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I can't stop listening to this song! Radiohead's take on the "Bond" Theme! Perfect!

62Sit Down, Stand Up

Why is this all the way down here?!? This is like my favourite!

I have no idea what the last part is saying... something about power rangers?

This song is trippy, especially after the second half, It Should definitely be within at least top twenty! - rishabhtiwari

63Last Flowers

Paranoid Android, Karma Police, Fake Plastic Trees may be a wiser choice, but no other Radiohead songs that strikes me like this song. Sometimes whenever I'm tired I just close my eyes and listen to this song and let it seeps through my bones and brings me down with it.

My absolute favorite song by Radiohead. And there isn't one song that I don't like by them.
The mellow piano mixed with the chilling vocals are just... an experience. And then when the guitar comes in it steps to a new level. An absolutely fantastic song with a big meaning.

I'll never understand why this didn't make it to In Rainbows. Way underrated.

Just gorgeous!

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64Ful Stop

Easily best on their new album, and a contender for top 5 if not 3 - MikaBeeWall


Really good song. How has none voted for this masterpiece yet?

Oh man why does nobody know this? This song is so beautiful!

Highly overlooked and underrated should be higher. - Quart

This definitely needs to be higher.

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66Talk Show Host

One of their most obscure songs, but an absolute masterpiece. You don't even need to like Radiohead to like this song. It has an extremely memorable, catchy, minimalist and melancholy-sounding guitar riff.

This is one of my favorites by them. every time I hear the riff it makes me feel like I'm downtown in some big city.

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67Black Star

This is an amazing song build... Should be much higher

This deserves to be in the top 10. My favourite song on The Bends next to Fake Plastic Trees.

The end to that song "This is killing me" is amazing. Definitely one of the best.

Truly underappreciated classic.

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68The Trickster

You guys really call yourselves true radiohead fans? Then I must say you haven't heard this song at all... Because there is no reason that the song is way down in the list after being heard...

I agree! You hear that song and don't vote for it? Now that's something unreal...

I don't really understand why this song is down here.
This is an amazing song.

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69Polyethylene (Parts 1 & 2)

Little brother of Paranoid Android, and it's a great song

70Nice Dream

It is a shame on those people who haven't add this song on this beautiful list. Please guys I know that I am not the only one who likes this song so much.

Such a beautiful song, deserves to be in the top 20 at least.

This is a song with so much meaning. It should definitely be in the top 20 at least!

Same as fake plastic trees. Come on guys vote it's one of the best

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71The Present Tense

The new album is amazing, Decks dark is my favourite though, but I still love this. I think this is probably my favourite album, or maybe tied with In Rainbows...

Most beautiful song they've ever made along with How to Disappear Completely, just simply stunning.

Nothing short of genius. Just goes to show that Radiohead are still at the top of their game.

Oh, this song deserves top 10. Vote guys

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72Sail to the Moon

I honestly don't understand why this is SO far down! Better than paranoid android and creep if you ask me. Listen for yourself I swear you will love it

The song is majestic, in my opinion it's also some of Thom's best vocals and everything seems to hang together, if you don't believe me give it another listen...

The live version of this song with just thom and jonny playing is one of radiohead's best moments. this song is way trippy

73Faust Arp

I simply cannot believe that this is so low on the list. While it is no masterpiece it does deserve to be in the top 20 at least. Very nice Beatles-esque acoustic ballad short, simple, and sweet.

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Wow... This song should be way higher. Extremely powerful vocals, an understated, yet well composed riff. Oh well, all I can do is shrug my shoulders.

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75Blow Out

Amazing. No doubt it's one of Pablo Honey's best songs, and I even consider it one of Radiohead's best songs. It doesn't get too many votes since it's not a really well known song, but I honestly think it should be at least in the top 20.(I'd personally vote it within the top 10)

Don't understand why people always hate on pablo honey. It is a good album. Still, their other albums are just as good and they all have certain qualities that make them stand out, but anyway this song would definitely be in my top 10 and if Lurgee was on this list I would make it number one. And faust arp should be in the top 10. It is amazing.

51, really! Come on people! I agree, Pablo honey is definitely not their best album, but blow out would definitely make for an awesome soundtrack... The long guitar riffs are just amazing.

This song proves that Pablo Honey is not just a "one-hit wonder album." Great closer, something that Radiohead often does so great.

76The Daily Mail

I kind of figured this would be really low down the list since it's one of their new songs and it's only a B-side. I love King of Limbs, but the fact they didn't include this song on it is probably one of the things that I still don't understand. I love the buildup to the amazing climax, as well as the beautiful beginning as well.

Wouldn't necessarily call this my "favorite" Radiohead song, but it should be definitely notified as one their bests and is always going to be in my top 5 favorites.

Way too low on this list! Even though this is a B-side this song is amazing and is just as good if not better than any song on King of Limbs.

Best radiohead song I've heard since stuff from ok computer. There BACK! Radiohead is good agaain yayayayayayy

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77Thinking About You

Listen to this guys, it's the best song if you love someone who you may never get

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78I Will (No Man's Land)

I think it has a lot of deeper meaning,...I love this song, yet it is SO underrated.

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79A Punch Up at a Wedding.
80In Limbo

One of the greatest Radiohead tunes ever and it couldn't even make the top 101?

I suppose it's also the most underrated.

Not only my favorite Radiohead song, but my favorite song of all time. It mesmerizes me every time I hear it. Sad to see how underrated it is.

I love the lyrics and I think the music fits extremely well with the theme of the song. It makes me feel like I'm spiraling down

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