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1Metropolis Pt. 2: Scenes from a Memory - Dream Theater

Oh please opeth is much worse than DT, they don't even dream of being like dream (hehehe), for me this is the best album of Dream Theater and then, obviously, the best progressive metal album ever. Images and Words is good, but rudess meant an before and an after in DT

Nothing will ever top Scenes From a Memory. The songwriting, the instrumentation, the storyline. Everything is just perfect.

Most amazing prog metal album ever written! the songs flow amazingly one after the other, and all have a different feel to them.

Don't you have to be metal in order to obtain #1 spot on the 'Best Progressive Metal Band' thread? Dream Theater are just doing what Led Zeppelin and Rainbow did 40-years ago. Sorry, but they aren't metal. They have tried, but failed.

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2Blackwater Park - Opeth

This band and´╗┐ Nickelback are my favourite bands ever!
Na just kidding, Nickelback sucks.
Long Live Opeth!

This album should not only top this list, but it should also be mentioned among the best albums of music art ever. 400 years from now, music scholars will revere Opeth the way literary scholars talk about Shakespeare today.

I loathed this band yesterday, for no rational reason, purchased Blackwater Park and I like it. The world works in mysterious ways. Threads like this and others educate new and old alike. Nice!

Between the Buried and Me own Opeth so far as progressive death metal goes.

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3Images and Words - Dream Theater

I'd say this is slightly better than metropolis pt 2. There are no bad songs on this album and pull me under, metropolis pt 1, under a glass moon, and learning to live are absolute masterpieces.

I'd say this is better than Metropolis, Take the Time, Under a Glass moon, class songs like

This is number 1 for me - Sabbath

Damn good album

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4Operation: Mindcrime - Queensryche

Clearly all of you who aren't voting this as number 1 have simply never heard it. Yes, Blackwater Park, Images and Words, and Scenes from a Memory are all great, but this album is clearly the greatest. Incredibly story, fantastic vocals and guitar work, not to mention the fantastic rhythm section. Variety? Prog elements? Heavy riffs? Everything you could want in a Prog Metal (or any metal album for that matter) in one album.

My vote for heavy metal album OAT. but I can't vote because it's not on any bodies list.

Rage For Order is better.

5Lateralus - Tool

This is my favorite tool album, and also my favorite album of all time. I have to admit, I was a changed man after I heard the title track to this album. I can't really call it a "song", because that would kind of be an understatement. it is not just a song, it is like a meditation session. it is long and it teaches you something by the end. it starts out small with a quiet riff and you go through this long "pilgrimage" (is the best word to describe it as) by the end you feel like you've come a long way, and you remember that it all started with that quiet riff and you finally realize that this song has been going on for 9 minutes. I just get lost in this song.
This song and album is an amazing work of art.

Of course it's great. This album is a slow burn that takes 30-listens to like, 50-listens to love, then you come A Perfect Circle and realise it was love at first sight. Epic!

This and aenima are the best symphony x should also be higher please vote

Pity they're not a metal band, though.

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6The Detached - Anubis Gate

You haven't listened to prog until you've listened to Anubis Gate. Dream Theater and Opeth aren't the only prog bands out there expand your ears!

You seriously can't beat this album. Absolute perfection!

Best concept progressive metal of all time.

7The Divine Wings of Tragedy - Symphony X

All symphony X albums are under rated. I just could not believe how far I had to school down to find the odyssey! - Messej

Symphony X's best album to date. Landmark albums of prog metal.

Why people are so blind?
Metropolis pt.2 by DT is one of their worst albums apart from Dance of Eternity.
And The Divine wings of tragedy is clearly and well known that's the greatest prog album of all time.

8Ghost Reveries - Opeth

The best prog/metal album of the last ten years

Just a great album full of great songs

Best musical album of all times.

9Awake - Dream Theater
10O3 a Trilogy Part 3 - Dominici

Anybody who considerd themselves a fan of Dream Theater should check out this MASTERPIECE of Progressive Metal! I would say it evens rivals the likes of Images and Words. The songs flow well, they are heavy, progressive, and Charles Dominici pulls off the aggressive vocal style much better than Mr. Labrie. So if you love Prog Metal, then what's not to like?

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?Soul Sphere - Born of Osiris

Just a great progressive deathcore album from an exciting progressive deathcore band. The number of genres and sub-genres modern day metal bands is simply remarkable, and bodes well for the future of modern metal, but not for the veterans. Welcome to the 21st century. This album could belong on 4 different threads it's that damn technical and heavy.

?Machine Head - Deep Purple

Because, for their time, alongside Led Zeppelin and Rainbow, Deep Purple's Machine Head album was the greatest progressive metal album ever made - and still is one of the greatest.

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11Octavarium - Dream Theater

Whoever didn't vote this because they never heard it, go listen to the title track, then say with a straight face you prefer something by opeth or queensryche

Very well made album (musically and lyrically). Great meaning and songs are strong, sentimental at times and epic, especially the last one!

This song defines the progressive metal genre!

One of Dream Theater's best. Deserves to be higher.

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12 Aenima - Tool

Yes. I can't listen to this one anymore because I would, in all honesty, have played it over a thousand times. The gold standard of progressive rock/metal (though I don't think they're metal).

It's a classic, what else can be said? Everything comes together beautifully. Tool is hands down the most consistent band to ever constantly put out good albums.

13Paradise Lost - Symphony X
14A Dramatic Turn of Events - Dream Theater
15Still Life - Opeth

The moor, godhead lament, face of melinda, and white cluster. great album with all songs 100000/10 rating

16The Human Equation - Ayreon
17Ocean Machine: Biomech - Devin Townsend

True prog in an atmospheric and emotIonal way. The music itself isn't complex but it conveys many complex emotions. Especially funeral bastard and death of music

"It's like a death, becomes musical, it's musical." Not only the greatest progressive metal album, but in my opinion the greatest ALBUM of all time.

I'll see you on the other side! The startling riffs in this album fill your soul with extreme joy! Check out 'Life' and 'The Death of Music', they are really great songs. - andrewtuckey

Probably THE best album ever

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18Hall of the Mountain King - Savatage

Savatage is the best... And I don't know why there really not so famous, and some people barely heard of them, there solos and lyrics and music is divine!

19Second Life Syndrome - Riverside
20Train of Thought - Dream Theater

If you're struggling to find a #1 progressive metal album, just log in to eBay, type in Between the Buried and Me's album Parallax II: Future Sequence, punch in your credit card details, and you'll soon be in possession of the greatest 72-minute progressive metal album ever made. Easy.

I accept that it is close to impossible to choose an number 1. and f you voted for so thing else I don't blame you. there are so many awesome albums on this list that I was overwhelmed at the choice. although this my favorite albums like ocatavarium, images and words, metropolis pt2, blackwater park lateralus, divine wings of tragedy, paradise lost, iconoclast, and many many others are almost unbelievably awesome! - Messej

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1. Metropolis Pt. 2: Scenes from a Memory - Dream Theater
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1. Still Life - Opeth
2. Blackwater Park - Opeth
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