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21Nintendo 3DS XL

This is practically the same as the 3ds. They both should be one in this list.

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22SEGA Mega Drive Portable

Sega Nomad was great and still is. Just have extra batteries on hand. You did not need to buy new games because most likely you already has them if if owned a Genesis. Still have mine- love it and always will. The Nomad ROCKS!

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23Gameboy Pocket
24New Nintendo 3DS

Yes, that's the actual name, it has another stick and 2 more back buttons, it also has better hardware and more powerful graphics, can't wait for it to come out in 2015 - Harri666

This is better than the original 3ds, 2ds and 3ds xl. All 3ds' should be merged as one in this list and if it happens, Nintendo 3ds will be at the top

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25Game Boy Micro

Pocket size, perfect portability


Love this! Snes portable! Just one question, can I use super game boy? Can I use those cool add ons for retro duo portable (a very similar console) on the supaboy?

27Virtual BoyV3 Comments
28Game and Watch
29Neo Geo Pocket
30PSP E1000
31Game Boy Light
32JXD S7800b
33PXP 3
34Sega Nomad

Sure, it may be a bit bulky, but you could put Mega Drive cartridges in the system, and it was portable! You could even connect it to your T.V. ! It was amazing.


The Nintendo virtual boy can give you eye strain within 15 mins of play this thing could do it in 15 seconds!

37Nintendo DS Lite
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