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82Carly Rae JepsenCarly Rae Jepsen is a Canadian singer and songwriter from Mission, British Columbia, and later based in Vancouver.

She is super cute and kind of soft but she can also explode.We need somewhone like her so refreshing

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83Adam LevineAdam Noah Levine is an American singer and songwriter. He is the lead vocalist for the Los Angeles pop rock band Maroon 5.

He ROCKS we need more votes come on he is the best best very best

Adam is way better than 83! He hits super high notes!

He has an amazing voice vote everybody

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84Mariah CareyMariah Carey is an American singer, songwriter, record producer, and actress. She won 5 Grammys, got her documentary movie "Glitter" and also one of the biggest best-selling women in the music industry. more.

18 #1 hits (more than any other solo artist), Billboard Song of the Decade in the 90's and the 00's, the longest running #1 hit of all time (16 weeks for "One Sweet Day"), had a #1 hit every year of the 90's, has spent 69 weeks at #1, a five octave range (one of the highest voices in the world), has sold over 200 million albums, 2 albums diamond certified, has one of the best selling Christmas albums which includes "All I Want for Christmas is You" (one of the best selling singles of all time. ) Time Magazine declared her the greatest pop star of all time, so why is she not on the to of this list? Mariah is a living legend, untouchable, incomparable. According to Guiness Book of World Record, she's the "songbird supreme." I would only rank Madonna and Michael Jackson ahead of her. Other artists who are ranked higher than her on this list aren't even close to being in the same class as her. Vote for Mariah. If anybody deserved to be ranked higher, it's her.

You have got to be joking 77?
This is one of the most talented singers of all time. All of her tracks are very meaningful and people relate their lives and experiences to her music. OK maybe today she may not be able to reach the vocals she has hit in the past, but in my opinion there will be no-one like Mariah Carey she should be in the top 10. I can still listen to her songs all year round even the ones she brought out over 10 years ago... Butterfly has got to be one of the most touching albums around.

I love her song all I want for Christmas is you it's the best

Mariah carey is the best

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85Shawn MendesShawn Peter Raul Mendes is a Canadian singer-songwriter and model. He attracted a following in 2013, when he began posting song covers on the popular video sharing application Vine.

He should be number one because not only is he cute he is the best singer ever

I can't believe he is not up higher in numbers but I love his songs

He should be number one and if you don't agree you ain't right

Shawn rocks but the picture shown is uh kinda disturbing.

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86Dove CameronDove Olivia Cameron is an American actress and singer and is acting on several works such as Liv and Maddie

I loved her in Disney's Descendants. Mal is my idol which is like saying Dove Cameron is my idol

I love you my cousin does too we love singing rotten to the core and better in stereo

Very great voice even though she's new to singing.

You are my idol

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Sia is a good singer and songwriter and she has good creative sense

Are u all insane, she must be in top 10. She has godly voice true legend. 94th place? , listen to her songs please

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88Gwen Stefani

Originally the lead singer of rock band 'No Doubt', she has had amazing success from her solo career. Sexy, talented and an amazing entertainer, a great pop star.

Has both elements that make a great pop star AND rock star.

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89Nelly FurtadoNelly Kim Furtado is a Canadian singer and songwriter. She has sold 20 million albums worldwide and more than 20 million singles, bringing her total sales to over 40 million records around the world.

Justin Bieber? Really? Nelly Furtado was always my favourite pop singer along with Britney Spears and P! Nk. Lily Allen should definitely be on this list, she's one of UK's best pop singers!

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90Jesse McCartneyJesse McCartney is an American actor, voice actor, singer, and songwriter. McCartney achieved fame in the late 1990s on the daytime drama All My Children as JR Chandler.

stars in alvin and the chipmunks and is always on radoi disney

He deserves to be in top!
He needs more recognition more than any trash singer

91FergieStacy Ann "Fergie" Ferguson is an American singer, songwriter, fashion designer, television host, and actress.

Hit it fergie I no your whole song

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Best artist ever I really really really really love him as a artist

Will.I. am is the best plus I love his song birthday

Best pop artist ever! Why is he number 71!?!? This guy is in the BEP! The black eyed peas! I'm saying' best pop dude ever! Yes!

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93Peyton ListPeyton Roi List is an American actress and model. List is best known for playing Emma Ross on the Disney Channel comedy series Jessie and Holly Hills in the Diary of a Wimpy Kid film series.

I thought she was just on Jessie

I had no India she's a pop star now I want to lisson to one of her songs

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94Paul McCartneySir James Paul McCartney is an English singer-songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, and composer . With John Lennon, George Harrison, and Ringo Starr, he gained worldwide fame with the rock band the Beatles, one of the most popular and influential groups in the history of pop and rock music .V4 Comments
96Jessica SimpsonJessica Ann Johnson is an American singer, songwriter, actress, reality television personality and fashion designer who made her debut in 1999. Since that time, Simpson has made many recordings, starred in several television shows, movies and commercials, launched a line of hair and beauty products, more.
97Jason DeruloJason Joel Desrouleaux, better known by his stage name Jason Derulo (an alternate spelling of his surname), is an American singer, songwriter, and dancer. He is best known for his singles such as "Wiggle", "Talk Dirty", "Trumpets", "Want To Want Me", "In My Head", and "Whatcha Say", all of which have more.

He should be first. He should be he should be he should be first

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98George MichaelGeorgios Kyriacos Panayiotou, known professionally by his stage name George Michael, is an English singer, songwriter, and record producer.

He is a great Singer, Song writer, Multi Instrumentalist. Wonderful voice, lyrics & music. He should be one in top 10.

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99Ellie Goulding

She is amazing. Lovely voice. Great personality. Give awesome live performances. Love her

I suggested you ellie goulding and she should be in Top 10... This is no position for her

WAKE UP PEOPLE Ellie Goulding is the BEST singer she should be top 5

She has good songs

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100Nick JonasNicholas Jerry "Nick" Jonas is an American singer, songwriter and actor, best known as one of the Jonas Brothers, a pop rock band he formed with his brothers Kevin and Joe.

just started his own band but the jonas brothers are still in contact

Dude Jonas made jealous they SO over play that he deserves at least 50

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