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21F****** Up World

Many could say it is too pervy. It is. But it doesn't matter since is so good - poisonforever

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Best song ever. I'm so addicted to it.

I'm so addicted to this oh my god, I can't even... TPR is such an amazing band

Ahmazing, I seriously think this song shoulda been on the cd don't get me wrong the ones that did mke the cut are also good but this one shoulda at least been a bonus track or sumthinn.

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23Everybody Wants Something From Me
24Hit Me Like a Man

This one I heard the first. Acoustic. Loved it so much. Just can't resist. Really worth listening and enjoying every single sound.

Hit me like a man... And live me like a woman... =i want your perfectionXD - poisonforever

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Awesome song pretty sure anyone could relate to this song right here

One of the best from TPR!
Really is slow and soothing and pleases my mind like hell...

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It's so short but it's so emotive and it's so beautiful

Easily the moist beautiful song off going to hell


Ok I cannot tell that I'm a huge fan of this song but please! How could you forget it?!

29Dear Sister

I've never heard a song of 1 minute that explains as much as this. This is tragic, melancholic and sad.

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30Take Me Down

This song shows the real potential of the band. The lyrics are awesome and the vocals are really good.

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31Where Did Jesus Go?

One of the best songs ever love this band and this song just makes me wanna rock out, should of been on the cd!

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32Blame Me

"I have lost a friend again I have lost a friend I know how the story goes"
My favorite song. I could listen to it all day.

33The Walls are Closing in / Hangman

Great song, extraordinary lyrics (especially the latin ones)

34Oh My God

You've got to be kidding me...number 44?

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35Bedroom Window
37Void and Null

So underrated its really good!

38Sleeze Sister

How has this not been added onto the list yet?! Amazing song, so catchy and really captures this epic band's awesomeness. Stays in your head for AGES, too. Love The Pretty Reckless!

39Ugly People
40Cold Blooded

A song must listen to.

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