Best Progressive Metal Albums


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Metropolis Pt. 2: Scenes from a Memory - Dream Theater
Oh please opeth is much worse than DT, they don't even dream of being like dream (hehehe), for me this is the best album of Dream Theater and then, obviously, the best progressive metal album ever. Images and Words is good, but rudess meant an before and an after in DT
Nothing will ever top Scenes From a Memory. The songwriting, the instrumentation, the storyline. Everything is just perfect.
Most amazing prog metal album ever written! the songs flow amazingly one after the other, and all have a different feel to them.

2Blackwater Park - Opeth
This band and´╗┐ Nickelback are my favourite bands ever!
Na just kidding, Nickelback sucks.
Long Live Opeth!
THe complexity, atmosphere, and overall brain melting compositions that Opeth come out with never cease to amaze me, but Blackwater is definitely their greatest release.

3Images and Words - Dream Theater
I'd say this is slightly better than metropolis pt 2. There are no bad songs on this album and pull me under, metropolis pt 1, under a glass moon, and learning to live are absolute masterpieces.
I'd say this is better than Metropolis, Take the Time, Under a Glass moon, class songs like
This is number 1 for me


4Operation: Mindcrime - Queensryche
Clearly all of you who aren't voting this as number 1 have simply never heard it. Yes, Blackwater Park, Images and Words, and Scenes from a Memory are all great, but this album is clearly the greatest. Incredibly story, fantastic vocals and guitar work, not to mention the fantastic rhythm section. Variety? Prog elements? Heavy riffs? Everything you could want in a Prog Metal (or any metal album for that matter) in one album.
My vote for heavy metal album OAT. but I can't vote because it's not on any bodies list.

5Lateralus - Tool
This and aenima are the best symphony x should also be higher please vote

6Ghost Reveries - Opeth
The best prog/metal album of the last ten years

7The Divine Wings of Tragedy - Symphony X
All symphony X albums are under rated. I just could not believe how far I had to school down to find the odyssey!


Why people are so blind?
Metropolis pt.2 by DT is one of their worst albums apart from Dance of Eternity.
And The Divine wings of tragedy is clearly and well known that's the greatest prog album of all time.

8Hall of the Mountain King - Savatage
Savatage is the best... And I don't know why there really not so famous, and some people barely heard of them, there solos and lyrics and music is divine!

9O3 a Trilogy Part 3 - Dominici
Anybody who considerd themselves a fan of Dream Theater should check out this MASTERPIECE of Progressive Metal! I would say it evens rivals the likes of Images and Words. The songs flow well, they are heavy, progressive, and Charles Dominici pulls off the aggressive vocal style much better than Mr. Labrie. So if you love Prog Metal, then what's not to like?

10A Dramatic Turn of Events - Dream Theater

The Contenders

11Paradise Lost - Symphony X

12Awake - Dream Theater

13The Human Equation - Ayreon

14Octavarium - Dream Theater
Whoever didn't vote this because they never heard it, go listen to the title track, then say with a straight face you prefer something by opeth or queensryche
Very well made album (musically and lyrically). Great meaning and songs are strong, sentimental at times and epic, especially the last one!
This song defines the progressive metal genre!
[Newest]One of Dream Theater's best. Deserves to be higher.

15Ocean Machine: Biomech - Devin Townsend
I'll see you on the other side! The startling riffs in this album fill your soul with extreme joy! Check out 'Life' and 'The Death of Music', they are really great songs. :)


True prog in an atmospheric and emotIonal way. The music itself isn't complex but it conveys many complex emotions. Especially funeral bastard and death of music

16Train of Thought - Dream Theater
I accept that it is close to impossible to choose an number 1. and f you voted for so thing else I don't blame you. there are so many awesome albums on this list that I was overwhelmed at the choice. although this my favorite albums like ocatavarium, images and words, metropolis pt2, blackwater park lateralus, divine wings of tragedy, paradise lost, iconoclast, and many many others are almost unbelievably awesome!


17 Aenima - Tool
It's a classic, what else can be said? Everything comes together beautifully. Tool is hands down the most consistent band to ever constantly put out good albums.
Aenema 46 and 2 stinkfist

18Still Life - Opeth

19V - Symphony X

20The Detached - Anubis Gate
You seriously can't beat this album. Absolute perfection!
Best concept progressive metal of all time.

21From Mars to Sirius - Gojira
Simply an amazing album from the French progressive band Gojira. Take a listen if you haven't yet, it will blow your mind!

22Watershed - Opeth

23The 1st Chapter - Circus Maximus

24Black Clouds & Silver Linings - Dream Theater

25Hemispheres - Rush

26Awaken the Guardian - Fates Warning

27From Here to Eternity - Ballerina
The best album from indonesia metal progressive.
A very great album from ballerina!
The best of the best album mlprogmet from indonesia band.

28Crimson - Edge of Sanity

29Focus - Cynic

30The Hunter - Mastodon

31Gutter Ballet - Savatage

32Mercy Falls - Seventh Wonder
This is the greatest album ever!
One of my favourite album!

33Permanent Waves - Rush

34My Arms, Your Hearse - Opeth

35In Absentia - Porcupine Tree
A great album from start to finish.

36Six Degrees of Inner Turbulence - Dream Theater
Six Degrees of inner Turbulence is by far Dream Theater's most underrated Album. It was DT's first attempt at songs about religion and politics, as well as their first try at sounding 'Heavy', so I can see why a lot of people dislike it. However some of the songs on it are simply amazing, such as Blind Faith, and The Glass Prison. Please give it another chance.

37Iconoclast - Symphony X

38Spectre Within - Fates Warning

39Leviathan - Mastodon

40Dream Theater - Dream Theater
No album or band is better than DREAM THEATER


41Heritage - Opeth

42Systematic Chaos - Dream Theater

43A Change of Seasons - Dream Theater

44The Odyssey - Symphony X
This may not be the number 1 prog album but how in the world is it so low this head to be in the top 20 with out any doubt!


45The Wall - Pink Floyd
Good album, but this isn't even remotely close to progressive metal.

46Tyranny - Shadow Gallery

47Crack the Skye - Mastodon

48Dance of Balet - Ballerina
The Best Album Progressive Metal For Indonesia Music Awards 2008 m/

49Colors - Between the Buried and Me

5001011001 - Ayreon

51Dimension Hatross - Voivod
Are you kidding me? These youngsters don't seem to know Voivod. This is certainly their best album; it's Motorhead meets Pink Floyd on bath salts, and I'm not talking about the kind your mom uses! Listen to Tribal Convictions.

52Andromeda Unchained - Anubis Gate

53Deliverance - Opeth

54Orchid - Opeth

55Damnation - Opeth

56Epica - Kamelot

57Falling Into Infinity - Dream Theater

58When Dream and Day Unite - Dream Theater

59The Great Escape - Seventh Wonder

60A Pleasant Shade of Gray - Fates Warning

61Blood Mountain - Mastodon

62Remission - Mastodon

63The Black Halo - Kamelot

64No Exit - Fates Warning

65The Damnation Game - Symphony X

66Twilight In Olympus - Symphony X

67Wounded Land - Threshold

68Perfect Symmetry - Fates Warning

69The Parallax II: Future Sequence - Between the Buried and Me

70The Great Misdirect - Between the Buried and Me

71Energetic Disassembly - Watchtower

72Control and Resistance - Watchtower

73Ink Complete - Spastic Ink

74Recipe for Disaster - Third Eye

75Snowfall On Judgment Day - Redemption

76Horizons - Anubis Gate

77Altered State - Tesseract

78The Thirteenth Step - a Perfect Circle

79Sound Awake - Karnivool

80Bath - Maudlin of the Well

81Leaving Your Body Map - Maudlin of the Well

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