the jungle-it was hillarious!

49Victoria Justice
Love you Victoria so awesome
Victoria is a great actress.
I love Victoria she is an awesome singer and I love her voice and I understand ever word and song.


51Elton John
Elton John has charted over 50 Top 40 singles, making him the 2nd most successful artist after only Elvis Presley, even surpassing the Beatles. Additionally, he has done this throughout a successful career spanning over 40 years.
He actually writes music. He's the real deal. Now I have to add content otherwise it won't let me post this. There you go. Sorry about that. Xoxo.

52Austin Mahone
He is Very Talented and very soon People Will Know Him Better! HE IS AWESOME!
He is a grate singer
Well I saw him in 2014 radio Disney awards a sang a awesome song and even danced to it that is really cool

He's made of Awesome.
His song with aria a grande is so good it's called popular

Come on, she's the baddest female out there!
Bad as in good of course.
2NE1 is the best, CL is an amazing rapper and the amazing leader of 2NE1.

55Nicki Minaj
You say bad words
I love Nicki Minaj, I agree she does say a lot of bad words but I love her voice! It's not like you don't hear bad words from your favorite actors, actresses, and other singers! My favorite song from Nicki is Super Bass! If you like this song you should hear Selena Gomez's version @youtube. Com!
I like Nicki Minaj because she is an real inspiration to me. Since I was ten I have been singing her songs. Should be number one
[Newest]I'm crying I love you so much! 😭

56Celine Dion
She is the best selling female artist ever and has the best voice! She is the vocal god!
Best female voice I've ever heard... so powerful, just flawless!
So, pretty
My heart will go on I cried when we plays it at my strings concert


Look beautiful and young
Dara is an amazing actress and singer
Her voice is one of the easiest to recognize and she is always active in
2NE1 activitites.
She is in Koreas best girl group in my opinion ( I know that 2NE1 is 2nd, but they deserve 1st but so do SNSD )

58Kylie Minouge
Kylie Minogue is the first artist ever in music history to achieve a #1 Album in 4 consecutive decades including the 80s, 90s, 00s, & 10s.

Her latest album APHRODITE (2010) marked this achievement and was released on the very same week as her first #1 album, her debut album KYLIE back in 1988.

Her best album ever FEVER (2001) went straight to #1 in over 40 countries making it her most successful album to date.

The Lead single from her FEVER album "Can't Get You Out Of My Head" was awarded (#1 Most Radio Played Song of the 2000s) beating out Britney Spears's "Toxic".

2012 marks Kylie's 25th year in the music industry K25, and she released "Timebomb" a single along with a music video in celebration of her Silver Year in the music business.

"Timebomb" was Kylie's 6th consecutive #1 Single on Billboards Hot Dance/Pop songs chart.
Kylie is amazing I mean I can say she might not have the most powerful of voices (such as Christina Aguilera) but she surely does have a lovely, soft tone which makes her songs so unique! Also just to add she is a very beautiful, classy lady and she does seem extremely nice, kind-hearted and generous!
The goddess of pop

59Tina Turner

60Carly Rae Jepsen

Far better than Bella Thorne.
My favorite Disney singer!


I love you Zendaya your so beautiful and talented

62Jay Sean
Remember song "Down" featuring Lil Wayne. Simple Jay Sean is Superb. Great Personality. When it comes to Beat Box, he does best. I Like all his songs. All album songs are hit for me. He will be on top soon.
I love his song I'm all yours.

63Bella Thorne
I love her new song call it whatever
She great dancer and singer

Minzy is a unique maknae, she doesn't try to be cute but she shows off her brilliant dancing skills and does it perfectly, her voice is electrifying, shes beautiful too, even without makeup.
2NE1-Blackjack forever!

65Kelly Clarkson
Kelly Clarkson is the best singer ever
Kelly is the person that made AMERICAN IDOL so memorable.. Best voice.
Best vocal artist I've listened to. Kelly really knows how to use her talent.

66Boa Kwon
REALLY her musics are very exciting to listen. I adore her very much. She dance with so good style. My 2nd best after MJ.

67Shadmehr Aghili
He is best in the world

Come on, he fathered pop music as we know it today. Sure, MJ is the king of pop, But ELVIS IS THE GODFATHER OF POP! Top 3 at least he deserves!
Elvis Presley is the second biggest-selling musician of ALL TIME.
He is after The Beatles in total sales, but is WAY ahead of everyone else, and that includes MJ.
The so-called 750K sales total for MJ was proved to be a hoax dreamed up and planted by the PR firm in charge of "This Is It", and MJ's actual sales total is around 350K, while Elvis sales total is roughly ONE BILLION.

A great Turkish singer. Simarik and dudu you should listen.
You must listen his older songs. Especially "kıs gunesi". There's some songs he has in English maybe you can listen. Greetings


71Zayn Malik
I love him <3 The hottest guy ever
I like zany Malik but he has got to rough and he has recently been seen smoking weed
He's so awesome I love him

72Mariah Carey
Mariah carey is the best
I love her song all I want for Christmas is you it's the best
Please! Mariah MUST be on the top forever! It's Simply ridicolous! Go listen to REAL music and then do a ranking!

Her song Glamorous is awesome!

74Rod Stewart

75Niall Horan
I am just looking for niall's dream girl. I want to see the luckiest girl.


77Jamie Lynn Spears
I think she is great on Zoey 101.
I love her on zoey 101

78Adam Levine
Adam ROCKS! Vote for him people

79Bridgit Mendler
I love her song hurricane
She's still not my favorite, Zendaya is the best Disney singer. ( I know that's it is not Disney singers ).


Who put all these people in front of Bridgit Mendler? She deserves number 1!
[Newest]She is an amazing singer and her songs are unique and have lovely tunes

80Ross Lynch
Good actor on Austin and ally
Well he is a T.V. show actor and even in that I've seen the most best songs ever and it was just acting! Imagine his pop songs in real life plus he has a band of his own r5 I've seen most of there songs there really famous they come in T.V. adverdasments and the biggest hit of all the radio Disney awards
I have the biggest crush ever I also love r5
[Newest]He great in Austin and ally

81Gwen Stefani
Originally the lead singer of rock band 'No Doubt', she has had amazing success from her solo career. Sexy, talented and an amazing entertainer, a great pop star.
Has both elements that make a great pop star AND rock star.

82Jesse McCartney
stars in alvin and the chipmunks and is always on radoi disney
He deserves to be in top!
He needs more recognition more than any trash singer

83David Bowie
Genuine genius doesn't occur often. This man has done it all.
Best artist ever I really really really really love him as a artist
Will.I. am is the best plus I love his song birthday
William is the best.

85Jessica Simpson

86Nelly Furtado
Justin Bieber? Really? Nelly Furtado was always my favourite pop singer along with Britney Spears and P! Nk. Lily Allen should definitely be on this list, she's one of UK's best pop singers!

87Jason Derulo
He should be first. He should be he should be he should be first
I like his song talk dirty

One of the biggest stars to have ever walked the earth
She does good with iggy azalea fancy

89George Michael
He is a great Singer, Song writer, Multi Instrumentalist. Wonderful voice, lyrics & music. He should be one in top 10.
Best from the world!

90Nick Jonas
just started his own band but the jonas brothers are still in contact
Dude Jonas made jealous they SO over play that he deserves at least 50

What! Ffaaffaffaffafa! Psy doesn't deserve a spot until maybe 150!
PSY should not be at least at 150 because if he was that rubbish he would not be on the music charts so it is logical sense that he is good
I love you I want to marry you
[Newest]It is awesome gangnam style



94Kate Bush

95Sinéad O'Connor


97Guy Sebastian
Battlescars get along like it like that don't worry be happy he's got it all

My top three would be Prince, MJ and Elvis. Well ELvis and MJ are on the list, but only MJ got a deserved spot. WHere the hell is prince? He plays all the instruments, composes all the music, dances, choreographs, produces, etc.) He has been rocking massive crowds crowds since before most people on this list were born, and he's still going today) Its a sad state of affairs that he is not even on this list. Without Prince, this list is meaningless!
The best brilliant talented no one can touch him.

99Kate Miller-Heidke
I Wuv caught in the crowd
Yes she is amazing 100 pesent shure

100Ricky Martin

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