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161Strawberry Road

Top horse, won the big races In Australia easily. Took on the world with distinction and he was a bull not like many other champions in the list. He raced over many years in only the best group 1 races. A horse who beat top sprinters and at that classic distance. A star at his short stud career. What a champion.

162Dash for Cash

One of the best horse's in my opinion there are thousands of horse's with his impeccable bloodlines.


Could have beaten them a on his day, only time he got beaten was through ill Heath.

He was a super horse. A fitting last tribute to his trainer Major Dick Hern.


Agreed. He deserves much better than this.

He deserves to be in the top 20, if not top 10. He was the fastest horse in his time and his time in the because Classic (even adjusting for track conditions) is the fastest. He repeatedly beat several G1 winners and horses he beat went on to win the Dubai World Cup on two occasions.
Another horse that should be higher is Invasor.


Any horse that has won the worlds biggest race twice should be among the best

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166A.P. Indy

You mean to tell me a horse who wins like he did and was money leading earner of all time doesn't make the list? Come on

I agree. He nearly missed winning back to back B.C. CLASSIC, He won the Kentucky derby while clipping heels in the stretch, and always ran his heart out. Not to mentioned he was America's horse in the late 80's.

Defiantly a top ten all time horse!


Poor ranking for a horse that won the classic twice and he beat Giants causeway who is a top 10 horse. He deserves much better

Tiznow is a sign of America, horse that goes down in legend

169Variety Club

Greatest out off South Africa I have ever seen after horse chestnut

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The fastest horse Gordon Richards ever sat on! A great sire too, his ancestors still grace the ranks of the world's top sprinters. He will probably be the fastest horse in the list, being a sprinter. It is stupid to try and compare sprinters with milers, middle distance horses and certainly national hunt stars. It is even impossible to compare turf horses with those who were dirt specialists. Secretariat was much faster over 1 1/4 miles than Frankel ever was, but this was on dirt, which makes any comparison invalid.


Great mare from NZ who was the first horse from the Southern Hemisphere to win the Japan Cup. won it then world record time which although Secretariat was not extended, Horlicks would have beaten it by 7-8 lengths comparing times. Fantastic horse, deserves to be somewhere on this list.

173Conquistador Cielo
174Tim Tam

No one ever remembers this son of the equally wonderful Tom Fool. Won the Kentucky Derby and Preakness before breaking his sesamoid bone during the Belmont and still managing to come in second.

175Round Table

A fabulous turf horse that, at one time, was the all-time leading money wining horse. Usually led from start to finish. An exceptionally classy horse that conducted himself more like he was at a dinner party than a horse race. Always ridden by The Shoe (Willie Shoemaker) and ran a lot @ Arlington Park in Chicago where my family fell in love with a horse.


Won group one king stand trained by Robert cowell


Some jokers responsible for some of these listings!
This horse at 183 whilst Rising Fast is only at 185?
That is simply insane.

178Deep Impact

He is Japan greatest horse ever, and is in top 5 of greatest horses ever

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179Haynies Maria

.Arazi - Watch the re-run of the 1991 Breeders Cup, Juvenile and you'll see just why Arazi makes it into my top ten. At the rear of the field before the final turn, Arazi takes off like a rocket to leave the rest (12 horses) standing. It was a breathtaking performance ingrained into the memory.

Unfortunately had one mind blowing performance and built a rep that was almost impossible to keep up, was one of my favourite races of all time though, was on another planet for a minute

Never seen a horse quicken like this horse did

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