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1Howard Stern Show

He invented the type of radio that all the others on this list are copying. He offers true reality entertainment. Unlike the manufactured "reality" shows, he shares his deepest secrets and weaknesses with the audience. No other entertainer is that honest and on display.

The Michael Jordan of radio.
Had a #1 book, movie and radio show all at the same time.
During his peak on terrestrial radio, Howard Stern was pulling in almost twice the numbers Rush Limbaugh has today.

Howard is all that they criticize him for: he's arrogant; he's crude; he's not plesing to the eyes; he's somewhat misogenistic; he's somwhat racially unclear; and he is overpaid. With all that being "true"; I see an intelligent, determined, thoughtful, hard-working, scrupulous man.

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2Rush Limbaugh

He makes me see possibilities of what is the motivation of politicians behind their actions and makes me think deeper. He is great in his knowledge of history and understands what has worked well for America and what hasn't. Congress should have to consult with him before they vote on anything.

Howard the duck number one, proof that idiocy rules the World.
Many good talk show hosts, but none does a better job then Rush.

I've been an avid fan since 1988. Loved him so much my license plate says "Ditto".

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3Elvis Duran and YMorning Zoo

Listened this morning to a segment on break ups and had to slow down driving from laughing too hard at the question of "were you looking at him at the time" referencing the caller saying it was during sex that she initiated the "we're done". Awesome show.

Best Crew - Carolina, John, Danielle, TJ, Sceery, Craig T, Froggy and of course Elvis Duran. Plus they have the best phone taps just check out Joanne Gordan.

They really get my morning going in the Morning... Nelly from Bensalem, PA

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4Opie and Anthony (feat. Jim Norton)

Best show on any type radio. The Ron and Pepper Hicks Show is right there too. Anyone who says they copy Stern clearly stopped listening along time ago and is just trying to ride a wave long past.

Grew up in the eighties listening to Howard and haven't looked back. Greatest of the great!

An absolute must-listen for any fan of comedy. Go download compilations of Patrice, Louis CK, Bob Kelly, Maron, Rogan and you will not be disappointed. Only show that was a complete hang.

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5Bob and Tom Show

greatest one... been on for years. I love it. - jwileson

Day-to-day the best show on radio!

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6Jarvis Cocker
7Paul Harvey

I used to listen to his stories as a little girl on the school bus. Oh, I must have been nine, maybe ten. He was an inspiration to me. He taught me many lessens in life.

When I was a small child, Radio and radio news was all we had. We had Paul Harvey, Johnny Dollar, The Six Shooter and work. I miss it all!

My husband I were recalling some wonderful voices and Paul Harvey had the best voice to listen to!

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8Car Talk

You learn a lot more about everything, not just cars. Fun show every time. - mgenet

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9STONE & Digital Dave Radio Show

Most funny and entertaining show I have heard of late. The ironic thing about them is, you can hear something on the Stone & Digital Dave show and days later, Howard Stern, Elvis Duran or Imus will have ripped it off like it was their original idea.

Once you start listening to them for the day, you just can't stop!

I heard them for the first time talking sports. It was refreshing no agenda just entertaining.


the queen of sappy love songs

I love your show Delilah

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11Don Imus

Don's a hit at our home as my son also was a popular on air personality and then they changed formats... But he enjoys listening to Don's show whenever he is on if possible.

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12The Mighty Boosh (Radio Series)

Yes this is awesome and number 1

13Hamish and Andy

These guys deserve to be number 1! They have me in hysterics every day on the way home from work

These guys are the absolute funniest! Listening to them right now

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14Pugs and Kelly

105.3 fm dallas. This is THE talk Show that Rocks!!!!

15Phil Hendrie

Phil Hendrie is the last bastion of true performance radio. Never disappointing.

Too funny and a great talent. Major media xm should give him s uncensored show..

16Mike and Mike In The Morning - ESPN Radio
17Dr. Drew PinskyVisit Website
18Chris Smith - WNXT
19MJ Morning Show
20Dr. Laura Schlessinger

I love her show...

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