Best Punjabi Rappers

the punjabi rapping trend is a kind of new thing to teenagers/rap lovers...they are through out the world but mostly in asia, lets see the top ten list of them agree ok not agree vote and make the topper of your demand.......

The Top TenXW


He is the best punjabi rapper... Though he is called the punjabi rap king

The real king rapper of punjabi... No one is better then him in punjabi rapping

He is the best Punjabi rapper and his Bandokan-dsi is my favorite rap rp bohemi rocks its looks like he beats every one. I love his raps.

Bohemia is the greatest of all times a lot of respect for him

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2Honey Singh

He is the best and can make many great hit songs with billy x, bohemia, kamal raja they should be one and challenge the other countrys rappers

Great rapper he is excellent rapper everybody is kids in front of him in my opinion he is the greatest rapper in world

Great rapper.. He is excellent everybody is kids in front of him. Yo! Yo! Honey singh! Love his rap and music. I'm just loving him..

Your rap is cool...

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3Billy X

His voice and lyrics are awesome he's just amazing and that's all I can say No words for him )
Number 1 is just the place for him

This guy has got some real awesome rapping skills! The rhythm, rhyme and delivery is plain amazing!

Billy-X rocks... He is just awesome... He's not only best punjabi rapper, he's the best singer in the world as well... Keep rocking Babar Khan aka billy-x

He is one of the most best rapper I have heard

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4Imran Khan

His songs are awesome but where is he goes. The latest songs of this guy are not available at any place.

The Best Of Awl! Even though he sings using autotune but still love his songs!

The best artist love his songs, his lyrics nd specially his voice...

Sexy plus a nice voice

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5Bilal Saeed

Bilal saeed is my best singer

Bilal saeed you are my favourite

Most successful singer in some days

Bilal Saeed is the best Singer.

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Awesome style of raping

Very nice rapping style... Keep up... //

Great rhymes and style

Number one rank of the raftaar

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He is best, a very few people know that he has written most of the songs of po po honey singh! Recognize his talent, he is best.. And worth number 1 psition

Good in future at the place on 2nd or 3rd

Badshah is really damn n super rapper n lyrics writer

He have to be at 7th no..

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Superb looks and superb voice

Very good look and super voice

NYC song hit for all song great singer

Best best best... Best best...

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9Kamal Raja

Awesome grip on Rap :* in love with his style... Rising rapstar K. R

Awesome singer and the videos are according with the songs. Very good rapper and stylish singer

He is the only rapper who is honey singh

Kamal raja best singer in the world best rapper

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10Rap Engineers (group)

They are best in pashto rap

Just 6 songs but good

They are break are records in future

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The Newcomers

?Xaree King
?Bobby Singh
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The Contenders

11Bally Sagoo

Back stage mia nu millan aya bally sagoo

12Ali Kaz

His freestyle is on a very good level

13Gippy Grewal

This is my favorite singer

He is the best singer that I had ever seen

He is a single man for all of them.

Bad baby meri ha

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14Akshay Kumar

He is Good with bohemia..

Real superstar all in one

He is good in party all night

Real hero all in one

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15D Beam

D beam all rappers are best

Desi beam is best than any


Awesome Style, Sacha pyaar one of the best raps I have ever listen

Sacha Pyaar, really soulful & true rap, god bless ya, keep going, waiting some more tracks from you


Songs of Raghav are cool

18Juzzz Rappa

His thought is awesome...

He is the best rapper in the industry

19Saffy Arora

Its very good rapper according 2 me so best of luck... God bless you

Starting is too good, hope we will soon see you at the level where you want to go... All the best... Keep it up guyss...

You are doing good work. We all are with you.

Good best of luck

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