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1Anybody Killa (ABK)

Why is he 1. He has some flow bu kant rhyme or rap fast. But, he does have some personal songs, which most rappers don't do. Props fa that.

2Insane Clown Posse (ICP)

Herez the Thing, Insane Clown Posse does not know how to rhyme. They only do two lame words at a time. Most music artists do at least 4. Rappers On Psychopathic like Boondox, Twiztid, Axe Murder Boyz, Big Hoodoo Can Rhyme. Also, they can't rap fast. They rap so slow. Twiztid and Axe Murder Boyz Have Songs Where they rap faster than Eminem Rap God. The fastest I've heard them rap is Kickin Kickin shaggy's verse. I think there rhyming record is, as far as I know 10 on psypher 3. I'm not saying there not good, because they awesome, but as rappers, there not the best.

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You got insane clown posse, who are fresh guys, anybody killa, cool guy, twiztid, funny guys, axe murder boyz, cool guys, Blaze, cool guy, big hoodoo, cool and gangsta. When these guys say there gonna stick an axe in your forehead and watch liquid brains splash on them, there just doing it as a gimmick. But then there's booondox, who is an actual creep. He never talks, lives in a creepy ass cabin in the woods and has a murderous family tree... As a rapper, he can rhyme, hez evil and frsh paint. No speed though, but thatz ok. He has most of it


When they started, they were just like icp. But then they made abominationz. Which was lighting fast lyrics, and I heard lots of 16 count rhymes. Now listen to unstoppable. doesn't it sound like a stab at icp? Notice a pattern? When they broke away from the clowns is when the raps improved, the rhymes improved and rapping faster than Eminem

5Axe Murder Boys (AMB)
6Dark Lotus
7Blaze Ya Dead Homie

He is kinda more gangsta style a little bit

8Jump Steady
9Zug Izland
10Psychopathic Rydas

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11Vanilla IceRobert Matthew Van Winkle, known by his stage name, Vanilla Ice, is an American rapper, actor and television host.V1 Comment
12Mike E Clark
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