Best Punjabi Rappers

the punjabi rapping trend is a kind of new thing to teenagers/rap lovers...they are through out the world but mostly in asia, lets see the top ten list of them agree ok not agree vote and make the topper of your demand....... Don't agree with the list? Vote for an existing item you think should be ranked higher or if you are a logged in, add a new item for others to vote on or create your own version of this list.

The Top Ten

He is the best punjabi rapper... Though he is called the punjabi rap king
The real king rapper of punjabi... No one is better then him in punjabi rapping
He is the best Punjabi rapper and his Bandokan-dsi is my favorite rap rp bohemi rocks its looks like he beats every one. I love his raps.
[Newest]BOHEMIA" desi rap god the king 👑 of desi hip hop... Others are kids 👶..
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2Honey Singh
He is the best and can make many great hit songs with billy x, bohemia, kamal raja they should be one and challenge the other country;s rappers
Great rapper he is excellent rapper everybody is kids in front of him in my opinion he is the greatest rapper in world
Great rapper.. He is excellent everybody is kids in front of him. Yo! Yo! Honey singh! Love his rap and music. I'm just loving him..
[Newest]I like you yo yo
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3Imran Khan
His songs are awesome but where is he goes. The latest songs of this guy are not available at any place.
The Best Of Awl! Even though he sings using autotune but still love his songs!
The best artist love his songs, his lyrics nd specially his voice...
[Newest]Nice but not great

4Billy X
His voice and lyrics are awesome he's just amazing and that's all I can say No words for him ;)
Number 1 is just the place for him
This guy has got some real awesome rapping skills! The rhythm, rhyme and delivery is plain amazing!
Billy-X rocks... He is just awesome... He's not only best punjabi rapper, he's the best singer in the world as well... Keep rocking Babar Khan aka billy-x
[Newest]The future Punjabi rapper

5Bilal Saeed
Bilal saeed is my best singer
Bilal saeed you are my favourite
Most successful singer in some days
[Newest]I love you bilal he is my favourite singer

He is best, a very few people know that he has written most of the songs of po po honey singh! Recognize his talent, he is best.. And worth number 1 psition
Good in future at the place on 2nd or 3rd
Simply The best... His raps make sense.. Had fun stuff too in lyrics... Bilal better than badshah.. ? Who the hell made this crap list
[Newest]BADSHAH is all world good singer

Superb looks and superb voice
NYC song hit for all song great singer
Very good look and super voice

Awesome style of raping
Very nice rapping style... Keep up... //
Great rhymes and style
[Newest]Quiet agree with your list but Raftaar is better than many of rappers listed here.

9Rap Engineers (group)
They are best in pashto rap
Just 6 songs but good
They are break are records in future

10Bally Sagoo

The Contenders

11Kamal Raja
Awesome grip on Rap :* in love with his style... Rising rapstar K. R
He is the best with just four singels he is doing world tour
He is the only rapper who is honey singh
[Newest]Kamal is bestowed rappers

12Akshay Kumar
He is Good with bohemia..
Real superstar all in one
He is good in party all night

13Gippy Grewal
His my favourite sunger
This is my favorite singer

14Saffy Arora
Its very good rapper according 2 me so best of luck... God bless you
Starting is too good, hope we will soon see you at the level where you want to go... All the best... Keep it up guyss...
You are doing good work. We all are with you.
[Newest]Good best of luck

15D Beam
Nice rapper, naa ty das ja soniye my favorite, young talent
Desi beam is best than any

16Ali Kaz
His freestyle is on a very good level
Hats off for this guy on fauj the javan song

17Desi Rap Guru
Awesome Punjabi Rapper...
His Hap in come back..
Just awesome...!
We should learn punjabi rap from him
But still he is a big fan of bohemia like me...
Hw should do more hard work... If every one support
Nice Rapper... He does the rapping at bohemian level..!
Awesome rapper..! Best Punjabi rapper..!
[Newest]Nice rapper..
Best track is come back..!

18Juzzz Rappa

19DJ Tabish
He is good DJ And Rapper
Best Forever

Rab Es Ka Bala Kera
Good Rapper And Dj
Great rapper and person

Awesome Style, Sacha pyaar one of the best raps I have ever listen
Sacha Pyaar, really soulful & true rap, god bless ya, keep going, waiting some more tracks from you

21Pj Khera
Beamer, benz or bentley best song every!
Really good punjabi rapper
He needs to come out with new songs
Way better than Honey Singh and I love Honey Singh!

22Hip Hop King Mac Jones

23Roach Killa
Roach Killa is the good rap star. I like him.

24Rapper Mac Jones

25Ali Gul Pir
A new creative singer
Rap god we like it
Wadairay Ka baita is an outstanding rap song.

26Mukbil Mukund Rapstar

27Hard Kaur
I love your song
Nice singer I love her voice

Are bhai pink vodka fabulous
His resently rap with deep money was rock the floors and he is a good person I know him last 9 to10 year
Ikka is unique and very good desi-hip-hopper
[Newest]Desi style of rapping


30Yo Yo Ali Jaan
Pakistani yo yo punjabi rapper
Yo yo ali jaan is best dos bless you dude
Yo yo ali jaan great work very talented hard worker love songs and videos keep going up.
[Newest]Good work yo yo ali jaan

31Max Rasool

32Pracky Jones


Hbc is the punjabi rap guru

35Sami Ahmad

36Hardy Sandhu

37Brugal Bisco

38Willy Malik
I've heard him that he's an undergroung emerging talent... I just heard his song smokin kills... Nice song
Why he ain't on the list maan
One of the greatest performances of all time. He got screwed.

Songs of Raghav are cool


41N Krazy
I guess he is better than all mentioned here. Must Check.

42Jasraj Jassi
He is a very good rapper I like him and his rap also

43Rhl Tune

44Sukhshinder Shinda

45Jaz Dhami
Your high hills song was great

The best rapper! Truly he has an ability of becoming on top. His talent is amaizing. His music is mostly written by himself which is mind blowing. His words touch the soul of a person and the way he raps is beautiful. Its can be seen and heard the truthfulness of his words. He puts his soul into his music. I absolutely have no words to describe how good his raps are
Amazing rapper with beautiful voice, heard his song pretty amazing NAsha, he does really got some thing unique in songs which is pretty more amazing and attractive.
Trust me.. He is the best Rapper in Punjabi. HIs songs nashai, malang are just awesome. Lyrics got a real meanings, his voice GOD gifted, his Style natural the it should be. He is the next big thing.. Like Eminem came in his time. No more words go listen to him you'll know

47Hardeep Sandhu

48Bali Desi Rapper

49Poko Loko Ali Jaan
The real king punjabi rapper is the best one I belive on him I love him is simple the best
I'm waiting for you now like ali jaan nice choice name and good new name with this new name one day I'm sure you will rock
One of the best rapper we will keep loving you
[Newest]Poko loko the best singer

50Zammu Rapper
He rap best with mwali shah he is great

51Shar S
He is best rapper
Listen Him...
I'm Sure His Rap Will Make you Crazy...!
Awesome style of rapping

52Raqib Rock
His songs r awesome his rap is incresing day by day

53Badshah DSC
Good new talent. Some thing different then the others

54Vivek Anade

55Bhinda Aujla


57Parry Parrot

I am big fan of you PARDHAAN

59Hitler Qureshi

60Akkhi Jatt
Nobody have a big heart to challange akkhi jatt because akkhi jatt is always best never forget his song adult which gave a big challange to honey singh song choot vol. 1
Faad in all tyms rapping new star in rappers lyn he have a great talent in this line...
His song badmashi 2 is awesome yr please watch it its in haranvi language

61Akash King Rapper

I love his sad songs
Its a Number one rap singer
I love this song a
A bazz right here

63Rapper Mani
Rapper mani rap is so good
I like there rap

64Desi Elusive
Desi Elusive Team Is Good Infront Of All Senior Rappers
Nice Rappers Desi Munde

Nice Post..
I like its musik

65DJ Sanj

66Sucha Badshah
He is one of the best up and coming rappers out there. The first one EVER to do Gangsta rap and use bad words in his raps. Check him out on YouTube
Watch out for him!
His songs are explicit so if you don't like to listen to that kinda stuff I suggest you don't listen
[Newest]I say he is the next big rapper

67RBT Rapper

68Sabby Desi Jatt

69Harry Cheema


71Sj Rapper
Mah life is like a open book, a star born on 08jan 1994 and I love d way I am.. And if anyone try 2 show me attitude den mine will even kill that person and I have big heart and kind nature.. And I am a fun loving person.. Love 2 spend time what frnds.. I m highly fashionable what mah unique dressing style.. Love Rapping, Romantic Songs playing Games and don't expect mah life wthout mah Rap... )
Born in Chandigarh And Sj Rapper started his music career young. Age Of 15 and begin his journey into the musical world. Learning How To Play The BeaT.
NiCe Lyrics And Rap
I iove u, and you r a ve... Ry good singer.

72Jabbar Gujjar
Rapper king bohemia baki saab

73Romi Vee
Great style of rapping... Keep it up bro!

74Bun-e Saab
Bun-e Saab a Punjabi Rapper From Ludhiana City

75V.I.C Crack

76Rap Master Rabh
New rapper with awesome songs like bewafa girlz, aaja aaja ft rapper ashish arora etc

77Mr.M Saifi


He is the best Punjabi rap writer...
I love endrom...U R best rap writer


80Wasu B rapper and looking good
Keep it up you will be rock
Nice and great must lisent it

81Vayne Samsons

82Pali Singh
Very nice artist.. I loved pyar bathera.. Very nice...
Pyyaar batheraa! He's my friend.. Pali 22 rocks!

83Humble the Poet
A lot more heart than all the rappers listed here.
I love his raps

84Sonu Dangerous

85Lada Raja
Very good rap BOHEMIA I love BOHEMIA

86DJ Usman

87Rudy Chaudhry

88Mickey Singh
Feels like exotic song

89X-Rapper Da Rapstar
Great voice you should release more songs!

90Gagandeep Singh

91Kanwar Pal Singh


93DJ Bal

94Vishal Raja
Born the new punjabi rapper
He inspired of bohemia...

95Sunny Bhai
Kia bat hai bhai ki wwooww rap

96Bilal Raja

97BR Râjâ
Br Raja is good
Work To BnT Group

98Arbaz Khan

99Young Desi
You are so bad singer
It is best I like honda 125 song the most and RANGBAZ
Its best rapper on the world


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