Top Ten Best Radiohead Songs


A list of the most epic Radiohead masterpeices. Don't agree with the list? Vote for an existing item you think should be ranked higher or if you are a logged in, add a new item for others to vote on or create your own version of this list.

The Top Ten

Paranoid Android
This is probably the greatest song that there has ever been, and probably the greatest that there will be. If there is a song better than this by anyone on this planet, I would be truly astonished. It is probably not the best known Radiohead song, but the truly best songs are very rarely are the best known songs. OK Computer is Radiohead's best album and probably the best album ever recorded (it has won countless polls already). This song is the pinnacle of the ultimate album. It's sheer majesty just makes me want to weep. It is number one on the Radiohead list, but that position should also apply to any list of songs on this site. If you haven't heard this, for gods sake listen to it, it will change your life.
I just listened to it, amazing? Totally! A legend in rock music? Again, totally! Top 500 Rock songs ever? Yeah! Best song ever? Yea-wait, wait, wait... Slow down a little there. It's not the best song ever, there is many greater songs. Not just from Queen, Led Zeppelin, The Beatles, exedra, but also from Mozart, Rossini, Beethoven, exedra. It's not the best song to ever show on the face of the earth, but it's a damn good song!


This is awesome! Really really godd it makes you soul come out alive... I don't know what I am typing I just want to fill many words
Creep at number two... Really? Regardless, it is nearly impossible to choose a favourite Radiohead song but for some reason this one seems the obvious option.
[Newest]Very very nice song

"your just like an angel, your skin makes me cry"... "but I'm a creep"
i love this song
Gosh.. This song is so connected with my life... Every word of its lyrics fits right with what's going 'round me... A brilliant song anyway...
Nothing beats this, the pinnacle of Alt rock, simply amazing.
[Newest]Not just my favorite Radiohead song, but my ninth-favorite song of all time.
More comments about Creep

3Karma Police
"this is what you get...
When you mess with us", mm how can you not love this?
Definitely their best' song! Radiohead forever!
This song should be number one, the most enjoyable song by Radiohead... "arrest this girl, her Hitler hairdo is making me fill ill, and we have crushed her party" "this is what you get when you mess with us"
The most enjoyable song by them, creep gets old after 100 listenings, but this song is timeless to me, this song should be number 1 followed by no surprises and paranoid android, then lotus flower... Yes lotus flower
[Newest]This Should've been the best song on the list

4Fake Plastic Trees
damm I love Karma Police, No surprises and Fake Plastic Trees! its just so hard to decide between them, so I voted Fake Plastic trees because its too down on the list!


This is for sure my favourite Radiohead song, followed by "There There. "

Great to see both of them in the top 10. I know how tough the competition is, so I really do like seeing this a lot.

Radiohead has a collection like no other and this top 10 list proves that.
Its almost impossible to choose the no. 1.. I like every single song from them.. But fake plastic has this great relaxed yet powerful feeling... A masterpiece indeed.. And I thing.. Where I end and you begin should also be in top 10
[Newest]This song sends a chill up my spine, with its soft acoustic guitar, ghostly organ, and Thom Yorke's bountiful vocals

5Street Spirit (Fade Out)
Call Radiohead Joy Division and Talking Head's lovechild, this song doesn't only show what the band can do by themselves, it shows what they can do differently from their normal material. Most music by this band is a melancholic tune that emits so odd arrangement of happiness at the same time, with many songs eventually leaving this depressive state altogether. This song, as the band has described it, "a dark tunnel without the light at the end." This song gives off a morose feeling, such a strained feeling... It's something I've never really seen done the same to this magnitude. The lyrics don't have to be about anything, it's all in the way Yorke delivers them with such subtly and backbone behind them. Since I already have a wife and a job, there's nothing more in my life I can really plan for. The one thing I do plan for, however, is for this song to be played at my funeral for as many times as they can. That is my final wish.


There's just nothing like the emotion in this song. Here, Radiohead did something no one has really done before in creating a sad song that's incohesive in its meaning. Where other songs have the explanation and the resolution, Street Spirit just has more sadness and leaves it up to the listener to deduce a meaning and resolution for it all. Simply stunning.
This is ranked far too low. Such a powerful and moving song. To think that Creep is higher on the list than this..
[Newest]Will blow your mind...

6No Surprises
Its a song that can make you feel sad and happy at the same time, and not many songs can blend those feelings together. The melody is the true definition of beauty.
This is the most beautiful song ever written by any band. A deceptive and light ballad shrouds the morbidness and the sadness of the lyrics. Which, in turn, is what the song is about. Shrouding one's life with prettiness to cover the bad. Right before the song ends, and Thom Yorke belts out "Such a pretty house, and such A... pretty garden" gets me every time. Radiohead, overall, is incredible. However, this is my favorite song, off my favorite album of all time.
I love this quote "I said a quite life" too much.
[Newest]Best song by them, period. Helped me get over a cheating ex.

Despite giving a reaction of "what the hell am I listening to? " at first, it later becomes apparent this is an absolute masterpiece. After OK Computer, Radiohead were poised by critics everywhere as the next Beatles, rock saviors. Then they released Kid A. The whole album, especially Idioteque, ushered in the 21st century. The electronic sound could be interpreted as symbolizing technology and its importance on us now. The lyrical themes, however, are more terrifying. Talk of bunkers, protecting the children, scaremongering. Warning us about wars, global warming, and other threats made significantly worse with the inclusion of modern technology. Idioteque is not a song, it is a message, welcoming us to the 21st century. Or maybe, a warning.
Glitchy electro beats meets calming but disturbing electronic chords and also disturbing but powerful lyrics... Everything about this song is genius. One of the first Radiohead songs that I obsessively got into. It haunts you, but calms you, but [disturbs] you. We're not scare mongering, this is really happening.
This is the greatest song of the entire decade. Might not sound 'that' good at the first time you would hear it; but as you uncover its wonders through careful and repetitive listens, you will gradually discern its power, emotion, and sublime texture and feel (just like every other tracks on Kid A).
[Newest]I've been in love with this song since the first time I heard it. It's disturbing but beautiful, really lets you get in touch with your inner crazy but you cannot turn it off...I love it.

Possibly the best song of the 2000's, with the exception maybe of Idioteque or Neighborhood #1 (Tunnels). Lists of the "best" songs are, of course, extremely difficult because it is impossible to define the standard for what "best" means. I voted for Reckoner because of the chills I get through my entire body when I hear the gorgeous melody, as well as the imagery I feel while listening. I have no problem with Paranoid Android being #1, and in many senses, it probably is their "best" song. I'll leave you with a quote from Jonny: "It was when we recorded Reckoner that we felt we'd first got something special on tape." Beyond music theory and what music makes you think, Reckoner has that elusive ability to make you FEEL. And, in my opinion, I don't believe Radiohead has made a song that does quite like Reckoner does.
So loud... And so quiet. Before I listened to In Rainbows I had already listened to OKC and Kid A. I liked them very much, but nothing about them really hit me. Then I found this song and I believe this has changed my life. After the first two listens I didn't get into it that much - loud noises and a dinky melody. But over the following week I could not stop thinking of those unpredictable cymbals and snares, the beautiful swirling violins and choir, and the way it relaxes and builds from scratch again to climax to that... Final minute melody (which for me is the best minute of music I've ever heard). After that week I listened to it properly again and I fell in love. Only after finding Reckoner did I come back to OKC and Kid A and truly appreciate them for what they were - masterpieces. Reckoner was for me the key to accessing Radioheads more alienating songs, but no song before and since has ever made me shiver with joy so much. If you haven't heard it, please do so and if you have, do so again! When it hits you you may never forget it.
Honestly, one of the best songs ever made. You can't beat the emotions created by Reckoner
[Newest]This song is a musical prayer to me - so beautiful. The words, Thom's voice, the strings, the melody. I get chills from it. It makes me cry and feel uplifted and expansive and happy. Dedicated to all human beings.

9Everything In Its Right Place
My favourite song of all time. Simply amazing, I will never be the same after listening to this song. The amount of peace this song gives to me is incomparable. I literally have 512 plays of this song on my iTunes, and I like it more every time I hear it. Amazing.
The first 3 seconds are amazing. This keyboard is got a beautiful sound. The song is very dark, you feel just like Thom Yorke during his depression. Even being sad, Everything In Its Right Place is great, it brings you to another dimension. Very deep.
I'll never believe Creep, High and Dry things is in 10 and there's only 1 Kid A Song. 'Kid A' is truly masterpiece and Most innovative and beautiful album I've ever heard. I can't sure what is best song of them. But I know all the Kid A songs should have more reputation.
[Newest]Well, Kid A is that kind of album that you either love or you either hate. I LOVE this album and I think this song is the best Radiohead song of all time.

10Let Down
This song has changed my life, inspired me and I listen to it when I'm happy, sad or any emotion. I have no idea why this isn't number 1. The intro is amazing and the lyrics are intensely moving. Overall - a work of art!
This is the best radiohead song song ever. Everything about this song music lyrics vocals I mean everything you know those tiny things that no one noticed but you do. When you listed to this song you are on your own world nothing else whatever is happening matters you feel so empty...
This song has grown on me infinitely in the last month, to where I can't decide if this or fake plastic trees is my favorite Radiohead song (followed closely by street spirit and paranoid android). I used to think this song was almost filler compared to the more, well, outspoken songs around it, but I now consider it the best song on the album.
[Newest]Really nice joyful and "good mood" song.

The Contenders

11There, There
Just can't stop listening to this epic song, a real masterpiece! Its the only song that makes me think Lennon? Hendrix? Mercury? Jagger? No none! York is the king!
Very dark, the guitar is so great and the drums are very peculiar. Another one that is more complete when you watch its clip.
The way it starts out with the thumping beat creates this sort of anticipation. You're anticipating lots of emotions and thoughts, and when the guitar starts, I always get this sort of "point of no return" feeling. Then everything comes together, and builds up until it all explodes. Stylistically, it's the best Radiohead song on this list.

12How to Disappear Completely
This song makes me cry every time. Its so beautiful and amazing and I can't believe its not higher!
This song is so natural, I can't help think that by nothing more than the forces of gravity, inertia and vegetation, it grows out of its opening chord progression.
Masterpiece. Here's why. Thom plays a calm, peaceful melody over the most ominous chord ever. Gives a strong sense of false safety. Very inventive song and the highlight of Kid A for me.
[Newest]Beautiful song with divine music

13High and Dry
When you listen this song you remember your past, your future, your regrets but mostly you feel high and dry, that's how this song works on human body.
This song makes me cry, does the effect of this wave will make you have a somethis in your heart? The answer is yes!
This son is my favorite from Radiohead foverer men! Classic from the 90's I think should be the number 3
[Newest]Good song but I just hate the album cover

14Pyramid Song
Just like Idioteque, you start listening to the song, and you're all like "what the-? ". When you've listened to it as many times as I have, That just adds to how epic and beautiful this song is. One of the greatest ever made.
One of the most beautiful songs made, it makes me feel lost in the space.


This definitely belongs in the top 5. Besides Paranoid Android, Karma Police and Fake Plastic Trees no other Radiohead song comes close to this one. Their best song of the 21st century.
[Newest]The most haunting song I have ever heard. A masterpiece.

This is definitely the best Radiohead song. Paranoid Android and Creep are definitely up there, but every time I hear this song it's just so obvious that it is better. I can't get over this song.
[Newest]A truly genius song with a disturbing but beautiful masterfully composed chord compression, but at the same time it just feels like an intense awesome rock song that's packed with emotion

16Jigsaw Falling Into Place
... You can't really say that one radiohead song is the best because they are all amazing...!
I love everything about this song. All of the instruments blend and transition so beautifully. This song is definitely number 1 for me.
This song is uncommonly my favourite one, it makes you wanna run and never stop.
In Rainbows is my favourite album, and I know it's impossible to make a rank of the most beautiful masterpieces..
[Newest]I picture Thom Yorke in a smoky, dark bar scouring the place for a girl to go home with. This song tells such a story, I love it from beginning to end. I think it's my favorite.

17My Iron Lung
It's not famous, but it's a song worth listening to. The lyrics are outstanding and the guitar riffs are just out of this world. Must be in the top ten!
Listen this one then you'll know... This song deserves a much better spot.
One of the lesser known radiohead songs... But easily top ten material...
[Newest]I'm very surprised on how low this is...

18Lotus Flower
WHY IS THIS SONG ALL THE WAY DOWN HERE! It's SO AMAZING! THE BEAT OH MY GOSH THE DRUM BEAT! AMAZING! THE HAUNTING VOCALS AHH caps lock. Anyways, the drum beat is addicting, the vocals are brilliant clear and soothing, every sound in the song is perfectly incorporated into one, beautiful, haunting, driving, intense sound.
Come on guys. Lotus Flower being all the way down here is a disgrace to the song. Definitely the best song off of King of Limbs. The entire album is so easy on the ears. So catchy and the music video well... You should check it out.
It's like an explosion in my mind every time I hear to this song... I think it should be at least in the top ten..
[Newest]The only reason I can think of for this song to stand so low in this list is that not enough people have listened to this song. By the way the dance in the music video is the best I have seen in a long time.

19A Wolf at the Door
Such a unique song from them-- unlike anything they had done before. I really enjoy this song, it's individuality, and it's catchiness. Also, it gives off such a clear vibe of edginess, danger, and aggression... Love it.
What...? This one is the most awesome n meaningful song ever whats wrong with you guys?
One of the best songs ever made, I love the build up after the first chorus.

This is by far their best song. From first listen, I was emotionally committed to this band. Amazing music, amazing lyrics, amazing vocal performance, and has probably the best outro I've ever heard in a song. Shame on all of you for not voting TEAM OPTIMISTIC!
This song is so beautiful and haunting. It gets stuck in my head for days on end & I can't get enough of it. It's almost like crack- though there are quite a few other songs that are equally addicting.
A great songs that resembles something you'd hear on an earlier like "The Bends" By far the highlight of Kid A, and should be at least top 10 on this list. Very disappointed


21All I Need
So underrated... Very good song, its simple buts touches you, don't think is the best but needs to be higher in the list, love this song!
Totally needs to be higher on this list. When I first listened to it, I was shocked that a song could pull out love and hate at the same time, and Thom Yorke managed to do that perfectly on top of an eerie, and addicting backing track. Love it.
The best of radiohead, the music is simple and the video changes your mind. Must watch the MTV video if you really wanna know why radiohead is different from all the rest.. :'(

Why is this in the 24th place, this song is so great it so deserves to be in the top 5, for me it goes fake plastic trees, karma police, lucky, street spirit and codex
IT IS TRULY THE MOST AMAZING SONG WORK PIECE OF MUSIC EVER##. But really, this should be higher up on the list just because its Lucky. Great Song. Woohoo!
This is Radiohead at their best. The music, lyrics and singing are full of emotion. It's pure hope & inspiration in a song. Brilliant!
[Newest]My favorite all time song

23Exit Music (For a Film)
Thom Yorke is a real poet and this is the song that proves it music meets the lyrics in a way I've never heard before it encloses in itself all his sadness which culminates whit one melancholic sentence: We Hope That You Choke
One of if not the best Radiohead song. Unbelievably haunting and powerful. The first line "Wake from your sleep" gives me chills. This song got me through an extremely hard time, and the line "Breath, keep Breathing" was one of the things that kept me alive.
Its just great, starting slow and building. Love the vocals and just the general feel of the song. If you like the slower songs like codex or pyramid song then you will love this.
[Newest]It should be on the top 10

A truly beautiful piece of music, The build is incredible and when the lyric comes in and the change in key takes place I drift into a special place only this song can take me. Big headphones, close your eyes and drift off. Special
Into a clear lake... No one around! Beautiful, sad, this song makes me feel far and in peace.

2515 Step
Was going to pick "Paranoid Android", but I noticed that one of my other favorites was feeling a little lonely. A great opener for In Rainbows with a truly epic progression that'll make you feel things you've never felt before.
These are the type of lyrics today's society are missing!

"How come I end up where I started? How come I end up where I went wrong? Wont take my eye of the ball again, you reel me out then you cut the string..."
The songs is in 15/8. enough said

262 2 = 5
A very manic song with an epic explosion! This is the music where the new and the old radiohead come together. Aggressive, Intolerant, Angry and Emotional
A soft, "everything is perfectly fine" opening melody. Then it wakes you up...
It's basically a mini and more polished version of paranoid android. Best radiohead opener to an album hands down

27Climbing Up the Walls
Along with Exit music for a film, The Tourist and Electioneering.. This is the best song on OK Computer
Sick twisted nightmare of a song. It's amazing what music can make you feel
This is such a great song. People, this song deserves a better place!

28Kid A
Why the heck is this song so low down?!?! Clearly people just don't understand how amazingly well written this song is... You try writing an electronic four minute masterpiece with enough meaning in the music alone to have comprehensible lyrics! It makes you feel tense, worried, relieved, and a plethora of more emotions in the short four minutes of this song alone... People don't understand Radiohead...
First time I listen to this song and the whole album, I was like " that's weird and crazy" but I love this song (and the album) so much. Sometimes I just close my eyes and listen to this song and I feel like I was in a strange place with cold air.
The unimaginable nostalgia this brings back... Creates a such a sound that sound like children's toys being played with at the beginning. Kid A leads everyone into a new life and a new realm of music.

29Motion Picture Soundtrack
Absolutely gorgeous song. Makes me cry every time. Between Thom' s amazing vocals with such feeling and there equally beautiful heart felt music, I can't choose. Either way it makes me tear up.
The most bittersweet song I have ever heard, and the perfect love song. This should be in the top 10!
It just takes my breath away.

30Myxomatosis (Judge, Jury & Executioner)
Yeah FIFA 04. Great song
Why is this so low? How Thom's vocals have the same melody like that bassline in the 1st verse is amazing!

Please excuse if my English is not that good, I'm from Germany
This really jumpstarts the final part of hail to the theif. The song absolutely smokes

Beautiful! The moment in which the little and delicate guitar riff enters, really touches me...
The most underrated Radiohead song. Absolutely beautiful. This was what made The King of Limbs worth listening to. Might be my favorite song of theirs.
For me king of limbs is like the fruit of all the previous radiohead's albums, and SEPERATOR is their best work so far, this song is not less than paranoid android or everything in its right place.
[Newest]The beats MAKE this song

32The Bends
I think I've reached the minimum quality requirement... No, not yet... Almost there... Come on... Ugh.. Got it!
Without a doubt my favourite Radiohead record, this song captures the 90's in 4 minutes!
This is great music, a true masterpiece

33Weird Fishes
Why is this song so low, it is easily the best song off of In Rainbows, and definitely one of their top ten next to Street Spirit and There There. It is such a beautiful song, and the guitar makes it feel like you are actually underwater.
I was going to pick "Everything In Its Right Place", but this song at #31 is injustice. Most underrated Radiohead song of all time. As others have noted, the instrument and vocals give an aquatic effect, and if you close your eyes, you can see pretty much anything. I listened to it on a beach in Florida one night, and it transcended time and space. It was beautiful.
This is the song that got me into radiohead and I don't regret one bit. This song gives me the feeling which no other gives of alone in a ocean and me with myself... Awesome..
[Newest]The way this song builds and is themed definitely justifies this song being high up on this list.

34I Might Be Wrong
A song about being alive, a song about dying, a song about what makes you happy, and a song about depression. And how all those ideas can change in one instant... Such a good song. Inventive guitar riffs with some electronic percussion thrown in. You can just set this song on repeat and listen for hours. For anyone that didn't put in a vote for this song, please rethink, "I might be wrong".
Amazing sound with simple lyrics that nonetheless take you places. This should definitely be ranked within the top ten.
This is the greatest song of Radiohead, but I might be wrong..

35House of Cards
Beautiful song, unlike most other Radiohead songs. Thom's voice and the bass lift this song into having a surreal quality and the lyrics are simply amazing.


Just in peace when you listen to this song.. Takes you to some other world. No 32 is too low for such a great song.. And oh the video.. How can one not love it. Radiohead for life...
This is the best ever song of Radiohead... Come on guys vote please!

36You and Whose Army?
I know that this is not usually considered one of their "greatest" songs by most fans, but I feel that this song is the perfect mixture of the intense riffs that Radiohead is so good at procuring out of the airwhile still being as emotive as ever. I just think it is beautiful.

37True Love Waits
This song means so much to me. I really wish they would come out with a studio version of this, this song makes me so sad :') but happy at the same time.

"I'm not living... I'm just killing time. "
One of the best love songs I've ever heard
This song haunts me. period.

This song is so underrated, it should be at least on the top 10 replacing creep.
An overlooked gem! Not top 20 or material but come on, 101?
Amazing. Underrated, in my opinion.

Maybe not their best song, but it should be in the top ten.


40The National Anthem
I was under the impression this song had a bigger following.. This song is easily top ten and in my opinion their best. It is a great example of Radiohead at their best, where they just chew up whatever they might be listening to and spit back out something totally unique.
The bass. The brass. The Radiohead. This song is amazing! One of my all time favorites! Absolutely under-rated!
How can this be at 31? This is an absolute masterpiece, one of the greatest bass lines ever, the brass section! This is radiohead as it's best.
[Newest]The jazz elements of the brass plus the awesome bass line make this one fantastic song. Definitely one of Kid A's highlights. In my top ten Radiohead songs!

41Nice Dream
It is a shame on those people who haven't add this song on this beautiful list. Please guys I know that I am not the only one who likes this song so much.
Such a beautiful song, deserves to be in the top 20 at least.
This is a song with so much meaning. It should definitely be in the top 20 at least!

42Knives Out
This is ranked 41?

Just goes on to show you the unparalleled greatness of the band.

This song would easily fit anywhere between #1 and #15 in the "best songs list" of almost any other band or artist.

I won't say this is the best Radiohead song, but the arrangement of the song is so beautiful and complex that it deserves to be ranked in the top 20 (as a bare minimum)
Simply inspiring / inspired...
Best groove of any radiohead tune

I don't know what it is, feels so cold and empty but still warm and connected? So much purity
This song is in 44? What? But I guess we can't really number it 1-10 when it comes to Radiohead because all their songs are actually the best. And man this song give me too much feelings.
I don't know what it is, but this song gives me so many mixed emotions each time I listen to it. Along with reckoner and scatterbrain this is my favourite song ever

44Subterranean Homesick Alien
My favorite song off of OK Computer. The guitar effects in this song are simply amazing, and Thom's vocal performance is great as always.


My goodness me, how can this only be at Number 40?! Just listen to the grandness of the overall sound, the expansiveness, the brilliant balance between high energy and delicate, quiet intricacy. Easily in the top 10 for me this one.
What! #38. Serious? Subterranean homesick alien is such a masterpiece. Great music. Thom sang it so well. Listen to dis more frequently. N dis will surely grow on U. -. -
[Newest]Why is it 42? It really is a great song

Is only me or this music also makes you imagine flying in a tiny spaceship, charged with anti-matter bombs, ready to save the Earth (after had ruined it... ) by destroying a bunch of crazy androids made by yourself?
Come on! This is one of my all time favorites by them. It shows Thom's signature singing voice, and all of the music is great. Especially the intro This should be in at least the top 10.

46Where I End and You Begin
Not even listed come on! For shame! Live from the basement all time favorite Radiohead performance.
I know... it's hard to choice the best song but 41^?. My favourite lyrics andi voice exibition of Thom

47Life In a Glasshouse
How could this be this low down. It may not be the best but in the top ten, that's for sure. Maybe the top five. This is incredibly emotional.

My Top Ten of Radiohead in no particular order.
Everything in it's Right Place
Life in a Glasshouse
Kid A
Paranoid Android
Black Star
My Iron Lung
Such a departure from normal radiohead. Great dark jazzy elements
This song could be the masterpiece from Amnesiac's

48Go to Sleep
I am surprised that no one noticed this song. This is one of the few songs that made me euphoric (with hints of horror and depression, difficult to put in words). It expresses emotions which cannot be expressed through any language. The ending is absolutely haunting... Yes, I think haunting is a word that comes close enough.

49Black Star
This is an amazing song build... Should be much higher
The end to that song "This is killing me" is amazing. Definitely one of the best.

50Talk Show Host
One of their most obscure songs, but an absolute masterpiece. You don't even need to like Radiohead to like this song. It has an extremely memorable, catchy, minimalist and melancholy-sounding guitar riff.

51Bullet Proof...I Wish I Was
Seriously guys! Jhonny is epic with that tune! Its like thinking about your ex girlfriend and then riding a rollercoaster and thinking how beautiful your life was this song is one of the best I have ever heard!
Seriously? 53? This song is beautiful. 53 is just too low a rank for an amazing song like this.
It's my favorite Radiohead song, probably the best after fake plastic trees.

52Last Flowers
Paranoid Android, Karma Police, Fake Plastic Trees may be a wiser choice, but no other Radiohead songs that strikes me like this song. Sometimes whenever I'm tired I just close my eyes and listen to this song and let it seeps through my bones and brings me down with it.
My absolute favorite song by Radiohead. And there isn't one song that I don't like by them.
The mellow piano mixed with the chilling vocals are just... an experience. And then when the guitar comes in it steps to a new level. An absolutely fantastic song with a big meaning.
Is good son dedicate kurt cobain

53Polyethylene (Parts 1 & 2)
Little brother of Paranoid Android, and it's a great song

Really good song. How has none voted for this masterpiece yet?
Oh man why does nobody know this? This song is so beautiful!
Highly overlooked and underrated should be higher.


Simply the best Radiohead song to me... It's already great and complex in the album, but the live version of this song is just out of this world, unreal. It's sad that it's so underrated because it was in The King of Limbs, an album a lot of people didn't like/understand completely.

56Planet Telex
I'm not sure why, but this song is calming and energizing at the same time. What a sublime song, and so early in radiohead's career. I wasn't a fan until I heard this masterpiece.
You can listen to this song 20 years later and its still sounds actual and very beautiful... For me, this is the best song of radiohead!

57Morning Bell
WHY IS THIS SO DANG LOW. My second favorite off of kid a next to optimistic.
Deserves to be at least in the top 50, but every radiohead song is amazing

58The Tourist
Oh man, why is The Tourist this far down? From Thom Yorke's signature wail in the chorus, the amazing guitar solos throughout (don't you find it creepy how you can predict every single little sound as the song progresses) and how the song makes you think of... Nothingness, this is by far and wide one of Radiohead's best tracks.

I like to think of this as their hidden gem, their secret weapon if you wish. The best song that nobody's ever heard of.
Totally agree. Nobody ever seems to have heard of this song, but its amazing. The guitar at the start is so good. Potentially their best song if only it were given a little more recognition. Definitely recomend giving it a listen and voting it up.
Amazing song, pretty weird to see it this down, it should be at least top 10. Amazing chorus and guitars, too bad its so underrated.
[Newest]Greatest album closer of all time, bar none.

59Give Up the Ghost
One of thom's best vocal performances
This is the best work I have ever heard from radiohead and it sounds very different from the usial stuff they do, so come on put this in

60Packt Like Sardines In a Crushd Tin Box
This song is one of my personal favorates and I don't know why it doesn't get the credit it deserve

Wow... This song should be way higher. Extremely powerful vocals, an understated, yet well composed riff. Oh well, all I can do is shrug my shoulders.
Amazing song from from one of the best albums ever
Needs to be ranked higher.

62Go Slowly
Scrolling scrolling scrolling... Ah! Here you are! All the way at 61... Well, I absolutely love this song and although I wouldn't make it number one, it definitely deserves to be higher on the list.

63I Will (No Man's Land)
I think it has a lot of deeper meaning,...I love this song, yet it is SO underrated.

64Sit Down, Stand Up
This song is trippy, especially after the second half, It Should definitely be within at least top twenty!


Just a good ole fashioned rock driven song, with possibly Johnny Greenwoods best guitar solo in the entire radiohead catologue.

66Blow Out
Don't understand why people always hate on pablo honey. It is a good album. Still, their other albums are just as good and they all have certain qualities that make them stand out, but anyway this song would definitely be in my top 10 and if Lurgee was on this list I would make it number one. And faust arp should be in the top 10. It is amazing.
Amazing. No doubt it's one of Pablo Honey's best songs, and I even consider it one of Radiohead's best songs. It doesn't get too many votes since it's not a really well known song, but I honestly think it should be at least in the top 20.(I'd personally vote it within the top 10)
51, really! Come on people! I agree, Pablo honey is definitely not their best album, but blow out would definitely make for an awesome soundtrack... The long guitar riffs are just amazing.

67Like Spinning Plates
First time listening : weird song
After 10 times listening : hmm, this isn't bad at all
After 50 times listening :, this is truly exceptional
After 100 times listening : Best song ever
The live version on I Might Be Wrong - Live Recordings - wow, what beautiful musical artistry - another one of their incredible piano-driven pieces. Every time I venture into new RH territory I find something irresistable such as this.
Should have ben at least in the Top 10. :(

68Thinking About You
Listen to this guys, it's the best song if you love someone who you may never get

69Weird Fishes/Arpeggi
Very underrated. This songs is so dense, it talks about a universal situation. The guitar riffs make you feel like swimming, and the song was so well-written that you can imagine yourself "falling off and in the deepest ocean, the bottom of the sea".

70The Daily Mail
I kind of figured this would be really low down the list since it's one of their new songs and it's only a B-side. I love King of Limbs, but the fact they didn't include this song on it is probably one of the things that I still don't understand. I love the buildup to the amazing climax, as well as the beautiful beginning as well.

Wouldn't necessarily call this my "favorite" Radiohead song, but it should be definitely notified as one their bests and is always going to be in my top 5 favorites.
Way too low on this list! Even though this is a B-side this song is amazing and is just as good if not better than any song on King of Limbs.
Sad, then happy... Love it

71The Trickster
You guys really call yourselves true radiohead fans? Then I must say you haven't heard this song at all... Because there is no reason that the song is way down in the list after being heard...
I agree! You hear that song and don't vote for it? Now that's something unreal...

72A Punch Up at a Wedding.

73Sail to the Moon
I honestly don't understand why this is SO far down! Better than paranoid android and creep if you ask me. Listen for yourself I swear you will love it
The live version of this song with just thom and jonny playing is one of radiohead's best moments. this song is way trippy

74Faust Arp
I simply cannot believe that this is so low on the list. While it is no masterpiece it does deserve to be in the top 20 at least. Very nice Beatles-esque acoustic ballad short, simple, and sweet.

75Anyone Can Play Guitar
A classic from Pablo Honey
God you guys must be kidding... I mean all you so called Radiohead fans... Not a single vote... At least listen to this song guys... Damn it you r missing one part of Radiohead here!
A great Pablo honey track.


76How I Made My Millions
One of their best and most underrated songs found on the Collector's Edition of OK Computer


78In Limbo
One of the greatest Radiohead tunes ever and it couldn't even make the top 101?

I suppose it's also the most underrated.

79Pop Is Dead

80Palo Alto
Palo Alto is awesome and like nobody has voted for it. Why. It's simple and it's great and smart musically and lyrically. It makes you feel just happy and energized

81Super Collider

Absolutely fantastic song, completely underrated.
This is the penultimate track on HT and is a nice emotional war like song with some very minimalisticly complex melodies, a hidden gem persay. In my personal Top 5 Radiohead songs. The fact that it wasn't even mentioned made me a little bit mad.

83Inside My Head
One of Radiohead's heaviest songs.

84Nobody Does It Better (Cover)

85Morning Mr. Magpie
Catchy and well made with lyrics
Listen to the Austin city limits version

86Gagging Order
Beautiful acoustic song. Really different for the band, especially since it's presented on the COM LAG EP next to songs like "I Am Citizen Insane" or "Where Bluebirds Fly" which are totally electronic. Great contrast.
I think this song is great, and very underrated

87Paperbag Writer
It's great that Thom plays this live with Atoms For Peace. Such an underrated song! To me, it's the band's greatest b-side.

This song at least deserves to be one of the highest up among the B-sides. Great song!

89We Suck Young Blood

90The Gloaming
A very unique, diverse song. One of their most experimental songs. And guess what? It's awesome!

91Faithless the Wonderboy
This one and Pearly

92Dollars and Cents


94The Butcher

954 Minute Warning
Give this bonus tack from In Rainbows a listen if you haven't heard it. this deserves to be higher, there are definitely more intense and complicated songs in radiohead's discography, but this packs so much emotion into a slow and truly haunting song. Great message with a chorus that will stick with you
Listened to all the ones of radiohead in the top list, but this one made me come to tears. Powerful, pleasing... outstanding concept by radiohead. MUST listen!

96Hunting Bears

97Permanent Daylight

98How Can You Be Sure
How Can You Be Sure that it's not on the list? I had to check 3 times. Surely How Can You Be Sure has to be surely on the list. I'm sure it's a great track. Definitely Top 10 anyway.

99Punchdrunk Lovesick Singalong

100A Reminder

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