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1Arriving Somewhere But Not Here

No better song has come out from the PT stables. This song encompasses everything Porcupine Tree is about. I'll stick my neck out and say that it may be the best prog rock song of all time

Its very hard to make a Top Ten list to Porcupine Tree.. But this song is a complete trip, the gloomy intro.. The AMAZING unique riffs.
This is one of the songs that goes with everything. When you're stoned, drunk, depressed, happy, or whatever
The lyrics are deep as hell! You can understand the song in so many ways.
It was really hard to choose between all those songs, but this one is unique.

Definitely one of the best PT songs. Just epic music and lyrics. It summarizes what PT is all about.

The best of all!

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This song should be way up to the top of the list.. Lyrics are simply awesome and meaningful, the fusion between the instruments played is outstanding (couldn't be better), 18 minutes that blow out your mind.. Three different parts of the songs are mixed together by sheer perfection..
If one's listening to Porcupine Tree for there psychedelic blend of music you simply can't find anything better then this.
A masterpiece by Porcupine Tree.. Simply a legend to add to in the list of all time best psychedelic songs..

This song is DEFINITELY number 1 from Porcupine Tree for me. I listen to this song every single morning. It has the most amazing dynamic changes, lyrical melodies, and rifts I've ever heard. I am a musician and music is my passion, mostly different type of rock. And this song along with a lot of their other songs just amaze me, the composing and writing talents of this band are amazing; let alone they are all amazing musicians alone. Porcupine Tree should be the biggest band in the world.

I have and always will have a very short attention span. I always need to be doing something else in the background of something, be it watching T.V. whilst doing homework, or listening to music whilst walking any distance from one place to the other. With the exception of this song, I have, on many occasions, just lie on my bed, perfectly still listening to this and ONLY this in all of its perfect 17 minutes. During this time I hang onto every word spoken by steven, absorb every drum and cymbal hit by gavin and just let the general atmosphere by this fantastic band take me on the emotional rollercoaster that I experience. I was looking for that song that would do this, and this ticks all the boxes. No other song can have me perfectly still in a trance. What can I say? Greatest song of all time.

Psychedelic emotional roller coaster need I say more?

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"When the evening reaches here
You're tying me up
I'm dying of love
It's OK"
Just Epic... Minas

Awesome music... Guitar strumming and hammering's simple and catchy.. Lyrics maintains simplicity and stays in your head...

The feel of this song is beautiful. The rhythm just makes you curious.. Like the mind of a small child... Vaibhav

Unique... Unlike any other song I've ever heard... That's all I can say... It's pure awesomeness...

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In Lazarus simplicity is beautiful. Such a sweet powerful song... A true one of a kind.

beautiful song... one that is different from the rest of their songs...

love it! just a perfect song!

Can't be any better... Hats off to Porcupine Tree from India

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5Dark Matter

Just around 2 months ago, this song was at the top. Now, it's so much behind that nothing much can be done to bring it back to where it was, where it belongs, the place it truly deserves. I don't mean to say Trains, or Lazarus are not good, they are awesome (esp. Trains)!
It's just that this song has so much feel to it that no song can ever match it. It is just out of this world!
To put it nicely (once again),
"Songs will come and songs will go...
Dark Matter flows... - rahulwankhede

Someone wrote that "Arriving Somewhere But Not Here encompasses everything Porcupine Tree is about. " I totally disagree with this assessment because I would categorize "Arriving Somewhere But Not Here" as a great example of Porcupine Tree's later prog-metal stuff; but mainly because Steven Wilson directly said in a recent interview that Porcupine Tree is about expressing and understanding the darker side of existence. Thus "Dark Matter, " at least content wise, is the most potent representation of what Porcupine Tree represents.

Songs will come and songs will go...
Dark Matter flows...

Couldn't see this so down thus voted...

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6Blackest Eyes

Man the first time I heard this song-i became a devotee of porcupine tree and steven wilson. The chorus is catchy and so is the blend of the raw acoustic sound with thunderous drumming and guitar. Blackest eyes forever! Anesthetize, strip the soul, lazarus are great songs but this one has to be the best. That's what I think.

LISTEN TO IT MAN! What are you waiting for?

awesome song! for some reason it makes me wanna burst into tears and laughter at the same time...
porcupine tree ftw!

Caught me off guard the first time I heard it. Big Fan ever Since. Live shows are amazing.

This song is awesomeness.

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7Way Out of Here

I don't respond to earthly thing while I am listening to this songs. It takes me somewhere else.

What the hell #1 song is # 11! This song is soothing to senses! The intro, riffs, lyrics all are awesome! Vote guys!

The guitar solo takes me out to another world! Simply mind blowing... Should be withing the top 5!

Insane solo. Amazing vocals. Out of this world.

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8The Sound of Muzak

Music of the future will not entertain...
Epically awesome!
The time signature is weirdly sexy too.. !

Original sound, nice groovy drum beat and guitar riff and really catchy chorus; interesting lyrics too, best song I've heard by this band so far! - petrucci75hammet

The song that tells me how great a drummer Gavin Harrison is! What great lyrics... Amazing! The "Arriving Somewhere" DVD has a fabulous live version of this song.

This is the real sound of muzak I mean its amazing

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9Russia On Ice

This should be at number 1.. A rare combination of progressive rock, psychedelic rock, trance...

This song is something that David Gilmour might listen to and say, "If me or Pink Floyd as a whole would have composed this song, I'm afraid if we would have done justice to it like Porcupine Tree did"

Russia on ice isn't only a damn beatiful and intense song, is a real story narred perfectly with the cryptic lyrics and the melody's crescendo, I really had to think hard to understand the metaphor of the "But Russia on ice is burning a hole", the Russia on Ice is the Alcohol, the Vodka that is burning his throat (the hole), damn, Steven is really a genius... all the song is about a drunked man that float with his mind in his thoughts (that are like COAL, (all my thoughts are like coal) so they feed the "flame" of the pain), and all the melody fits entirely the change of his feeling in the trip of the alcohol, infact start with a psichedelic intro (the start of the trip), changes in a metal melody (when he get mad by the alcohol) and finish with bells... That for me, represent the finish of the trip, and the start of the only thought that remain... The death...
Simply amazing.

This song reminds me of Pink Floyd... Awesome! No words!

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10Fear of a Blank Planet

I'm surprised this song is not in the Top 5! This is an awesome song and Fear of a Blank Planet is itself a great album. The vocals in this song, the lyrics, the riffs oh Steven Wilson you're a legend. Great shift towards the half of the song and a mini drum solo by Gavin Harrison and then it gets heavy again followed by a great guitar solo. Then the ending is just perfect with Richard Barbieri giving the atmospheric feel not to forget Colin Edwin's awesome bass line throughout the song. This song deserves to be in the Top 5 at least

By far their best song and this should be in the top ten by far. It has a point and a cool sounding chorus and this is just a great song all around. Also pretty underrated

Vocals are simply amazing, the guitar at the beginning make me fly. A Masterpiece

This song is quite weird. But I like it. I think it's about kids on drugs or something like that. The video's also pretty messed up. - IronSabbathPriest

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11Even Less

This song is never getting out of my mind.

"i had a stupid dream,that I could change things.." You did change things Wilson! You are the best musician of this century. And this is one of the best songs by PT. Do Listen if You haven't yet.

12Open Car

The way it starts, the chorus just drives me INSANE! Deserves top 3

What... This song should #1... What is wrong with you guys! Not even a vote for this... What a shame!

Awesome Song! <3 Love it.. True Music..

Great song... Deserves to be in top 3!

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13Gravity Eyelids

Amazing song, sadistic feel to it, beautiful BEAUTIFUL chorus, and the riffs are absolutely stunning. WOW.

This is amazing song... N a great mix of psychedelic effect with metal... Wondering why its not in the list... Its after arriving somewhere but not here for me

14The Start of Something Beautiful

My favorite PT song! So beautiful, especially between about 5:00-6:30 and build up back into the final chorus... Amazing!

This song belongs in the top 10! It creates a beautiful atmosphere and the bridge is out of this world.

Goosebumps.. Every single time! This song is an absolute beauty. definitely in top 3 for me..

Come on! This song deserves to be in top 3.

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15Radioactive Toy

Best piece of PT's early work. This is the one that started it all, and it's fantastic

This can't happen "RADIOACTIVE TOY" @ NO. 17... After seeing this I got an heartattack in a layby :p and I'm now sleeping of no dreaming :P

16The Incident

Has a tendency to meander a bit, but it affects me emotionally more than any other PT song. Honorable mention for Anesthetize.

17Buying New Soul

There has never been a better song than Buying New Soul. Everything about this song is perfect. At over ten minutes long it has the rare ability to make you wish it was even longer.

It takes a while to absorb this one.. But as you go on listening, you don't want it to stop. What ambient sounds, phenomenal.

This is a song that probably has the best chorus I ever heard. I'm not even kidding. It definitely deserves a top 10 spot.

This is one of Porcupine Tree's most underrated songs

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18Cheating the Polygraph

Ah this is so hard! I was equally torn between this amazing song, "The Blind House" on "The Incident" and "Sleep of No Dreaming" on "Signify". They all have the killer hook choruses that PT is known for. Cheating has tight lyrics, sickeningly awesome guitar solos, some open breathing time. Of the 3 I mentioned, none of which are on this list, all deserve to be in the top 10, this one is the least mellow, most driving. I can listen to it over and over and still hear new licks in it.

Really amazing song from the Nil Recurring EP.


One of the best in psychedelic rock. The guitar solo is the best in this century. The lyrics is amazing with minimal words.

Love the Wilson songs about his struggles with relationships. Great guitar solo with a lot of emotion.

This song is just awesome. Intro, and guitar lead is just awesome. Drum rolls add stars to it.


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Stereo version is super, but hearing it live was beyond belief. - bellce0

Best base track ever! I'm really surprised its not even in the top ten

This the best and most trippy song ever

Hmm Live Version is just awesome

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