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41El Gran Senor

Was he not great at stud or dose this not count.

Was a really great horse. Stunning unbeaten as two-year old, among many good ones,
his display in the 2000 Guennias among the strongest field og milers seen in many years,
was stunning. He lost the Derby, from a jockey mistake, hit the front to soon, but got revanch
in the Irish Derby.


Simply stated - given the weights he carried throughout his long career Forego was the strongest thoroughbred ever to step on a race track... If you look at his races he stands out as different - he wasn't particularly graceful or sleek... Rather his wins were through sheer power and determination... The strength of this horse was breathtaking

Many horses listed don't belong, little common sense and some knowledge will eliminate many I see listed. American Pharaoh is there because a host of people experienced there first triple crown and so they vote for him. I believe of all triple crown winners he is the weakest. Secretariat, Man O'War, PharLap, Citation, Kelso, Native Dancer, GallantFox, Ribot Seabiscuit, Zenyatta all belong way up there and also does FOREGO three time Horse of the Year, four time Handicap champion, and amazingly Sprint champion. Carried lots of weight saw him lose to a horse who had only 108 pounds while toting weights of 138, 137 pounds. Came from the clouds under 137 to nail stakes winner Honest Pleasure in one of the greatest races ever the Marlboro Cup. Overcame weight and injuries to beat a who's who of buzzsaw thoroughbreds over his career. He belongs right there with Kelso and close to the top. Forget these lists they don't do many of these legends justice.

Horse of the year 1974, 75 & 76!

They made him carry tons of weight and he still found a way to win... Usually charging from the outside down the stretch. If he had not been born the same year as Secretariat & Sham he may have even won a triple crown himself, who knows? Top 10 easy!

Top ten for sure. Makes my all-time favorite athlete list (behind Mickey Mantle, Elgin Baylor and Muhammed Ali). Incredible performer, rose above all odds... and weights! Check out YouTube and see for yourself!

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What a great horse, tough as old boots and tried his heart out in every reach. It is good to see that he had taken to his new career so well.

This is about horse racing thoroughbreds not jumpers.. should be taken off this list and put horses like easy goer in the top ten

A great champion. Always gave his best. His Cheltenham Gold Cup win is one of my all time favourite races to watch.

One the toughest horses to race in recent years

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44Makybe Diva


Amazing to see her blocked behind the other horses then out of no where she clicks and you see it she just makes her move and beats them all I have never been so happy to see a horse win when she won her 3rd melbourne cup.
She should be in the top 10 not number 13.

Proud to say I was there to see her win her third cup in a row. Absolute Australian racing history bar none.

Best ever no comparison.3 cups a cox plate is like winning the triple crown 3 years in a row

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45John Henry

The measure of the greatest race horse isn't how fast it can run on a given day or under certain track conditions. It is how many times he goes to the pay window. Seems the motive today is to find a good horse race him for three years. If the horse puts up exceptional performances retire it to stud and make millions on breeding fees. Most horses don't run more than 25 races. There true potential over time is never proven. On the other hand John Henry had no stud potential so he just ran races. He ran 83 races. Had 39 firsts, 15 seconds and 9 thirds. If you bet John Henry "across the board" whenever he ran you would have gone to the pay window 75% of the time. He was still winning Grade I races at 9 years of age. Any other horse in racing would have been a long time retired before their record could get blemished by time and their breeding value compromised. Racing is all about money.

The meanest, the ugliest, the best and the most loved horse ever. I don't care who he was up against. If John wasn't boxed in and had daylight in front of him, he would do whatever it took to win. He loved to run, especially coming from behind. That 84 Arlington Million Race still brings tears to my eyes when I watch it. John belongs to be much higher on this list. He's earned it!

You seriously marked John Henry as 40th on the board... Are you kidding me! Do you know squat about horse racing... He deserves to be under seabiscuit... Just my opinion... Doesn't make it right but that is what I think.

He likes the Red Sox - newenglander1

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46Desert Orchid

Simply the best. That 1989 gold cup with yahoo was the greatest race I have seen.4 King george vi chases 3 in a row in 1988,1989,1990 plus he won a Irish grand national despite nearly falling at the last so tell me than why he not number 1 on this list let alone on it until RIP Desert orchid 1979-2006

Loved this horse! I remember my Uncle saying he was past it! I said no way he will win it no problem...and he did! His scope over jumps was just amazing to watch...always my number one racehorse of all time.

If it was rating the most beloved horses of all time, would certainly be Top five, a very good horse though even without that.

Brought racing to the general public.

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47Carry Back

Carry Back was a tiny racehorse as studs go. He won the Kentucky Derby and Preakness and lost the Belmont to Sherluck. His specialty was coming from behind, often coming from dead last to win by a neck or head. He went on to Europe and won there as well. I saw him years later in Ocala at stud. He was leaning against a corral fence and when I walked up to him he looked like a pony. I couldn't believe how such a small horse could beat the giants. He deserves to be on this list due to his great heart.

Won the Kentucky Derby and Preakness coming from way back which was his specialty. Went on to wins in Europe. I saw him at stud in Ocala and was surprised to see how small he was, not much bigger than a pony. Great heart and deserves the recognition.

48Mill House

Just a great horse

49Persian War

This British horse was one of the greatest hurdlers of all time and considered by many, myself included, to have no equal. Won three Champion Hurdles 1968-1969- 1970 and was second in 1971. - jeepster

Persian War was by far the best Two Mile Hurdler in the UK. Apart from Three Champion Hurdle wins and the Triumph Hurdle; he carried big weights to victory in handicap hurdles notably the 1968 Schweppes Gold Trophy. Unlike more recent Champion Hurdlers he beat high calibre horses.

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50Winning Brew

Fastest horse ever...enough said


Best horse to never win a Triple Crown race. Won second to Affirmed in all three.

Alydar has to be in the top fifteen at least. He would have won the triple crown if he hadn't been matched with Affirmed

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Wow! Only 54th...2k Guinness(1993) run was pure class

53Kingston Town

He was an absolute machine, he was not pampered like a lot of racehorses especially the more recent ones, he won from 1200m to 3200m, his acceleration is like I've never seen before or after. Ran injured for most of his career. 3 cox plates and 14 group ones. He definitely should be in the top 5 at least!

Was greater then most of he horses mentioned here no disrespect to them he destroyed all comers anywhere from 1200m to 3200m and carried injury for most of his career much greater th maybe diva.

I'm not knocking the other's but the weight he carried to Three Cox Plates say's a lot I could still see him now just sitting like a church mouse and Yeah like a champ grind them into the ground.

Won everything but the Melbourne Cup and just missed that due to jockey going too soon in the final furlongs. A much under rated horse and could of been one of the greats if not for frequent injuries.

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54Best Mate

Apart from being a great champion he was such a handsome well made horse.

Watching him getting boxed in at the Gold Cup just to pull up, move to the right and go again showed the class of the horse. Cryed buckets when I heard he'd died. Simply the bravest horse I've ever seen.

Great jockey that rode him to every time

Best horse I ever have seen racing.

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55Sir Ivor

My favourite racehorse. Simply sensational in the 2000 guineas and derby with a tremendous turn of foot which Lester Pigott used to great effect when he beat Czar Alexander and Fort Marcy in Canada. Best over a mile to ten furlongs. Also a great two year old that won his races by large margins. All in all a true champion.

56Night Nurse

Great jockey, Great horse and great training


Good grief. Triple Crown Winner - won $5 million to help sell Bonds for the War effort. Single leading lone entity to do so. Won the Triple Crown and the Travers Stakes - only horse to this day to do this. Ran 60 times and came in first 32; second 15 times and third 9 times. Was buried at Normandy before being sent back to Calumet. Unbelievable - 49? He deserves far, far better than this.

49? Are you kidding me?! You're rating steeplechasers ahead of one of the greatest thoroughbreds of all time? This is Whirlaway people. One of only 11 triple crown winners. One of the greatest. So I can't put much credence in this list, especially because I haven't seen anyone here who can even put a sentence together.

How could you do this? He should be in the top eleven. For Pete's sake he WON the TRIPLE CROWN. Because 46th? You have got to be kidding me.

He deserves higher than 54.

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59Street Cry

His grand sire was Mr prospector and he sired one of the best zenyatta he deserves a higher place than this. He raced as a 2-4 year old. He did not have the best start as a 2 year old though.

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60Hurricane Fly

Superstar son of Montjeu. 2 Champ hurdles and 19 group 1 wins. Quite possibly the best 2 mile hurdler we have ever seen. The Fly, a Legend

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