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The Top Ten

This is the song that got me into Rammstein, its a fantastic song.
Sonne and mutter are the greatest songs from rammstein. It's amazing how they combine vocals with electronic guitars. Rammstein is one of my favourite bands alongside AC/DC and Children of Bodom. But links 2-3-4 should be in top 10 too
What a song, pure genius!
Wish Mutter was on here though, my fave song of theirs followed closely by Reise Reise which should also be on here in my opinion. I don't agree with Keine Lust being where it is since despite loving it I doubt it is once of their top 10 songs.
Simply put, the ending of Mutter is amazing, the "Oh Gib Mir Kraft" sends such empowering yet sorrowful feelings down my spine, combine that with the amazing instrumental and the power lyrics of the rest of your song and you easily have a definite candidate for the top 10, hell maybe even the top 5!
[Newest]One of- if not the best metal song in a LONG time.

2Du Hast
First rammstein song I ever heard, and my favorite.


dude, yes! this song is so freaking epic. DU HAST! LISTEN TO THIS SONG YOU WILL FREAK OUT FOR THE WORLD OF METAL!
Amazing Live (Knebworth - 2010) and it really gets the crowd moving.
[Newest]One of my favorites

3Mein Herz brennt
Well if it not the best at least should be in the top 3, Further than Feuer Frei.
This song is amazing! I don't remember how many times I've heard it, but it never fails to amuse me. Its a fantastic song.
Perfect transition from metal to the soft guitar reef in the end. Mind blowing!
The last bit will blow you away, I can swear
Awesome song. They have keen sense of music. The tune is very nice! Specially the reef in the end.
[Newest]I have heard it so many times I'm starting to get tired of it.. But it is one of the best, it's just.. perfect

4Ich will
This song has to be in the top 3 an amazing rammstein song infact this song should be the number 1 song it represents the great heavy metal that rammstein is
Anthem. The rising power electrifies the listener. The song evolves as the band dares to include various styles. It all works together.
Amazing Song, Impossible Not To Rock Along To It, Makes You Wanna HeadBang Until Your Head Comes Off.
[Newest]The Video was an Amazing One...

5Mein Teil
Nominated for a Grammy
Album-Reise Reise

Rammstein has so many great songs, I think making a list is impossible, but Mein Teil definitely deserves to be at least in the top 5.
Their best song, and their best video.
I only wish the album version of this song contained the introduction sounds from the video version.
[Newest]Best song of Rammstein

6Feuer Frei
I am goin mad listening to the song... freakin awesome...


This song is amazing great job from the keyboard and th singer way better than du hast.. At least it is not repetitive
[Newest]First song I listen to by rammstein. Love everything I've heard so far

7Ich Tu Dir Weh
this song is plain brilliant. its sad that it isn't in the top 10. the bass is divine, and so is the tune. Ich tu dir weh is equally awesome. du hast is good, but not better than these.
I'm glad I don't understand German. That way it doesn't bug me as much when I listen to this song.
Banned from being performed live in Germany for a while, a ban which was later lifted.

[Newest]I simply love it.

8Reise, Reise
Reise, Reise is an awesome song. Sounds great and the meaning of it is so amazingly chilling. Especially when your dad wants to be a fisherman.
reise reise seems like it hase many different meanings, and this is def. the best song by rammstein
I don't rlly need to say why, but I strip to it and it's awesome, all around
[Newest]My favourite song from one of my all time favourite bands

I Love this song, amazing lyrics and powerful, intense music. Should be in the top 5
The music is awesome. Bobo's voice is heavenly! I hear the song repeatedly for the whistling alone.
Oh, that whistle's got me learning to whistle after years and years! *. *
And ohh, Till, you sexy thing.
[Newest]I will always remember this whistle and the voice of Bobo for as long as I live. Flawless victory.

10Keine Lust
Keine lust is the best rammstein song... For a rammstein fan that is... For non rammstein fans is the popular songs before it in the list...
The way this song is performed is spectacular, but then with the video, its originality really makes it spectacular, should be in the top Five no doubt.
this is maybe the best Rammstein video, and also the song is perfect for headbanging!


[Newest]This one is my favorite song, couldn't stop myself listening to it

The Contenders

I'd put this up to number one. This can't be below 5...
Such amazing power and harmony at the same time...

The song that got me into Rammstein, STILL currently in love with the song...


What this should be NUMBER one, I mean listen to the lyrics AWESOME!

We are living in Amerika!
Amerika ist wunderbar!


A great reflection of American capitalism and globalization, all mixed in with an awesome rock-theme and epic guitar.
Coca cola sometimes war
[Newest]I Really Like This Song

Rammstein has and continues to be one of my favorite bands of all time and thus song is my personal favorite and one of their best. Mutter is probably their most touching song and yet tragic. This song is just so powerful it can make people cry. As a kid I didn't understand any German at all but I didn't need any translation when I heard the word "mutter". Perhaps the most simple yet powerful word in our language. It's the first German word I learned and it still gets me every time I listen to this song.

Love the band, love the song, Rammstein for live!
Their best song, according to me. But it was hard to decide : all their songs are wonderful.
Oh, come on! At least it's one of the best. And yes, I know the lyrics. It does not make it worse at all. Still beautiful and powerful music. The best, in my humble opinion.

14Ohne Dich
Not only their best song, but simply the best song ever!
Really don't understand why it didn't make it to the top 10!
Beautiful song - love the video as well. Really shows the power of Till's voice, one of the best ballads I've heard
Amazing Lyrics. Till's a genius.
Album-Reise Reise

[Newest]Clearly one of the top 5

15Du riechst so gut
Is a very powerful song I am told, by my Co-Rammers m/ m/.

I'm a huge fan of Rammstein. I love all his songs but none caught my attention like this music video. so inspiring, I loved this one the most. But its tied with: ich will, mutter, mein herz brennt, and sonne. But we can all just agree that Rammstein is amazing!


MUST BE in Top 10, don't know why Mein Herz brennt is #7, Amerika #6 and Feuer Frei #4
[Newest]The most catchy rammstein song caught my attention straight away!

16Waidmanns Heil
this is song is a faster, heavier and better feuer frei. The bass and drums are so brilliant. The latest album is actually the best one. Ich tu dir weh, rammiled, buckstabu all just to awesome. This album made me truly love rammstein
Waidmanns Heil is just a great song that doesn't get a lot of credit for how good it is. There needs to be more sehnsuct songs on this list not just du hast, and Engel.
How could this not be on the list. There was something wrong with the last list. This is the song that made want to hear more


[Newest]Rammstein's heaviest, most powerful and memorable song. Enough said

Heh... Well maybe the lyrics are a bit "wrong" but I really love this song!
Why do we have to "o it quick"? Are we running out? So what's the problem? The best song of a super album.
Oh come on, you know its catchy


[Newest]You know you like it...

This song rocks! All about DESTRUCTION! This song moved me so much when I heard it, it just makes me shout and rock my head rapidly back in forth screaming. I would name this song destruction orgasm if I could.
One of the best rammstein song. The music is great but it almost has no meaning. I prefer you to listen it. I think if yo
Love the band, love the song, Rammstein for live!
I love covering this song

This is one of my favorite songs by Rammstein and a awesome song to play on the drums. Has such a great beat that you would swear anyone would like. Between the effects on the keyboard and the beat on the drums, it's perfect!
AWESOME song can't get better
Weird but cool

Absolutelly breath-taking, I love it. So terribly beautiful..


The Best song of my loved Rammstein! I love Sehnsucht
The choice of words go excellent with music and the titel "longing"... German words, Indian music, Africa, Mexico, big bird...
This is what I like in Rammstain - it makes subconscious evident, so you can remove it if you want, and get better.
This song is catchy as hell, expacially guitar riffs

22Stein um Stein
An epic composition and mad mad lyrics... Too bad not many have heard about it. A true personification of what Rammstein is all about! Deserves to be there right at the top!
How is this not even in the top 10? An epic song all the way with perfect lyrics.
"Stone by stone" just three of the dope lyrics in this song.

23Links 2 3 4
Rammstein is not Nazist.

When they came to Mexico, it was fantastic!
This should be in top 5, this song is TOP NOTCH!
Vote with me if you Agree!
Brilliant! the marching rhythm adds so much power to the song!
[Newest]I love it,... The concept, the humour, the warm massage behind the cold form

Oh my god! The best song ever! Should be #1! You just don't understand this song.. Don't undestand how cool is this.. You must listen it and after voting. Of course its hard to understand... But only listen and maybe you will understand.. Life will stay better if you can understand
everything that rammstein is!
A perfectly creepy atmosphere and an epic keyboard. All I can say is well done Rammstein. Well done.


[Newest]Why only 1 percent?

25Mann gegen Mann
how is this 25 this is one of their best songs so what if its about man against man just listen to it who cares what they say appreciate it
This song is AMAZING. The more and more I look up the "top ten" from various bands that I'm familiar with the more and more I come to realise how flawed these lists R. I have noticed that all the Rosenrot album is totally underrated. This song should be top 10. "Spring" "Wo bist du" should be far higher also. I'm guessing understanding German also allows me to appreciate songs that contain the whole package, not just a good beat.
Easily my favourite by them. It's so brutal! Mann Gegen Mann!
[Newest]This is one of the best Heavy Metal song ever! How come its not in the top 10 list?

26Buck Dich
The most pulse-pounding and synchronized track with a definitive and constant rhythm; the track flows the best and is comparable to a climax-packed boss fight in a video game. Definitely my favorite of all Rammstein tracks due to the congruent beat and awesome tune.
This a great song. This is the song that got me into rammstein. You should definitely take a listen before you vote.
Surprised to find this song at #27... This is definitely a top 5 and its also very FUNNY when Till performs this live!
Long Live Rammstein! Can't wait for 2013 album...


This song is too addictive!
Wont get bored listening to this..
Must have been quite some places above..
Amazing I was hooked the first time I heard it and the guitar solo 2:09-2:33 is just unique awesome song!
Probably the most powerful, and sad song by Rammstein

29Weisses Fleisch
This is Rammstein's heaviest tune. It's build-up is insane and the power goes through the entire song. This really should be in the top tens and it's my personal favourite.
Amazing song with an old-school Rammstein song. Extremely sick lyrics.

30Dalai Lama
Mission impossible to find 10 best songs of rammstein.
They have so much beautiful songs that anyone can find their self into the songs of rammstein.
They are simply genius.
You can't find anyone in the world that have heard rammstein and don't like them. It's impossible
Easily one of their best songs!
Have you ever heard this song?
This is awesome...
Fan of rammstein. The best band ever

Definitely one of the best, When I tell people to listen to rammstein, I tell them to leave this song till last, when you hear till's vocals on all the other songs, snd then hear them on this, it will blow you away, how a singer eith such a deep powerful voice produces such a sift beautiful sound on this song, a lot with the hypnotizing bass/ guitar riff, it is one of history's hidden gems
different from any other rammstein song. unique.
Such an amazing soft, reminds me of starway to heaven in the way that it starts soft, then picks up, its done very smoothly, and the message behind the song is so... Great!
[Newest]Can't believe this one is not on the top 5.
So sad, and yet so amazing song

You serious! This song is so fun to hear and play! You guys have no taste!
This is my favourite song of Rammstein, and I was surprised when I saw it on 32nd place... seriously, this deserves more
This song deserves a better spot. Its lyrics and dark riffs make this song a classic!
[Newest]This is one of greatest songs by ANY metal band!

I'm a big Rammstein fan and I think this song is very much underrated its one of their good intense songs love it I'm not to sure about the top ten list think it needs re shuffiling
Awesome song, as simple as that. Well, at least it's gotta be around the first 10, in my opinion it sounds amazing.
Composition of this song is mind blowing! Great impact!
[Newest]I hope I can one day hear this one live.. Sad to see they haven't been playing such great songs, outside of their comfort zone

34Mein Land
Awesome clip, and it's kinds funny how Rammstein decided to make a video just for fun. I just love it. It has that weird feel in it which makes me listen to it on and on. Should be in Top Ten.
That's the newest and in my opinion the best song they have made. Plus the clip is JUST awesome!
Great anti-Nazi song. I like the motiv of Joker, the puppets on beach, and the watchman with spreading voice. Words "mein land" sound like coming from demons that claim the posession of land.

35Asche zu Asche
This is one of my favorite Rammstein songs. Definitely in my top 10.
I bet you gonna like this tune! is rammsteinly great!


How is this not top ten?!?!? I listen to it every day. It's much better then Sonne.

36Wo bist du
Most underrated Rammstein song! This piece of art can relax your bones to an unimaginable level
Wo bist du is rammstein's best creation. I don't understand the lyrics as its german but it feels very emotional. The flute.. Its all crazy.
I think that this song Should should be in the top ten or at least # 12

37Liebe ist fur alle da
AMAAZING lyrics. And guitars. And drums. Love many songs but right now this is my favorite. It has slow pace, but still it's speedy. Undescribable. Amazing rammstein

This song was on the way to being my favourite song ever. Heavy rammstein on top dirty dance riffs underneath. Would have loved those dirty dance squirts to win more of the battle, but it's rammstein so fair enough. Still an uber classic.
Glad to know that people are starting to notice this song! It's not known just because of its rarity I think. One of Rammstein's best in my opinion. Album-Mutter (Limited Editions)
This was the first Rammstein song I ever heard. It really introduced me to Rammstein. Definitely better than most others like Sonne.

39Heirate Mich
Rammstein's song are always epic, but this...
The lyrics and the music in the background...
I always get goose pimples while listening this song.

Exquisite. I don't usually dig songs with chicks but this is beyond great and the Russian really nails the feel. Any Rammstein fan, new or veteran should check this out. This is easily in my top 5.

Absolutely head blowing - how come it is so low in the ranking? Go LOS...
Great song, very catchy... Who needs to understand the language in order to understand that this is an awesome tune?
Great song, should be higher
[Newest]Los is a great song and it's even better live

Really? Number 53? No way! Because of this song I started digging Rammstein. Absolute awesome riffs and effects.
This is my favorite of all! Come on!

43Der Meister


Why the hell song is so underrated?
Needs to be at least in the top 20


I'm pretty surprised this is so low on the list. I think Mutter is their best album, and after having thoroughly enjoyed Ich Will, Links 2 3 4, Adios, Mutter, Sonne, Feuer Frei and Mein Herz Brennt I decided to continue exploring the album. I was pleasantly surprised by this song. Leave it to Rammstein to compose a song about a hermaphrodite and come out with fine art.
This is definitely a song that should be a bit higher. I'm not saying top ten, but 30? No... This has one of their best riffs and what the song is actually about is pretty damn humorous. I'm surprised they haven't played this song live in about 11 years. I'd go nuts if I was at a show and they played this.
This song rocks, should be there in better place as 10

48Wollt Ihr das Bett in Flammen Sehen ?
Come on guys! This had got to be the best out of all of them!
Epic song, very angry. My personal favorite.
I think you don't know this song. First listen, then vote.

49Wiener Blut
One of my favorites!

Best hands down, many great songs from a great band but this song stands out way above the rest for me
That's one of the best songs by them. I wonder why it is not in the even top 40
My all time favorite! In my opinion the album Mutter is their best album, with this song as the best song from the album
[Newest]Everything about this song is perfect - the music box motif is beautiful


52Wilder Wein

Well I don't know German and the literal English translation scare the crap of me but after Reise Reise, Feuer Frei and Du Hast this is my favorite song.
I'm also shocked. This song can't be so low! Rammstein have a great deal of cool songs but Amour is really something special. So strong in both music and lyrics, so touching and rough simultaneiusly...
Aw, c'mmon! This must be the song that shows love in the most raw and original way. I'm out of here.

54Fuhre mich
This is my favorite song of all time
Cannot believe this song is sitting this low. Maybe because it was a bonus track from LIFAD. Anyway, amazing song.
Awesome rock music take you into a wolrd full of lust

Great lyrics, great melody, and that synthesizer intro that Flake composed is genius. Definitely sets the perfect mood for a song about an environmental disaster.
I voted for this song because I really think this has got to be one of the most underrated songs ever. This song is extremelly strong, with deep lyrics and very good melodies. I still don't understand why this song isn't on the "normal" LIFAD album.

56Te quiero p***!
Definitely not the best of R+, but I must vote for it, cause 5 days ago I made a tattoo on my chest with the name of this song :)

57Wut Will Nicht Sterben

58Hilf Mir
Are your kidding me?
This song must be in top15 at least
I think it is the best song of rammstein. It should be in top 10


59Alter Mann
Still after 10+ years Rammstein is my favourite band ever and I truly love this song. It still sends shivers down my spine every time I hear it and Vocally Till has never topped this song.

60Spiel Mit Mir
Melodic with unexpected metal change. Has a creepy beginning which makes it even more cool. When It goes from melodic to metal, your life just might change...
A truly creepy and dark song! No doubt one of their most underrated songs, and one of their best!

61Bestrafe Mich
Rammstein's best song! Really heavy riff, amazing melody and heavenly vocals. Why are Bestrafe Mich and Spiel Mit Mir the only songs where Till holds notes for so long?

62Stirb Nicht Vor Mir
For my opinion that is the best power ballad from rammstein
This songs its awesome

63Feuer und Wasser
One of their more powerful songs ; and this power is made of music. Of harmony. This song is not sleepy, is not violent ; it is just a perfect balance and a perfect musical meaning.
Such a pity it's so underrated, along with Spring and Spieluhr. Because, with Reise Reise, Mutter and some others, they represent a Rammstein I love.
Best. Song. Ever
Emotional, powerful, harmonic and so underrated... Same with Spring.

What?! Number 41! Are you kidding me? Lets put this song in the top 5 where it belongs.
Deversed to be so much higher! Has a cool feel to it just such a great song.


Nebel is the real master piece in Rammstein discography. Probably too deep to be fully understood by common listeners.
Probabily the best Rammstein song if you manage to understand it.

Best guitar solo ever heard. Such a waste that nobody has heard this song!
Powerful song with powerful lyrics. This is a kick in the teeth from start to finish. Very under appreciated, but any fan of Rammstein should pay this song a listen. You will love it at the end.
Man yall really need to listen to this song, it's great. Huge Rammstein fan and this is in my top 5 (which is hard to do) LISTEN NOW!

67Frühling in Paris
GREAT song. It's so uplifting and smooth. Something different too. I wish I'd known about it when I went o Paris.
This song is beautiful. It almost made me cry

68Roter Sand
Love it! Come in!

It crates something that makes you fock
How is this 78

70Ein Lied
This song is for the fans!
And the song is pure Harmony
Do you need another reason?
This song should be number one!
First time I heard it, it totally amazed me.
The slow tempo and the deep voice, catchy tunes...
This song is for us, for fans of Rammstein.
This song deserves to be number one.

71Das Modell
Needs to be much higher, this song is great.

Mehr! It should be on top 10 she's so efficient, love to hear the drums all the way long!

73Küss mich
This song just has an awesome chorus :D

Awesome song! Should be on top 20 at least!

755/4 (Fuenf Viertel)

76Gib Mir Deine Augen

77Jeder Lacht

78Schwarzes Glas

Just found this, its ok I geuss



Heard this long ago, who can't like this?


84Bang Bang

85Das Alte Leid

86Rein Raus

This song is very good
Severely under rated from the looks of it.

88Vergiss Uns Nicht
Good song, extremely underrated, as it is in the Mein Land EP. You should listen to it!
Really people? This song is awesome

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