Top 10 Best Prank Call Ideas


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Is Mister Wall there? No. How about Misses Wall? No. Then what's holding up your ceiling?
Lolz I dialed on *67 to this random person and said:
Me: "Hello, is Mr. Wall there, please? "
Person: "There is no Mr. Wall here, sorry"
Me: "Can I speak with Mrs. Wall then, please? "
Person: "Mrs. Wall does not live here. "
Me: "Well, can I speak with Harry Wall, please? "
Person: "There is no one here by that name, either. Sorry. "
Me: "Are there any Walls there? "
Person: "No, there are no walls here. Sorry. "
Me: "Then may I ask what's holding up your house? "
I was LMAO!
This is so fun my sister and I try it on a lot of people and for some reason they still stay on the phone with us but of course we did change the ending just a teeny bit laugh out loud keep on prankin
haha how funny I tried that they laughed so hard and so did I
[Newest]This is so funny

2Ask if they will confirm their order of exotic Mexican dancers for a bachelor party
I did this, and apparently a ACTUALLY called a dude who was getting married and he started swearing saying "MY WIFE WOULD NEVER DO THAT! WE ARE GETTING MARRIED! " I swear I was dying!
Nice I may just change it a little bit but sounds HILARIOUS. I will definitely try it out sometime!
Tried this one on my boyfriend earlier t was so funny he was just like 'what, sorry who is this' it was jokes anyone who hasnt trie it yet you have got to.
[Newest]Me and my friend have tried this on one guys that we called 30 times and he hates us now! This is definitely the best prank call ever!

3Say "Hi this is Jenny from 31 Flavors, if you can name 31 Flavors in 31 seconds you can win 31 thousand dollars, ready go!!" Super fast and peppy
This is amazing. I called a random person and said that and they started screaming. Then they got really mad cause they beat the challenge. I think she was an icecream freak. Then I told her to go to shiver shack and claim her money there. And it worked.
I tried this and the guy got really mad because he beat the challenge


It was awesome! I tried it on a person and at the end she couldn't even talk, so I just hung up on her!
[Newest]I think it's a perfect prank call! 😊

4Claim you are doing a survey and then ask random and hilarious questions
Okay, that should be good, I'd really like to try that. Like ask things such as this:
"What color is your refrigerator? "
"Is your room colorful with many ponies and unicorns? "
And the best, "Will you marry me? " Then, hang up.
I am definitely going to try this. The reactions I'm going to get are going to be hilarious! I think I'll make a game out of it and see how many random questions I can ask before they hang up.
I did this on omegle. I tried 2 variations for my school newspaper. I asked the what there name is A. Trey B. Lucile or C. Fred and when they usually said none I hung up. I also delved quite deeply into the worst things people have read on the internet.
[Newest]I think my friend was cracking up

5Why did you hang up on me?
This is the best, start crying to give it effect :')
Laugh out loud Super funny
When some one prank call you try to be hook up with them
[Newest]I don't know what you are talking about

6Hmm, yes I ordered a pizza an hour ago and I want to know when it's coming.
Just tried it on some Jamaican dude and he got all upset
I did this B4 and the person called us back. The funniest.
Oh My GOD!

I just tried it on some poor old random dude! I went Like This:

Me: Hey, LOOK I ordered a pizza an hour ago, and It still hasn't came here yet.

Him: Sorry, I don't have pizzas. You have the wrong number.

Me (defensively/Getting louder)- YES YOU DO! STOP LYING! WHERE ARE MY PIZZAS?

Him- I don't have pizzas!

Me- I'm reporting you to the main office.

Him- I sure wish you would.

Then I slammed the phone down.

7Say "You are the weakest link" and hang up
You: You are the weakest link. <hang up>
Person: What?
That would be VERY confusing for the victim. It's also SUPER RANDOM!
By the way, if you are reading this, you are the weakest link.
I GOT to try that, that's really funny. I can just imagine what the person will do when they get that call. (confusion probably)
Hahah this is hilarious! Just tired it out and it was so funny
[Newest]The victim would be speechless! He'd be so confused!

8Ask for some random person and then hang up when you are told you have the wrong number. Call back later with a disguised accent, and say you're [insert name used earlier] and ask if there are any messages for you.
I did this, and this is how it went.

Me: Hey, is this Marc?
Them: Um, no, sorry.
Me: Okay, well, if Marc picks up please tell him I ordered shrimp with anchovies and clam soup. Kay?
Them: Uh, well, sure?
Me: Thank you so so much!

5 min later

Me (english accent): Hello, is this Cam?
Them: No! You have the wrong number!
Me: Excuse me, I'm Marc. Any messages for me?
Them: Er, well, yeah, this guy said he ordered shrimp with anchovies and clam soup so.. "
Me: THANK YOU did he mention anything about the body?
Them: Body? No. *hangs up*

laugh out loud!
I did this and this is how it went

Hi Jesse
Um this is not Jesse.
Is Jesse there?
No this is a wrong number.
Well when you see him can you tell him that his order for Hawaiian pizza with guava rolls and salami is in
Um ok

1o minutes later

Hey is Pablo there
Are you prank calling me I am called by people randomly
Ok. Thanks for being honest.
Well is Pablo ther?
They ran around the house saying Pablo
My son is not here
Ok I am Jesse
Wait you ordered Hawaiian pizza with guava and um... Salami
This one is fun, but DONT HANG UP when they tell you have the wrong number. Leave a message anyways. Say something like "well if you see FAKE NAME tell him... " and you make up something random and weird. Its hilarious, sometimes they actually pass the message on.


[Newest]So funny I love it

9Where do babies come from?
Hilarious! The best one I've ever heard in my life.
! I got my friend, Lily with this and she was like "WHAT?! YOU'RE SO GROSS, BRIGETTE! " Hilarious! Definitely doing that one again!
I always use this one. It is so hilarious!
[Newest]Haha tried this best prank call ever so funny

10Is your refrigerator running? Yes, Well you better go and catch it
This is so funny this prank call I tryed it on many people you should use it well done to the person who made this up
I think that the first nine are better because everybody knows this one. I got an idea. Call 2 random people and leave your phones there until they hang up. The 2 people will be confused because they think that one called the other. I forgot where I got that from, but it is funny.
This joke has been around forever doesn't work
Everyone had heard it
[Newest]That was so funny! Fell off the chair!

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11Hey, it's Jennifer.. I left my super duper maxi pads at your house. If you could return them, that would be great. I have major leakage. Thanks.
Laugh out loud I did this to my BFF and she was like who r you and I was like (random name) and then she was like ooh yeah I found those and got my period yesterday and used them sorry then hung up and called me and was like some random person just called me and was like I left my super super maxi pads at your house and
So I was so freaked out just told them I used them and hung up lmao!
I have so got to try this one, even though I'm a guy, this would be hilarious! So calling random people tonight! HAHA!
Phoned the girl 11 times loved it! Kirsty x
[Newest]This is my favorite prank call idea

12Hi it's Stacy from fat zap would you like me to zap your fat away? Do you have any questions on this process?
I tried it, so funny! Here's how it went:

Me: Hi! It's Stacy from fat zap would you like me to zap away your fat?

Person: Uh... Well, that would be amazing but-
Me: Great! Ready? 3, 2, 1, and... Abra Kadabra Alakazam! Zap!


Me: You have offcially lost... 23 pounds!

Person: Uh, well... Great...

Me: Great indeed! For further information on what this is, please visit I just pranked you dot com!
Hi, remember me, I still love you.. I left something at you house, yes you know me.
Laugh out loud so funny I have to do this!
Tried it on this guy and he said sure that would be great How gulible do you get? Laugh out loud!

13Call up an elderly lady pretending to be the local supermarket and try to sell some cheese. While selling cheese ask when she will come and collect the diapers she ordered because you're concerned about her bladder problem. Then sell cheese again.
I did this last year, this was super hilarious! A definite must-do for anybody who likes a good laugh over the phone with unsuspecting suckers! Enjoy this, and remember to hide your number!
So funny but then the woman ( family friend) called my parents
That would be extremely hilarious!


14Call a random person then say did you order any (random food)
Yes. I did this to 118118 if you know what it is. They were like sorry, I didn't understand your inquiry. This was very weird and my classmates and I were laughing so much that my teacher came up to us. My friends said that she was ordering some pizza at Pizza Hut. We were laughing even more then.
Not a bad idea thanks

15Did I leave my clothes in your bedroom?
I did this and the guy just played along saying I did lmao. I was saying I'm going to call him tomorrow to come and pick it up. Then I started hinting we would have sex when I come. It was pretty funny that he played along the whole time.

16You need to go to Safeway to buy ingredients for a better life. By the way, I'm going there right now would you like me to pick some up for you?
Leave a message if they don't pick up.
Super funny
My friend is always saying her life sucks so this was the best way to prank her
Messaging this one is better than calling them.


17Hi this is Radio Disney, you just won 3 tickets to see One Direction Live at (insert Stadium). You just need to answer this survey in order to win. Are you ready to start? [Hang up]
This is hilarious I tried this one they were screaming " I WON! " laugh out loud!
People get so exited, I just talked with somebodies parents about their concert! These teens are so happy! Laughing out loud!
I called someone and they were like "hello" I was like "hi this is radio Disney, you just won three tickets to see one direction live. you just need to answer this survey in order to win. are you ready to start? " they were like "NO! SHUT YOUR MOUTH! BYE!
[Newest]This the best prank

18Call a beauty salon and ask "can I buy 2 crates of lip stick because I want to smother it all over my lips" and say, "uggh", you know, like," uggh!" then see if they really try to sell you some.
I tried this on a local business and they said I had to make a special order!
Nice! So funny, especially the "uggh" part!
Laugh out loud I need to try this
[Newest]I don't like the prank. I think it is stupid and useless

19Call a restaurant that does not serve American food and file a complaint because they do not serve American food
Love it laugh out loud
That's a bad idea! You'll get caught and get in a lot of trouble!
You'd be the one who gets caught.


20Call McDonald's and ask for a Sad Meal
The could not understand me & it was really funny!
This is so funny!
Them: Hello?
Me: Is this McDonald's?
Them: Yes it is.
Me: I'd like to order a sad meal.
Them: What kind of meal?
Me: A sad meal.
Them: Sad meal? Sorry, we don't have sad meals.
Haha I called an he was like "SIR! ARE YOU KIDDING ME!?!?

21I have your shipment of weed, where do you want it delivered?
This is absolutely hilarious. Just call a random person ask them where to deliver the weed and they freak out. I called a random person and a little girl answered the phone and she was screaming "mommy, mommy mommy, there's a guy on the phone and wants to know where to put the weed. " The mom was like what. And then the little girl asked the mom "what is weed" lmfao
[Newest]We called an old man and he said I'll come and pick it up :/ laugh out loud

22I'm looking for (enter name) to confide that I got AIDS when we had sex
That is not funny you can ruined relationship and marriage is like thatthink before you post!
Laugh out loud I wanna so do this one
That's stupid you could seriously ruin a relationship!

23Call Dominos and ask the phone number of Pizza Hut
This was so funny, I nearly pissed myself, do it do it do it!
My dad works for dominos and when I did this he answered and when he got home he told me about it and I started laughing and he realized it was MEEE!


This was so funny! We had like a full conversation too. Lmfao hilarious!
[Newest]I called pizza hut and asked for dominos # and the lady was so rude and said sorry we don't carry that number in a very sassy way

24Call a boy and tell him you're pregnant with his child
This was so funny I did this and the guy started screaming his head off going nuts he actually had had it and said he didn't use a condom and that he already had a wife and 5 kids!
That would be so hilarious. Totally doing this at my sleepover this weekend!
I do this all the time. It's best if you add in some years.
[Newest]I made him freak out so obviously he was doing some girl 2 weeks ago

25Call 867-5309 and ask for Jenny
If you call this number in my town it plays the song!
Dude I see you posting this number everywhere but you literally NEVER put the area code!
K I need the area code it wont let me call her
[Newest]I wrote the number on the wall.

26I hid the body. Who is the next victim?
Then when the person says"I think you got the wrong number" hang up.

Call back 2 minutes later and say " Heather, I accidently called the wrong number about the body! "
Don't do this! It can actually get you in a lot of trouble.
Yes I would I love prank calling the numbers real numbers
[Newest]You'd go to jail. Beware.

27Hi this is Sarah from Victoria's Secret, your red fleecy G string is ready for pick up, along with your 30g of Viagra and black strap on
My friend and I had actually used this situation in prank calls often, in which one victim was furious after finding out the news. And actually shouted at her 20 year old daughter, suspecting that she ordered the items.

It's the best. You need to try this.
❀ - K
This is brilliant! Used it on my boyfriend, he freaked out. He was like what?! Then I told him it was me, he reaction was hilarious!
Laugh out loud so funny I am going to try this next time I prank call someone
[Newest]Amazing for teenager girls!

28Say in an accent "Hello this is Martinez, would you like to buy a penguin named Pablo?"
Great! I tried this once and the guy played along and said yes and that he had been looking for a penguin named Pablo!
Thanks I will try this I'm really good at making fun of accents and people
This is what I will try
My friend laughed and laughed!

29(In sexy voice) "Why didn't you go harder last night"
That is funny. It works well.. His reaction was than come back tonight for more than he gave me a reaction that was actually come now. Laugh out loud
This is funny. but I would never have the guts to do that.
It work like really I love this joke use it
[Newest]Its very funny but I added a bit on the end as well

30Call a convenience store and ask if they have cotton balls. If they say yes, ask them if they tickle when they walk
Haha laugh out loud πŸ˜­πŸ˜‚
I tried this on Walmart... Was dying the lady was like what... ?
Laugh out loud 😁

31Hello thanks for calling Joe's Strippers, when you got the dough, we got the hoe
I actually called a strip club... Whoops
I did this to my friend and her phone was on speaker. Her mom heard and said that if she didn't find out who it was she was gonna call the cops
This one is really good!
[Newest]! I was laughing on the floor crying11

32Call McDonald's and ask if they have Jack in the Box's phone number
Laugh out loud the was like pissed off
Better yet KFC or Wendy's

33Tell them that you are in need of help and when they ask you where you are say behind you
LMAO! This is so funny! We called multiple people, funny every time!
I called my dad and he was all "you're in trouble now young lady! " laugh out loud!

34Burt, Burt they know what we did. And now they're after me. Wait is this Burt? You gave me this number what did you do with Burt? Don't lie to me. When you talk to him, tell him he owes child support.
This one is awesome

35Use a real bad Chinese accent and say "we sell eggrolls! $20 for one egg roll! Eggrolls! eggrolls! You buy eggroll or we hunt you down!"
Laugh out loud me and my bff tried this and it was so so so funny!
This one totally made meee laugh out loud. Just imagining a voice on the phone in that Chinese accent all fast like, going all "EGGROLL! EGGROLL! Wee hunt you DOWN! " That just madness me really want to try this.
You could also say "Or we get the NINJAS! "

36Will you marry me?
This is Hilarious! I did it and gave this whole inspirational speech about how much I loved my girlfriend and then I proposed in the end! The guy on the other end of the line said " Sounds good to me but I am also a guy. " it was so funny!
Before you say that say "Sorry the line brpke up"


That is a basic one.


37Say in a sexy voice; "Hi this is Tanya I had a great time last night. Wanna go again?"
I tried this and she said sure an she told me to meet her In person now we are best friends I explained the whole thing to her laugh out loud
Haha got a lot of peep in that one, so funny, lmfao

38Call in the summer and start singing Christmas carols.
This isn't as funny as you'd expect in Australia

39Call someone in an English accent and say "go check on your dog, quick quick quick, some dude is trying to eat it"
Haha so funny and people usually listen to British people
Random Guy: I don't have a dog!
Me: Sorry for wasting your time……

40You fail!
Ha! I tried this on My Grandma!
It is so hilariuos and so my humor! Just imagining the look on that persons face.

41Do you shave down there?
Laugh out loud I've got to try this!

42I'm stuck in the bathroom near the back of the store could you please come and help? Oh and bring toilet paper.
Laugh out loud that was funny lmao
Hilarious! I didn't hang up right away the lady ended up asking which bathroom and I said womens (i'm male) so it was even funnier!

43Call Target and push button for store operator. When they answer say "Bullseye!!!"

44Call Walmart and ask if they have condoms that are big enough for you.

45"Can I ask you a song I know the tune not the song" in a Arabian accent. Then hum the song in an Arabian accent to make it sound like a Arabian song
This is hilarious, use commonly known songs and act dumbfounded at the end
Nice one... this is too funny!

46Call a baby sitter and say "Have you checked on the children?"
Haha Yes! That is such a good idea! It only works if they have seen When a stranger calls - (the movie) Or you could watch it with them before they go and babysit, so you will definitely know. Also you could get the kids parents in on the prank and ask them for their home number, and get them to call the person who is being pranked, and get them to tell him/her where the kids beds are and/or something like that!
There was a story, where a babysitter was babysitting and someone called, and said did you check on the children? She said no and he called again and again until she called the police. When the police arrived they said she was lucky because the call came from upstairs in the house, and so on.
Phone from inside their house or use a pay phone
I got this idea from when a stranger calls

47Call Wal-mart and ask for 50 pounds of mustard
Laugh out loud he said it has ten dollars

48Call Walmart and say "I lost my pet grasshopper if you find it just throw it outside"
Haha just tryed this they kept passing me to the next line trying to help me find my grasshopper then told me to ask target

49I have no friends. Will you be my friend?
Called taco bell with this and they said they couldn't help me with that and they hung up. Dying laughing afterwards.
This one is great it won't get you in trouble

50Why there is someone else under your bed?
HILARIOUS! This would totally freak me out! I probably wouldn't go to sleep that night. I would be too busy searching under my bed and probably the whole house!
Oh my god this is genius! I bet if someone did this to me I would spend the next hour searching every corner of my house.
I did this and the guy got sooo mad when he found out that it was a prank call! HILARIOUS

51You are the chosen one
Ahhaha I used this! It was so funny because they where very religious and stuff and yer! Have to try
Laugh out loud hilarious I said that once and the person went insane! Yelling I'm the chosen one I'm the chosen one! '
Laugh out loud I gate
[Newest]And what if your arch rival picks the phone up?

52Call a Man and Tell Him and Convince Him You Are His Baby Mama

53You have no proof. You can NOT prove that I did that! NO PROOF!
If they ask what happened say in a panicked voice "I've said too much! They might be listening! " and then hang up.
Really funny, me and my friend are cracking up
That is just so random... Perfect!

54Call McDonald's and say "Hi I'm stuck in one of your toilets and need help getting out because I'm a paraplegic" then yell "HURRY UP MY CHEESEBURGERS GOING COLD"
I tried once I was actully stuck and had a cheeseburgers
I called and they called back and told me the paramedics were on the way

55Call State Farm to insure a car and see how long it takes them to realize you're trying to insure the Batmobile
What, just because they're on rural estate they don't know most of the media?!
Laugh out loud the person started telling me I was a video game freak & stuff like that & get out of the basement totally gonna do that again!
What is state farms number?

56Ask for their gender then say my computer says no
! I love little Britain! I tried it on my friend. So she said female and I said computer says no. So she said oh then can I be a transvestite! πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
They'd be angry at you.


57Call a fish shop and say 'I bought a fish and it's on its period'. Then go on about how you want your money back
A little kid answered and told his mom he was scared! Lmfao
I tried this on two pet shops. The first one was Pet Smart, and they tried to calm me down ( I started hiding my laughter by crying) and they didn't believe me. Then my friend pretneded to be my mom. It was hilarioius!

58If you have friends over take turns calling the same number asking for Jeremy
Have the last person pretend to be jeremy

59Muffle your voice
Call someone you know, but stuff a load of food in your mouth first, and ask if MFFUDFUF (their name) is there. See how long it is before they work out that it's you, or how long it is before they hang up.
It will be if you had your hand on your mouth when you are calling someone

60Call a bar and tell them you left your thong in their men's restroom
Ok I tried this and the guy keep saying. Did you have sex in there haha

61In a Chinese accent call and say hello this is (some random name) at your local CVS pharmacy. We just wanted to remind you to pick up your pimple cream.

62Ask about their baby penguins
I Did this it was hilarious they were like who is this the I hang up!

63Raymona's bakery, we bake cakes, pies, brownies cookies, cinnamon rolls, you name it, we bake it!
There's a reason why this is 69

64OMG why did you do that last night!
Ok so call someone and ask them why they didn't have sex with you like they said they would?...
Then when they ask who you are tell them you are the girl/guy from there dreams...
Me and my friend did this one and she got really confused so we hung up! Lollololololololol! For all of the prank callers out there, I suggest to do this one!

65Hey mom, it's (your name)! Are we still going out for Taco Bell tonight?
Call McDonalds and do that.
I called McDonalds and did this and this is how it went:
Me: Pa, are we still going to Taco Bell's tonight?
Him: sure!
Me: which one?
Him: the one at your mother's house!
Laugh out loud! πŸ˜πŸ˜‹πŸ˜‚

66Say that your friends in your head told you to call this number
I did this with my friends and the person freaked out and offered us the number to his wife's therapist.
This is so funny to do! I ended up calling some random woman. It went like this:

Me: The friends in my head told me to call you.
Her: What?
Me: (talking like she is stupid) My friends. In my head.
Her: Um... Sure.
Me: They are now sending me another message...
Her: Wha-(I cut her off)
Me: Hush! They are speaking!
Then she hung up.

67Mom! You left me at JC Penneys! Don't you remember?!
I did this then the person actually offered to pick me up. I was like ah hell na
Laugh out loud I did this once and it was awesome

68I like the way you're chewing your gum

69Hey... I got bad news... I'm pregnant and I think it's yours.
I tried that and he almost made me have sex with him
Laugh out loud he actually fell for it

70Sing the "Campfire Song Song"
Me and my friend did this in school once. Just got up and sang it. Hilarious
Awesome! I'm singing it now!

71Do you have a large variety of chapsticks?
If they say chapsticks? Then say yes the sticks on your lips
You got that off a YouTube video what
I'm a big lady and I need something that will make my man go "uungh" LOL


72Call K-Mart and ask them what their biggest bra size is and when they give you the answer say in a fat accent "aww man! That's not big enough "
I tried this and they called me fat and stupid
Laugh out loud I need to try that
Laugh out loud amazing 😝
[Newest]Haha I. Just did. This

73Hello, who is this?
This one is seriously the best LOL! <3 Haha. It adds on perfectly to say something also like "I've recieved 4 missed calls from this number" :D

74Call a guy and tell him he isn't worthy of you any more. Say a random male's name. When he tries to convince you it's not him, rage completely.
Did this one time, the guy was like no I'm not Tyler and tried to save our relationship.

75Call a pizza place that does delivery, ask a normal question about a pizza, then say "Wait a minute, I know your voice, what's your name?" And when they tell you their name say "(Insert name) it's been so long! Don't you remember me?"
We went to bed wetters camp together last year! " And continue saying things like "You told me that your mom had to give you special sheets and that you find it incredibly difficult to get adult diapers! " Then order a pizza and don't give your adrress and hang up.

76Call a McDonald's and ask for a salad without the green stuff. They will then try to convince you that they can't do it and then threaten them by asking what the number is for Burger King.
Try it the other way around, call burger king and ask them the question then when they say no, say what your motto is have it your way this is an out rage I DEMAND the phone number to McDonald's.
We don't have a Burger King so this should be good...
LOL This was me:
Me:Hello, may I have a salad without the green stuff?
Person: What?
Me: Can I have a salad without the green stuff? I'm allergic.
Person: Um, maybe... If you come to the restaurant.
I hang up.

77This is (random name), from the (insert local police dept. name), we have your husband/wife in custody... this state looks down on sodomy
You can be fined for this, or worse, depending on how old you are, and the situation. Seriously, like the Life Alert one, some things are funny, some just AREN'T.
In the USA it is illegal to prank call police or pretend you are the police.
Laugh out loud
I loved this prank

78Call someone in the middle of the day and ask for their husband/wife and if they say that they're not home tell them that they're at the strip club in Las Vegas

79Do you know where I can buy some fake blood?

80Call McDonald's and tell them you bought a (insert something here) and they gave $200 change back

81"Mum I left my ............. At home what should I do?" They will then probably say "It's not your Mum i think you have a wrong number" then reply by saying "why where is she" they will then go "I don't know where your mum is sorry"
Call someone and go " Mum I left my... At home what should I do? " They will then probrably go "Its not your Mum I think you have a wrong number" then reply by saying "why where I she" they will then go "I don't know where your mum is sorry" Just go mental saying that they should have looked after her better! Laugh out loud so funny

82Call Pizza Hut and ask if their pizza has the "Domino" effect on its customers.
I called and their like no so I asked for dominos number
I didn't hang up and carried on to say why not... What is the point of the name then and then I said bummy head and blocked their number. 867-5309... CALL ME! πŸ‘‰πŸ‘ŒπŸ’¨πŸ‘«πŸ‘«πŸ‘«πŸ‘«

83This Jake from State Farm
I don't know someone was gonna try it but me and my sister never got to it.
I did it laugh out loud❀

84Hi this is Raul and I have found your missing magic pigs. If you could just give me your address I can bring them back. Then maybe we could... [hang up]
Laugh out loud I am so gonna have to try this one
One guy said girl you drunk
Haha haha haha.. ha

85I found the key [hang up]

86I've found the body, where should I bury it?
This really works! I've gotten responses like where they play along & where they start out! Haha this made me cry my eyes out from laughing
My friend's lil sister did this, and they accsidentaly called a police man and the police man came and checked her house for a dead body. 😳

87Call Walmart and say "I kinda got stuck in your toilet ... Come help me ..." bring some toilet paper, and a big mac .. Thank you.
I tried this this the operator person started bursting out laughing and I was like "... I'm serious... " they were out
Tried this they were like how bout I give you a big bottle of wine you sound like you need it

88Call in a really posh British Accent saying "This is George's Whorehouse, regarding your order of three prostitutes, could we renegotiate the time you want them for?
It works! I used it on my friend from a different number and he was so confused...
Funniest evver, you get amazing results, especially if you call someone you know but with a different number!

89Hello, Life Alert! I've fallen and I can't get up
I just did this and the people that I called called the cops!
I agree. Life Alert is to save someone that could be injured or in need of help. Some things are funny. But some, like this, just AREN'T. Anyone that does this and likes it has a problem.
That is mean, people created life alert to save people not so you can make fun of it jerks! 😑
[Newest]Haha! Can't stop laughing

90Call a store or restaurant and say "Is Judy there?" if they say no, then say "Are you sure?" then they'd say "No, no Judy, I'm sure." Then say "Well, I'm babysitting her kid and she said she was working here and gave me this number, and I can't find the m
Think at the say I can't find him or her

91Call McDonald's, say that you are representing the Heifer Company, and try to convince them to buy a cow.

92Welcome to McDonald's how may I help you? By the way, we've got the McSmack special and McSmack double.
Laugh out loud trying it now laugh out loud

93I will find your house [hang up]
This is a bad idea overall if you mean it to be scary. If you say it like, yeah ill find your house don't worry, then you're fine. But saying this in a scary way is a bad idea.
That's not funny they could call the cops or something
I did it on my friend and she called back, so funny

94Call your enemy and say you saw a picture of them with your boyfriend/girlfriend and scold them about it
Laugh out loud... That was so funny because they admitted to do it with a girl then started to apologize. Laugh out loud

95In a child's voice, whisper "Seven days..." and hang up
Especially if they just watched the Ring.


96Can I but a six pack of Carlton Draught

97Choose a number and look it up in the phone book/internet/etc. to gather information on the phone's owner (name, age, family, etc.). Next, call the number and tell them all the information you gathered and try to convince them you're their relative
Nice... I love it!

98Do you know where I could purchase some golf clubs?
I've done this plenty! It works... Trust me!
It works! I've done it plenty trust me!

99Say something really weird, or continue to pester them until they ask "Who is this?" or something similar, and then yell "THIS IS SPARTA!"
I tried this one a few minutes ago! It's the best! The person was totally confused!
Lmao, I'm so doing this one at my next slumber party. This is a funny one.
This one was the best! Definitely worth every second!
[Newest]Best prank call ever

100Call a CD store telling them you bought a "Ten Inch Tacks" album and it didn't have the CD in its case.
When they say you need a receipt or that they don't have the CD in their database, you give many excuses.
What happens if you don't know a cd store

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